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How Do You Define Spirituality?

Everyone has their own spiritual beliefs. To some, it’s primarily about their belief in the Almighty God and their active participation in religious organizations. For others, it can be about the non-religious experiences they have that help them to get in touch with their spiritual selves; through quiet self-reflection, peaceful time in nature, reading prayers and mantras, doing meditation or yoga.

But in reality, Spirituality does not mean any particular practice. To reach true spirituality, many things can be done. The spiritual path is quite broad with roads leading to many different perspectives. It is a certain way of being, something to do with having a sense of peace, purpose, and feeling connected to something bigger than ourselves. We involve ourselves in the search for meaning in life when we search for the meaning of spirituality.

Your spiritual life is like a garden in your backyard. If the rays of the sun, the soil, and fertilizer, the stem of a plant, or the care is not in a certain way, it won’t give you flowers and fruits. To reap the fruits and flowers, you have to do something, take extra care of all the things. In the same way, if you cultivate your mind, body, emotions, energies, and spirit with love and care to reach a certain level of maturity, you will feel something else blossom within you – that is what is spirituality. When your thoughts are childlike and immature, it doubts and questions everything. But when your thinking matures, it sees everything in a completely different light and from a different perspective.

See, If You Can Take the Spiritual Path

Do what you believe is right for you. Spirituality is a personal thing, you would want it to be meaningful to you. No doubt it is important to respect the beliefs and practices other people follow, but you should not feel like you have to take the same spiritual path if you feel it is not right for you. Spirituality isn’t about following the trend, being cool, and fashionable. Your friends may go to yoga studios to tone their legs or join a pilates class to twist themselves like a pretzel. If that’s not your scene, then don’t blindly follow them. Go for a walk along the beach, or for cycling, or anything that sails your boat.

If you look at it in this way, then you’ll know that there’s no single way to be a spiritual person. It is not going to a choir class, or a church group, reading Bhagwat Geeta or studying the Quran. It is not a belief system. It is when you are willing to give yourself some space, when you are quiet, committed, reflective, focused, and intentional that you become your own teacher and guide. Such moments can give you a phenomenal spiritual experience, you commune with your own higher power, and answers become clear, leaving you peaceful from the inside!

Nobody needs to teach you what spirituality is. Just one simple thing that you and every other human being have to do is make your sense of involvement without any bias. If you look at a person, a book, a tree, or a car, you are involved equally with all. In the same way, you are equally involved with your own body and breath. If you have no sense of discrimination about which is better and you are equally involved with every aspect of your life, then you will be constantly spiritual.

Spiritual Activities Are Like Flowers in the Garden

Your behaviour associated with wellness to others and yourself are the key components of a healthy spiritual life. Examples are varied from social responsibility towards society to self-love and self-care.

Helping Others: To become a more spiritual being, you must first realize that we humans are on earth to help each other.

Doing 555 Practice: Every morning just spare 15 Minutes. Spend 5 minutes for meditation, 5 minutes stretching, and 5 minutes to mentally prepare yourself for the day.

Learn to Forgive: Holding grudges will not let you move your car from past to present. Forgiveness is very crucial for spiritual growth. You may not realize it, but you must be holding onto the trauma when your classmates called you fat in 5th grade and when that bookstore lady kept glaring at you for window shopping the other day. Write a forgiveness list, it will help you in the process of letting go. Write the name of all the people who you believe have wronged you, and then decide to “forgive them.” Believe in yourself. You have the power to do it!

Practice Patience: Taking small steps such as committing yourself to be more patient can lighten your spirit and create more inner peace.

Make a Wish List: A spiritual wish list does not mean ordering stuff online and buying concert tickets. Rather, it is the items that foster “self-love, self-care, self-compassion, self-respect, self-acceptance, self-appreciation, and self-gratitude”. You should wish to treat yourself like your best friend does and love yourself as your parents do.

Always be Truthful: To reach a higher level of spirituality, the aura around you needs to be as clean as possible. The light can only shine through when there is room to breathe and to do that make sure that you’re always telling the truth. (Yes, even the little white lies count).

Journal Your Heart Out: What you focus on is what you will manifest in your life, keeping a journal where you can just pour your heart out will give you time to reflect. You can write what you are grateful for, or simply the whole day’s events to remember the things that made you happy no matter how big or small. It just made your day and it made you smile.

