Mayurasana – The Peacock Pose Significance And Benefits

Mayurasana is an activity of yoga. Mayur is a Sanskrit word known as a peacock in Hindi. In Mayurasana, there are two words, the first means peacock and the second means posture. In this asana, the posture of the seeker is like a peacock. It is considered very beneficial for human health.

Mayurasana is very beneficial for problems related to the body, especially the stomach.

If you want to remove toxins from the body, then no other yoga practice can be better than this. Through this article, we shall study its various benefits and techniques.

Mayurasana Yoga

If you have ever seen anyone doing Mayurasana, then you must have felt that to do this posture only the strength of the hand is required. But the real secret behind mastering this posture lies in your stomach. In this posture, hands become strong and balance is also good. To do this posture correctly, you will:

  • Need strength as well as patience, which you will gain only with regular practice.
  • Be able to develop that relationship with gravity, which is necessary to achieve this posture.
  • Have to use your forearms, hands and abdomen simultaneously.
  • Have to bring your feet together and keep your elbows close to your abdomen.

This posture is something in the early stages. You can be a little uncomfortable, but with some time of practice, you will be able to do this.

Mayurasana Technique

The Peacock Pose yoga is one of the most complex yoga asanas. To do this posture you need to use the entire body. For this asana, you need to kneel with both your heels and toes.

You have to sit. After this, keep the elbows of both your hands at the centre of the navel, right and left. After this slowly raise your legs by giving an equal amount of weight on both hands. Bend the body forward and straighten your legs while bending forward in front of you. Then place the fingers of both hands on the ground with both thumbs on the outside. Keep in mind the body should be away from the ground. While moving upwards, release the breath.

How To Do The Peacock Pose

  • First of all sit in the position of Vajrasana.
  • After this, spread your knees and sit on your knees keeping them on the ground.
  • While bending forward, spread the fingers of your hand.
  • Now keep your palms on the ground while keeping your fingers in the direction of the feet.
  • Fold the elbows and fasten them near your navel.
  • After sticking the elbows near the navel, spread both your legs.
  • Keeping the legs together, very carefully extend them slowly forward.
  • With the support of hands and wrists, lift the legs off the ground.
  • Try to have your body in a straight direction during this activity.
  • As long as you can keep yourself in the posture of Mayurassan.
  • Come back while keeping the head down, keep the knees on the ground and bring the feet down.
  • This is a cycle. In this way, you can repeat this action four to five times.

Mayurasana Benefits – How Does Peacock Asana Help

Although Muyarasan works to bring your whole body into a rhythm, in the field of health it gives you many kinds of benefits. Benefits of Mayurasana (Mayurasana ke fayde) on the different health fronts.

  • Regular practice of Mayurasan works to strengthen your digestive power. This eliminates digestive problems, resulting in an increase in digestive power.
  • Mayurasan works to strengthen your wrists and forearms, when you move your torso while balancing on the arms, it works to strengthen your wrists and forearms.
  • The Manipur Chakra is situated above the navel or below the solar plexus. When the elbow is pressed against the navel at the time of Mayurasana, the Manipur Chakra becomes active. Manipur Chakra gives you clarity, self-assurance, bliss and enhances spiritual and mental health.
  • Regular practice of Mayurasana also helps you in awakening the Kundalini, and reinvogerate the Kundalini energy, bringing an awareness, which causes you to see positive mental and emotional changes in yourself.
  • Mayurasana works to strengthen areas such as your torso and feet.
  • Regular practice of Mayurasana works to increase blood circulation in our body. This purifies our blood and makes our body strong and beautiful.
  • Mayurasana also plays an important role in eliminating obesity. The method of performing this asana helps in burning a large amount of the body’s non-essential fat.
  • Mayurasana Mudra acts to increase the efficiency of your digestive system and kidneys.
  • Mayurasana Tridosha means to cure the disorders of Vata, Kapha and Pitta.
  • Mayurasan also helps in fighting against diseases like diabetes and hemorrhoids.

Precautions To Be Taken While Practicing Mayurasana

You should be very careful while doing Muarasan because while doing this asana, our entire body weight is on our hands. By the way, Mayurassan is considered a very complex posture, but with a little practice, you can master it. However, before starting Mayurasana, you should also keep in mind that your stomach is empty, especially in the morning. Or else eat at least four to six hours before performing the asana. Do not do Muurassan if you have any type of disease or physical weakness.

  • Do not do Muurassan if you have any type of illness or physical weakness.
  • You are advised not to do Muarasan even if you have high BP and heart-related problems.
  • If you have a hernia problem, you should not do this asana.
  • This posture should not be done by pregnant or menstruating women.
  • If you are starting with Mayurasan, then you should start at a very slow pace.
  • If you feel any kind of pain while doing it, then rest for a while and then try.
  • In case of eye, ear and nose infections, this should be avoided.
  • Even if you are struggling with some kind of heart problem, you should not do Mayurasana.
  • If you have any problem related to shoulders, elbows, wrists or spine, then avoid doing this asana.

Mayurasana For Beginners

If you have never practised yoga before and you want to begin yoga from Mayurasana, then you should practice some common yoga asanas first.

– Chaturanga Dandasana – Since you need strong arms for Mayurasan you are advised to do Chaturanga Dandasana first. With the help of this yoga asana, you can help make your arms and core stronger till they reach the level of the peacock posture so that they are firm enough.

– Shalabhasana – To keep your body firmly and in a peacock posture, you need strong back muscles and hamstrings. Salabhasana works on weak back muscles, providing them strength and at the same time stretching the hamstrings.

– Gomukhasana – By strengthening the arms through Gomukhasana, the shoulders, back and chest open up, so that you can practice Mayurasana easily.

– Balasana – Balasana acts as an opening pose for Mayurasan. It strengthens your back which helps you build the flexibility needed for the Mayurasana Pose.


Mayurasana works to balance you mentally and physically. Having these two balances, humans can get rid of many physical and mental problems. Mayurassan is a practice of hatha yoga, in which many types of asanas are involved. With regular practice of Mayurasan, you will be able to use your body better.

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