Feeling Low? May Be Your Body Needs A Spiritual Cleansing

Change in seasons can often bring out the decluttering bug in you. And in addition to the same, you might also look forward to creating a new environment and a new interior for yourself. You start up the cleaning process in terms of materialistic things, like new curtains, removing dead plants and replacing them with new ones, etc. But, you sometimes forget that rather than focusing on the materialistic approach, you must try to cleanse your soul and the spiritual energy around you.

It must be a new concept to accept but if you’re feeling low? Maybe your body needs a spiritual cleansing that can help you get rid of the stagnant energy around you.

Here are some ways you can follow to create a spiritual cleansing of negative energy from your body and thereby, helping your home in similar ways. When it comes to spiritual house cleansing, you can focus the same amount of spiritual energy and efforts that you put in to clear out the energy from yourself on the house. This way, you can manage to create positive and spiritual energy in your home.

Take a five-step trip to spiritually cleanse your body and your soul

Do It For Yourself, By Yourself With Spiritual Talks

This is a familiar term and you might have already heard about it. Gather your mind and soul towards a positive approach. Sometimes, you may realize that you fall sick a little too often and feel irritated about being wound up. There is always a perpetual state of exhaustion in you, where no matter what you do, you do not seem to gather the spiritual energy to bring in positivity.

Home energy or personal spiritual energy is being accumulated in your soul. It is surrounded by our thoughts and gets hoarded in the things that are brought into your house. So, if you want to add good energy to your space, you can start by reducing the things in your home and bring in light and spiritual energy in your home.

Turn Down The Negative Energy With Spiritual Cleansing

Your spiritual healing is heavily impacted by the situations and people you interact with. When you meet a new person, you are constantly exchanging energies and vibes with them. It is common to have a spiritual field around you and it gets strong or weak depending upon the energy you surround yourself with.

Thus, when you enter your home, you bring in this spiritual energy with you. Similarly, even when you invite people over to your home, they bring in their spiritual energy with them to your home. Thus, if your home gets accumulated with so much negative energy you will need to go through spiritual cleansing of home that can help you have a better space of positivity.

There are a few ways to do spiritual cleansing and can be practised at home as well. More often you can start your spiritual cleansing at home itself. Once you start cleansing your spiritual world and the space you surround yourself with, you will see the change and return yourself to a healthy and calm mind.

Take A Spiritual Cleansing Bath Or Shower

Haven’t you ever felt that instant calm and peace when you get drenched in rain, or take an instant shower? Well, a Spiritual bath or spiritual cleansing is something of a similar concept. Spiritual cleansing is a ritualistic bathing process that includes the usage of salts, essential oils and sacred herbs. They infuse the salts and herbs to help you cleanse your soul and eventually the energy that surrounds you.

Start your spiritual bath with the preparation of your bathtub with the help of different essential oils, like eucalyptus oil or lavender oil. You can add different types of bath salts to the bathtub. Try to light your bathroom with different scented candles to enhance the spiritual cleansing effect.

Soak yourself in the bath for at least 15 minutes and enjoy the peace with extreme focus to leaving the negative energy in the bathtub while you move out of the bathtub, This can also, be described as a bath of spiritual cleansing and will help you focus on the spiritual energy around your body. Imagine the negativity being let out of your body and channel the divine energy flowing in your body.

Discard the herbs and flowers that you use, during the process. They will be held in the negative energy from your body. Once you are done, you can actually feel your body and aura being cleansed and your spiritual energy being protected.

Smudging And Body Cleanse for Spiritual Cleansing

This is one of the oldest methods of spiritual cleansing, Smudging is basically burning certain herbs and protecting your spiritual energy through the smoke. You have probably seen people waving bundles of sage in the room. The smoke that comes out of the dried sage helps to keep the negative energy at bay and focus on the positive spiritual energy.

Smudging is an ancient ceremonial practice and thus, has a history induced with itself. For this process to carry on, you will need sage sticks mixed with lavender, juniper, mugwort, sandal, etc. You will need to open up your windows and doors, light the sage sticks and with the help of the smoke from the sticks draw away all the negative energy out of your body and eventually your home.

Spiritual Cleansing Prayers And Scriptures

Positive Spiritual energy is most effective with the help of prayers and thoughts. To try spiritual cleansing with prayers, try to sit at a calm place and visualise white light around you. You can close your eyes and start chanting mantras and focus all your energy on the positive aspect of chanting the mantras. Try out positive affirmations that you’re comfortable with.

You can try to keep repeating the prayers and scripture you follow. It can be any language you can easily have a conversation in. This can help you strengthen your energy field. You can also try to listen to spiritual music and mantras to clear out the energy and bring in a deep vibrational sound that will resonate with your soul and its spiritual energy.

With all these spiritual cleansing methods, you will notice that you are here allowing all the spiritual energy to concentrate on the positive impact of it. You are creating a space for new and greater opportunities in your life. And thus, allowing good things to come into your life. There is no size and limited boundaries to the amount of spiritual energy you can accumulate. Thus, level up your spiritual cleansing routine and boost all the positive spiritual energy you can gather to your body and soul.

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