Take Care of Your Body: Your body should be your temple. A place that serves as the container for your mind and spirit in this life. To keep your mind and spirit functioning at their best, you must keep your temple/body functioning at its peak level. This can mean different things for different people. What’s happening inside of your body has just as much of an effect on your spirituality as what’s happening outside of it. Don’t indulge yourself in the latest diet trend or go vegan just because everyone is doing so. Learn to listen to your own body and what it needs. It will send you the vibes, indicating which type of lifestyle is perfect for YOU.

To sum up all the other examples: Listen to Your Instincts, Laugh Often and Wholeheartedly, Remove Envy, Savor the Little Things, Be Open to New Experiences, Learn to Love Yourself, Meditate and Just Breathe.

Being Spiritual to Have a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual seeker is neither a theist nor an atheist. In their journey, they must have realized that they don’t know much, which is the sole reason they are seeking. A spiritual awakening in simple words is when a person has a strong desire and comes into alignment with that desire. It is not a one-stop destination. Spiritual awakening is always an on-going process of realizing more, desiring more, and understanding more.

While you undergo the process of understanding the spiritual awakening you uncover the truth of who and what you are hidden beneath the cultural conditioning that you have been given for a majority of your life. Always remember, if your spiritual awakening does not give you good vibes and good feelings, then it’s not a spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Awakening

The experiences, the emotions, the feelings that come from spiritual awakening are always handy to you and can be achieved easily. But that happens only when you have a better understanding of how it all works. Below are a few pointers that can help you to achieve spiritual awakening within yourself;

It is important to acknowledge your desire. You may desire more wealth, fame, well-being, or simply a loving relationship. But what you are experiencing right now is the total opposite. Maybe because of the situation, you desire to surrender everything and only feel inner peace. This is the desire you need to acknowledge. Feel into it. Imagine the good things and let yourself feel good just by the thought of it. Have faith that the picture of your imagination combined with the feeling is on the way for you.

Next, you need to recognize the nature of reality. It means that everything is first energy before it is matter and you have to acknowledge it. The matter is already created so that’s the past. If you only focus on what you see with your physical senses, you are most likely dwelling in the past. With thought and feeling anything new is created. If you believe then anything is possible. This is the nature of reality that spiritually enlightened souls come to realize.

To let go of whatever you are going through you need to open your heart and trust. Remind yourself that with every passing moment the desire you have is close before it shows up in the physical form. You first think about it, give your attention to it and then the physical reality comes.

Treat each day as a new adventure. Be like a child who is curious to know things and who spends their day looking for things to enjoy and appreciate. Acknowledge what makes you sad so when you have to let it go you can relax.

Learn to live in the present moment and experience it. See yourself with affectionate and soft-hearted eyes. Follow this spiritual path and you will always experience a spiritual awakening.

Benefits If You Opt to Lead a Spiritual Life

A spiritual life, spiritual path, spiritual values, spiritual beliefs, or a spiritual self all lead to something better only. It is said that higher levels of spirituality improves your physical and mental health, including your sleeping schedule, lowers blood pressure, ability to cope with stress, etc. It is also linked to increased compassion, greater sense of purpose, strengthened relationships, learning the value of life, improved self-esteem, and learning to care and love for oneself.

Not only this, spirituality is correlated with better health habits such as less smoking and drinking, low level of depression, and increased social support. Leading a spiritual life shows that a person is significantly less vulnerable to “deaths of despair” such as suicide, drug abuse, or alcohol poisoning.

In Conclusion

All humans have an untaught potential to access their spiritual intelligence and lead a spiritual life. Spirituality is an important element of human life across the lifespan. It sparks creativity, encourages righteous behaviour, and motivates us to live a more meaningful life.

It happens, when life becomes a blissful, overwhelming, and powerful experience for you, you want to search for the one who or what could have created this. If you want to learn the process or the source of creation, the most amazing and intimate creation you should actually look at is yourself, isn’t it? There is a creator trapped inside you, me, and all of us. You should not hunt for him in the woods or a temple. When you will realize that the source of creation is within you, you will know you have reached the spiritual life.

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