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The tools to empower your fortune. There are various activities in our daily life, for the completion of which we take the help of certain instruments. Similarly, if we have certain ambitions in life, then the gemstones act like catalysts, and help us reach closer to our destination. These wonder remedies can even help to empower any crucial planet placed in a low dignity. There isn't any complicated logic behind the way gemstones function, it is just that their composition resembles the nature and constitution of the corresponding planet. This feature makes the gemstones very special remedial tools.


Invite wealth and fortune in your life by wearing a Pearl

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Avail the blessings of Lord Shiva. The Rudraksha happens to be one of the most powerful item which has immense spiritual and healing power. The word Rudraksha is derived from Rudra (another name of Shiva) and Aksha, and thus it means Lord Shiva's tears. There is a special relation between Astrology and Rudraksha as each variant of the Rudraksha has some connection with the planets. Keeping in mind today's fast and busy lifestyles, it becomes very difficult to ensure an aura of positivity throughout the day. Thus, the Rudraksha, which is a very simple remedy, comes in handy.


Invite Peace and Power with One Mukhi Rudraksh!

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The motifs for all-round protection. The word Yantra literally means a machine or instrument and has great tantric as well as mystic power. Each Yantra contains specific and dedicated geometric shapes and designs, which have some connection with the corresponding deities or planets. These energised tools help in creating an aura of positivity and make it easy to establish a connection between a person and the specific deity. From centuries, the Yantras have been used as devices to attract happiness, prosperity and ensure protection from negative energies.

Budha Yantra

Worship the Budh Yantra to take your business to new heights

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Puja is an important worship ritual that makes our lives better. It is the key to get God's supreme blessings and power. A successful puja can benefit the devotee’s life and fulfill their desires. Some pujas are exceptionally powerful and super-effective, which not only ensure a great life ahead but also protect from incurable diseases, remove negative influence of malefic planets, nullify your sins, and protect you from negative energies. At, puja's are performed with Vedic rituals including, Vedic hymns, mantras, and invocations. Moreover, sacred materials like flowers, milk, dhoop, diya, etc, as mentioned in sacred Vedic books, are offered to God to get maximum results.

Rudrabhishekam Puja

Remove the influence of bad planetary combinations and protects you from incurable diseases.

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  • Ganesh Puja

    Remove obstacles, protect you from enemies, helps you gain wisdom and knowledge.

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  • Durga Saptasati Puja

    Protect you from negativity, misfortune, and blesses you with name, fame, and success.

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  • Lakshmi Puja

    Helps you to overcome financial problems, cash flows in the business, and bring wealth and prosperity in life.

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Remedial Solutions

Planetary Analysis for solving your problems. We all face problems in some or the other sphere of our lives. Some problems get prolonged due to our own mistakes, while some issues stretch because of unfavourable planetary influences. But in this melee, it is very difficult to get the exact solution for the problems we may be facing. This, in turn increases our anxiety and confusion. In the remedial solutions, you will be provided precise answers and case-specific remedies. Come, invite peace of mind and higher chances of success.

Remedial Solutions for Personal Issues

Reduce Stress. Get Peace of Mind. Act Now!

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Our Exclusive Spiritual Store is a one-stop-shop for all your astrological needs - your queries, their solutions, and even the things such as gemstones, Yantras or Rudrakshas that you need, as the astrologers prescribe, to overcome difficulties foreseen in your charts. These things, which come with a guarantee of genuineness from, are thoroughly attuned and energized by our expert astrologers to have the desired effect. You can get practical, remedial solutions to stay protected, positive, focused and strong during negative times; and make optimum use of the good times. From our store you can get whatever is needed to provide you with solutions to roadblocks in your...

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