Gomukhasana - The Cow Face Pose Significance And Benefits

Indian culture is one of the oldest and richest civilizations in the world. Many deep secrets are hidden in Indian philosophy, in which yoga and its postures are seen as the most important part. It is probably because through these actions we not only can keep ourselves physically and mentally healthy but also contribute more to our society and other people.

Today, Hatha Yoga, founded by Maharishi Patanjali, is working to bring change around the world in many small forms. Different types of hatha yoga play an important role in creating a balance between the physical, mental and emotional states as well as giving the right direction to life. Whatever be the purpose behind practising these asanas, in the end you will definitely see positive results in your life. One of the most important postures of these Hatha Yoga asanas is Gomukhasana. Through this article, we are going to share all the information related to it with you. We will know the meaning and details of the Gomukhasana? (ways to practice it), and its various benefits.

What Is Gomukhasana?

Before knowing more about Gomukhasana yoga, we should know what exactly it means and also the secret regarding its name. Well, this is a rather simple and effective asana described in Yoga Shastra. A person of any age can practice this asana. It looks very simple as yoga practice and has been said to be extremely beneficial for the body. The Sanskrit word gomukhasana, normally means a posture similar to the face of a cow. While practising this asana, the shape of the body of the person looks similar to the face of a cow. This is the reason why this asana is known as Gomukhasana.

This asana of Hatha Yoga is known as Cow Face Pose in English. The cow is considered to be a very sacred animal, according to the Hindu scriptures. It is said that all the Gods and Goddesses reside inside the cow. Perhaps the usefulness of the cow and the goods derived from it is an important reason behind this mention in the scriptures. Similarly, the practice of Gomukhasana also serves to benefit the seeker’s body in many ways.

Method Of Gomukhasana – Gomukhasana Steps

First, choose a place with a calm and pure atmosphere. Sit down with a yoga mat there. Now bend your left leg from below the knees and keep the heel near the buttock. Now keep the right foot on top of the left foot and keep the heel close to the back of the buttock. After that, bend the left hand from the elbow to the back of the waist and take the right hand from the elbow to the back near the head above the shoulder. Entwine the fingers of both hands in each other. Keep the head and spine absolutely straight and keep the chest straight. Hold this pose for at least 2 minutes. Then change the position of hands and feet to do this asana on the other side as well. After this, rest for 2 minutes and do the posture again. This asana should be done 4-4 times on both sides. Keep your breathing normal.

Let’s learn the method of Gomukhasana stepwise:

To practice Gomukhasana, choose a place that is clean, quiet and open:

  • First of all, put the Yoga Mat on the ground and sit in a normal position.
  • Then bend your left leg from the knee, keep it under your right buttock (hips).

In this case, the part of the left leg from the knee to the fingers should be connected to the floor.

  • Keep the right foot on your left thigh by bending from the knee. In this stage, note that both the knees should come right on top of each other.
  • Take the left hand behind the back by bending it at the elbow and try to pull the right hand from the top of the right shoulder, downwards, ie, in the direction of your left hand.
  • Try to join these two hands at the back, and if they join then it is fine, otherwise, keep practising till you make it possible.
  • During the exercise, keep your spine, chest and head tight and take long and deep breaths. As long as you can stay in this posture, try to stay. During the exercise focus your attention on breathing and feel the strain in your shoulder, thigh and waist.
  • Do not force it too much; If it is not possible to bring the two hands together initially, then practice this by holding an elastic with both hands.
  • By regular practice, you will be able to hold both hands together with ease. This should become the frequency of Gomukhasana.
  • Now repeat the same with your other leg and hand.
  • Initially practice Gomukhasana only for 40 to 60 seconds, then as your practice increases, keep increasing the time period.

Benefits Of Gomukhasana

There are many benefits of practising the Gomukhasana. Let’s know in detail about the various benefits.

  • This asana has a special role in alleviating diabetes, respiratory problems and strengthening the muscles. Due to the effect on the muscles of the chest, blood circulation is smooth and problems of phlegm, asthma etc. are also overcome.
  • Due to lack of physical exertion, the hands are not exercised properly, as a result of which there are complaints of joint pain near the shoulders. The practice of Gomukhasana leads to blood circulation in the joints, which is beneficial for health.
  • First of all, this asana affects the knees and thighs of the legs. Nowadays, the problem of increasing body bump and pain in the knees has become common. Regular practice of Gomukhasana makes the buttocks and thighs shapely and strong.
  • Fissure, hemorrhoids, faeces – Regular Gomukhasana can prove to be a boon for improving health by eliminating all such diseases. This asana is also beneficial in resolving menstruation issues in women and other sexual problems in men.
  • Relieves backache and heart health problems, because the practice of Gomukhasana causes the Anahata Chakra to become active which in turn increases energy and blood flow, which is capable of removing any problem or disease.

Precautions To Consider While Practising Gomukhasana

While doing any asana or pranayama it is extremely important to take some precautions. If a posture is not done properly, then there may be losses instead of benefits. So let us see what precautions need to be taken during Gomukhasana.

  • If you feel any difficulty or pain while doing Gomukhasana, then it is advisable not to do asanas.
  • If you have pain in the shoulders and hands while moving your hands back, do not do the asana.
  • Do not do asana even if there is any kind of pain in the spine.
  • Do not practice the asana if you feel pain in the knees and muscles.
  • Obese people may have a little difficulty while practising Gomukhasana, but do not panic, regular practice will help you to overcome every difficulty.
  • People suffering from shoulder, neck, and knee injury or pain must consult their doctor before performing this asana.
  • People suffering from severe backaches should avoid practising Gomukhasana.


Gomukhasana is a very easy and simple yoga asana. All you have to do daily is take a few minutes and practice. According to today’s modern lifestyle, yoga is very important for a better and healthier body. If yoga and its postures are not practised properly then you may have to suffer losses instead of getting its benefits. All you have to do is read our article about the cow face pose and use it properly.

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