Capricorn Description

The natives of the Sign Capricorn (Makar), the tenth Sign in the Zodiac, are symbolised by the mountain Goat. The ruler of their Sign is the planet Saturn, which makes them strict and disciplined. They are hard working and faithful. The Capricorn people generally reach the very top in their respective fields. They are usually very conservative.

Natives of this Sign are humble, but determined people who approach their tasks cautiously. They know that hard work is the only way to progress and dislike compromising on anything. They can be considered as being unemotional, but they need to be nurtured with love to bring out their finest qualities. Being ambitious, the Capricorn natives willingly work all day at the office to make rapid progress. They have great determination and sense of responsibility, and have a knack to negotiate the best deals. Practical and methodical, the Goats are very dedicated to their objectives, almost to the point of being stubborn. They like to reap the benefits of success – popularity, power and money – and might upset a few people on their way to the top. If you wish to avoid this pitfall, you can do so by getting the fully personalised Natal Chart based Career Ask A Question – Detailed Advice.

Hard-working, dedicated, ambitious, patient, and self-confident, the Goats rarely allow any nonsense at work, which makes them very reliable. They bear all hardships with discipline and find their own way out of tough circumstances. With a superior sense of duty, selflessness and devotion, they are admired for their determination. They can sometimes be moody or even self-destructive, but acquire a lot of wisdom as they get along in life.

They guard their privacy strictly, which sometimes clashes with their professional work. The Capricorn people make shrewd businessmen and never take any rash decisions. Themselves ambitious, they will ensure that their better halves climb the ladder, even if they are not much up to competitions. They work at their own pace and deliver the best they can. Academics, industry, agriculture are suitable fields for them. If there is something disturbing you about your business, you will surely benefit from the personal Horoscope based service Business Ask A Question.

Being one of the most stable Signs in the Zodiac, the Goats offer security, comfort and support to their life-partners. They are very dependable people, and their attention to detail can attract people of the opposite sex. Capricorn-Taurus, Capricorn-Scorpio and Capricorn-Virgo make very good life partners. To know more about your compatibility with your Capricorn partner, you could try our Natal Chart based report Couple Analysis. You might also be interested in reading about Capricorn Facts.