Aries Nature

Being a Ram, you have the honour of being the first sign of the Zodiac. Needless to say, you possess strong and powerful characteristics. You have a strong sense of purpose and march forward towards your goals with great zeal. Your reserves of energy are practically unlimited and it is not easy to make your tired. Courage is your most outstanding quality, so you are happy to lead from the front, while people in your circle are more than content to follow in your footsteps. You are also frank and straightforward, and prefer to face problems head-on, instead of trying to beat around the bush. Since you are always eager for action, you may sometimes tend to be impulsive, and vulnerable to being misled. These are generalised observations, but if you wish to know anything specific about your personality, you might like to try out our products Personal Ask A Question, or Personal Ask 3 Questions. Both these reports are based on your birth chart and, therefore, fully personalised.

Aries Key Planet : Mars
Mars, the Red Planet, is also referred to as the God of War. But it does not mean that you are always spoiling for a fight; it is more often about action – doing something, anything, because you can’t stand sitting idle. If you face an obstacle, you will not sit brooding about it, but instantly make plans about how best to tackle it. Then you will earnestly go about implementing your plans. Mars constantly reminds you of the immense amounts of energy you possess, and goads you on to utilise it positively.

First House : Self
The First House symbolizes your physical body and how the world perceives you. It is not always about who you are, but more about what you bring to the table. It represents the first phase in your life, your childhood. It can be taken to mean the start of any activity, or the beginning of any relationship. And the beginning is very important, because, as they say, a job well begun is half done.

Aries Element : Fire
You are a strong Fire sign and truly carry all the warmth of this element. You are full of energy which is unlikely to ever deplete. Your powerful energy tends to make you unpredictable. However, the best part is that you spread the light everywhere you go, benefiting everybody equally without prejudice. You also have a strong intuition and survival instincts, so you easily manage to wriggle out of tight situations.
Aries Strengths
Your biggest strength is your courage. You are known to face the challenges of life without fear. Your most prominent positive qualities are independence, generosity, optimism, enthusiasm and fortitude.

Aries Weaknesses
You can be rather inflexible and stubborn. You are often not open to other people’s suggestions and insist on doing what you think is right. You are also short-tempered, especially when faced with obstacles and criticism. These things are apt to make you feel down at times, and in order to overcome the negativity, you may Speak to an Astrologer, and get a never-before clarity. You may also browse our Personal and Confidential section to pick and choose the best service for your issues or concerns. We wish you all the best in all endeavours of life.

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