About Me

Brief Introduction

Disciplined, strong and versatile, Acharya Krithinidhi has helped many reach success by suggesting effective astrology remedies and providing them with helpful information to make impactful life changes. She firmly believes that everyone can improve their lives, but they do not have access to the information they need to do so. Hence, her main aim is to provide detailed insights and help people make the right decision. With over nine years of experience in Vedic astrology, she has consulted more than 5000 clients and conducted 50+ live astrology sessions worldwide.

Why Astrology as a Career?

She had a piercing interest in Vedic astrology, which led her to take a certificate course in astrology. She also used to practise Astrology as a hobby while working as a Software Engineer. Astrology just attracted her and gave her excellent results. She explored spirituality and intuitive powers to their best, and it didn't take her long to pursue Astrology as a profession. She puts all her experiences, learning and acquired skills together to help people solve their life problems. Those who have consulted Acharya Krithinidhi have experienced positive changes in the critical aspect of their life.

Rating and Reviews

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