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About Kids Yoga Postures – Significance And Tips To Practice

Due to the constantly developing level of education, there is also an increased pressure on children to learn quickly and remember. This stress on children at a young age can be harmful to their mental and physical development. If such a situation continues to haunt them, you may see many changes in their nature. However, yoga can be a good and easy way to deal with such issues and help in their all round development. If you inculcate in your children the habit of yoga from childhood, they can continue it as long as they live. Yoga in old age is very helpful for mental, physical and intellectual development and extremely beneficial for everyone from children to the elderly. However, people have many questions regarding the yoga asana for children, questions like which asana is beneficial for small children. Today we shall find answers to the various questions through this article.

What Yoga Postures Should Young Children Do?

There is no special category of baby pose yoga, rather you have to choose yoga according to your needs. We should take care of their needs while choosing yoga pose for children. First of all you should be aware that the development of children happens very fast. Their mental and physical development takes place simultaneously, so you have to choose such yogas, which are helpful in their development in both these areas. You also have to keep in mind that children are fickle and for this reason many times they have to face some problems during their studies. You should choose yoga that helps to increase their concentration. In order to choose the best yoga for children, our team has kept some special things in mind. Let us know which yoga asanas small children should do.

Humming Bee Yoga – Bhramari

To do humming bee yoga you first have to sit in Sukhasana. After this, close your eyes and put a finger in both ears and humming, humming means Gunjan (hmmm).

Pranayam Yoga Pose For Children

  • To do pranayama, first of all you have to sit in a state of Sukhasana and keep both your hands in the prayer posture.
  • Apart from this, while doing Pranayam, you can also keep your hands in Gyan Mudra.
  • After this you have to chant Om while taking deep and long breaths. Repeat this process at least 5 to 7 times. By doing this, the circulation of oxygen and blood in the brain increases and your intellectual capacity increases with concentration.

Child Pose Balasana Yoga

Balasana is also a great yoga asana for children, it is one of the few asanas to keep the mind calm. It is known as Child Pose in English. The method of balasana is as follows.

  • First, sit at a quiet place on a mat.
  • Bend your right and left knee and place it under the bottom and sit in the position of Vajrasana. During this posture your spine should be straight.
  • Take a deep breath and lift both your hands directly upwards towards the sky.
  • Now while exhaling slowly tilt your body forward and while doing this, try to touch the floor with your forehead. Both of your elbows should touch the ground while doing so.
  • While doing Balasan Yoga keep your eyes closed and breathe steadily and stay in this posture for a while.
  • Now get up and repeat this action again after resting for a few seconds.
  • Repeat this action at least 3 times.

Tree Pose (Eka Padasana Yoga)

It can be a very simple and fun yoga pose for children. The method of performing Eka padasana is quite simple.

  • Stand upright on the mat.
  • Bend your right leg from the knee and keep it above or below the knee of the left leg.
  • Spend 5 to 7 minutes in this posture and then return to normal. By doing this yoga, the concentration of children increases and their confidence also increases. It also strengthens the lower body of children.

Tadasana Yoga

Tadasana is a yoga pose in which a person stands in the posture of a palm tree. In English, it is also known as Palm Tree Posture or Mountain Pose. The method of doing Tadasana is very simple.

  • First spread the mats on a flat and cool place and then stand straight with both your legs folded.
  • After that, with the fingers of your two hands entwined, turn your arms upwards. During this time raise the palms towards the sky.
  • Breathe and lift the ankles up and stand on the feet. Remain in this posture for about 5 to 10 seconds, then return to normal.
  • Repeat this action at least three times.

Sukhasana Yoga

Sukhasana can be very beneficial to start yoga. It is one of the simplest yoga rugs. The method of doing it is as follows.

  • First of all, sit on the mat by bending your knees in the alathi-palathi position, keeping your spine straight.
  • Now keep your hands above the knees and then close your eyes and breathe at normal speed.
  • During Sukhasana Mudra, you should try to concentrate to keep your mind calm.
  • Talking about the benefits of Sukhasana, it helps to make children mentally and physically fit and healthy.

Bhujangasana Yoga

Bhujangasana is also called snake pose or cobra pose in English. The method of performing Bhujangasana is very simple.

  • Lie down on your stomach first and keep both palms near the chest.
  • While breathing, raise the head, shoulders and chest slowly upwards. Remain in this position for a few seconds, then, exhaling, bring the head down and rest for a while.
  • Repeat this action of Bhujangasana at least three times.

Talking about the benefits of Bhujangasana, it strengthens the muscles of the hands. It is very beneficial for children. This makes the writing of the child quite good. Children’s spine and back are also strengthened by Bhujangasana.

Child Pose Yoga Benefits

Yoga Asana can be beneficial for children in many ways, because the physical and mental development of children takes place and is maintained till old age. Let’s know the benefits of yoga to children –

  1. There is an increase in confidence of children doing yoga. Child’s Pose benefits include improving their communication skills and their self-esteem.
  2. Yoga works to increase attention and concentration of children, with the help of this they are able to focus easily on any work.
  3. Children doing yoga consistently have better memory than children who don’t.
  4. It increases the flexibility of children’s bodies and they get relief by the stretching from tension in the muscles.
  5. Many times children become stressed due to school and family situations. By doing yoga, the stress in the child can be reduced.
  6. Children have less negative behavior and they can try to achieve their goal positively.

Importance Of Yoga For Students

Yoga can be helpful for students in many ways.

  • Children doing yoga regularly on a daily basis can be more clear and dedicated than other children about their life goals.
  • Yoga can be more beneficial for those students who want to do their studies with concentration, but are unable to focus.
  • Yoga works to boost the morale of the students.
  • With the help of yoga, students can reduce the stress of school and home family.

Yoga Postures For Kids – Things To Remember

Though yoga is a normal process, it is very important to keep some things in mind while doing it.

  • Children can start doing yoga from the age of 6 to maintain better physical and mental health. However, children should do yoga only under the supervision of parents or any mentor.
  • Simple yoga can also be a little difficult for children, so if there is any kind of stretch or pain in the body, it would be better not to do yoga until it is cured.
  • If the child has problems like insomnia, headache, migraine or dizziness, then he should do Sukhasana or Pranayama.
  • Avoid more difficult yoga postures in the initial stages.
  • Although it can be done at any time, choosing a certain time to do the yoga postures for kids can be more beneficial.

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