Spiritual Yoga: The Perfect Combination of Yoga & Spirituality

What is spiritual yoga? Well, before we go into that, we need to understand both of them separately. In its most basic form, yoga itself is a spiritual activity. It calls for a connection between your body and soul. When we attach the higher meaning of spirituality to it, it turns out to be more than a physical activity that you can take to get fit!

In short, spiritual yoga is a form of yoga that is for your mental health. How do these two techniques complement each other, why it has benefited so many people as a spiritual practice, and what are some of the beginner elements of it? We will discuss all of that today.

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Yoga and Spirituality

In the spiritual sense, Yoga helps you cleanse the body and mind. It will get rid of stress and negative impressions that you have accumulated in your mind in the past. Some activities like Pranayama can help you calm down a stressed mind. There is always an added bonus with Yoga, though: it will improve your balance, flexibility and it will make you healthy.

Spirituality gives a person the strength to manage stressful situations. With the combination of Spirituality and Yoga, the inner peace travels outwards, and you understand, emit, and learn to receive the feelings like sharing, caring, and love. It will get rid of your mental and physical fatigue at once.

Combining Yoga and Spirituality is the best way to explore your core and consciousness, and as a result, finding that ever-eluding peace of mind.

Benefits of Spiritual Yoga

Yoga will help you gain strength and stamina. The mental practice that you do in spiritual yoga will help you attain spiritual benefits such as improved mental strength and the ability to tackle emotional stress.

It also helps you become more creative and brings inspiration. We are all inherently creative beyond imagination. It is just about exploring that self-potential within. It will also boost your confidence.

More like meditation, spiritual yoga will help you to be in the present and ultimately improve your focus and attention span. These qualities also help you understand the care and love you feel for others and receive from them.

Spiritual Yoga, as the name suggests, will ultimately lead you to awareness, the unity with the higher consciousness. This is the ultimate goal when you are exploring the spiritual side of Yoga.

Yoga as Spiritual Practice

The Spiritual laws are a cumulative understanding of Vedic knowledge and how yoga can be seen as a spiritual practice to connect your body, soul, and mind into a singular entity. The beautiful blend of Yoga and Spirituality teaches us a lot, and here, we have the chance to explore the spiritual importance of Yoga with the seven spiritual laws of yoga. Things are about to get spiritual.

Pure Potentiality
Nature is the ultimate source of everything that the universe is made of, and it is our responsibility to be creative with the resources we have, unlock that potential that is never-ending and unbounded, and make the world a better place.

Giving & Receiving
As the name suggests, this spiritual law of Yoga is about the exchange of resources. We must give back what we take from everything. It can be love, kindness, or anything that is worth spreading and receiving.

Every action will have the energy or a repercussion that will come back to you in any shape or form. If your actions are positive, the fruit of your efforts will also be cheerful and happy.

Least Effort
Do less to get more. Yoga is the perfect way to exemplify this. It is about accomplishing what you want with the least possible resistance from the universe. When your desires have a positive nature, you will get the most out of them with the most minor of efforts.

Intention & Desire
The intentions we have for our desires are the very driving force for their fulfilment. When the intentions and desire meet the power of potential, it will take you to the least effort aspect that we talked about. In short, it is about introducing your intent to the infinite power of the universe to get the desired outcome.

On the spiritual level, you will not have to put any struggle at any stage in any situation. Everything unfolds the way it is supposed to be, in a perfect way. However, do not forget to take the actions when the opportunities arise, and then leave it there to do the job on its own.

How can we talk about Spirituality and not talk about Dharma? In Hinduism and many cultures, Dharma is your purpose in life. You are granted a set of skills and talent to serve others and yourself to fulfil that purpose.

These are the seven spiritual laws of Yoga. Now, let’s talk about how yoga and spiritual awakening are connected.

Yoga for Spiritual Awakening

Here, we are combining our inner powers and strength (spirituality) with the physical aspect of ourselves (yoga postures). Your state of mind creates all kinds of energy that flow through you. If your state of mind is not positive, your physical appearance will also be gloomy and slouching.

Some kind of Inspiration, enthusiasm, and happiness can cure it. The reverse of this process is also true. With the correct body positions and movements, you can lift your energies up, free that spirit of yours and clear the brain of anything that is unwanted. Now, this is the same principle that is applied in Spiritual Yoga, as Yoga is used to get oneself to spiritual awakening.

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Spiritual Yoga for Beginners

These are some of the Yoga postures that you can try. They can be performed by both beginners and those who have been practising Yoga for quite some time now. For beginners, Kundalini or Hatha Yoga can be a bit intimidating. Here are some simple postures you can begin with.

Padmasana, The Lotus Pose

Not just heart and mind, our body also serves as a medium to practice spirituality. In order for your mind and heart to perform well, the functioning of your body has to be at optimum. And, YOGA helps your body to keep performing at the top level. It is a holistic way as it not only helps enhance physical strength but also helps improve flexibility and emotions, mentality and concentration. That is why you can also call it a spiritual healing practice.

Yoga helps to connect with your inner being, developing integration of your body, mind and soul – the oneness with the Supreme Power.

Vidarbhasana, The Warrior Pose

This pose, as the name suggests, is all about courage. Not to get into war with the others, but yourself. Fighting the inner devil, ego and ignorance. A win over them will help you face the mountains with ease. It also symbolises the collective courage of mind and body.

Balasana, The Child’s Pose

The postures in this Yogasana resembles a child, and with that comes its symbolism of childlike surrender and attitude. It resembles the shell-like posture of a child and will give you the feeling of being protected. This can help you, especially if you are tense. Once again, it will get you calm and aware, bringing you to a state of relaxation.

Vrkshasana – The Tree Pose

This pose will also help you with your balance. But just like a tree, the balance will not be achieved by being rigid, but by being flexible. It teaches us to be flexible even when in the face of adversities. That is when the growth will come to you. Vrkshasana also teaches us the importance of the roots, and how our base needs to be strong even when we fly high and touch the skies.

Savasana – The Corpse Pose

This pose mostly helps in relaxing your body after a long session of yoga. However, it prompts you to clear your mind and indulge in thinking, without any movements and distractions. This, like balasana, also symbolises surrender. The goal is to achieve peace and tranquillity, the ultimate spiritual elements. This pose is the most likely to allow your mind to merge in the spirituality.


When combined, Yoga and Spirituality make a lot of sense together. However, take a closer look, and you will find out there is always a spiritual side to Yoga and it was always an activity offering much more than just physical health. Hope this guide helps you understand it a little better, and if you are just getting started, the postures above are the way to go. All the best on your journey to YOGIC SPIRITUALITY!

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