Bhavishya Purana: Know Its Significance & Its Various Aspects

Puranas hold a lot of significance in the Hindu religious texts and this also holds true for Bhavishya Puran or sometimes referred to as Bhavishya Mahapuran. Bhavishya Purana is one of the 18 major Puranas and is considered a special treatise because of its subject matter and style. It contains information about religion, state policy, preaching, pilgrimage, fasting, virtue, Ayurveda, astrology etc. Besides, daily rituals and other aspects of everyday life have also been described in detail in Bhavisyath Purana.

Maharishi Ved Vyas is believed to have composed this Purana. So, Bhavishya Purana written by Ved Vyas also gives us historical information. Besides, it describes the ancient rulers and kings, etc. You will not find such detailed information anywhere else.

The Bhavishya Purana And Shlokas

Bhavishya Puran also contains various stories with details. It is believed that the number of its verses is actually around 50,000. But over time, its number decreased due to the destruction of literature and other reasons and at present the number of its verses is around 14,000. In the Bhavishya Purana, there is a detailed mention of the glory of Lord Surya, his worship and his form. For this reason, it is also called Saur Purana or Saur Granth.


The Volumes of Bhavishya Purana

Talking about the sections of Bhavisyath Purana, it is divided into four parts or parvas, Brahma Parva, Madhya Parva, Pratisarga and Uttar Parva. Besides, the Madhyam Parva is divided into three parts and Pratisarga Parva is divided into four parts. Well, the total number of chapters in this Purana is 485. Well, let us tell you that there is a dialogue between Vikram and Betal in Bhavishya Purana and this dialogue is in Chapter 23 of the second part of Pratisarga Parva.

The stories in this Purana are quite interesting and popular. The story related to Vikram and Betal in Bhavishya Purana is called Vetalpanchavinshati or Vetalpanchavinshtika. Besides, there is also the Shri Satyanarayan Vratkatha from the 24th to the 29th chapter of the second section of the Pratisarg festival. Similarly, in Uttara Parva, along with fasting, there are stories related to charity and its importance. Let us know about these Parvas of Bhavisyath Purana.

Brahma Parva

Brahm Parva has a collection of future events predictions. It describes religion, fasting, sun worship etc. It has 169 chapters related to the Sun, while it has a total of 215 chapters.

Madhyam Parva

It describes fasting and charity. All the rituals are mentioned in the Madhyam Parva. This Purana contains the details of the calculation of the days for various rituals like Yagya, ritualistic bath, atonement, Annaprashan, marriage, etc. have been given.

Pratisarg Parva

There are historical facts in this part. The description of kings and their history is given in Pratisarga Parva. Herein, the reigns of kings and rulers are described vis-a-vis the appearance of Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammad.

Uttar Parva

This is also a part of Bhavishya Purana, but some scholars consider it as an independent Purana (Bhavishyottara Purana). It describes various fasts which can give good luck and life to women. It has 208 chapters.

Bhavishya Purana And Kali Yuga

There are also many predictions in Bhavishya Puran, which describe the present times. It describes the Kali Yuga and its eventual destruction due to the loss of Dharma-Karma and the establishment of Dharma once again. Only the first phase of Kali Yuga is going on. Kali Yuga began in 3102 BC and in this sense, the duration of Kali Yuga would be 4,32,000 years. Well, 5,118 years of KaliYuga have passed so far.

The Prophetic Utterances Of Bhavishya Purana

It is said in Bhavishya Purana that whenever there is loss of Dharma, God takes an avatar and ends all the sins. In Kali Yuga, there will be an incarnation of Lord Kalki, who, in the last phase of Kali Yuga, when sin and unrighteousness will be at their peak, will destroy the sinners and establish Dharma once again.

According to Bhavishya Purana, unrighteousness will prevail in Kali Yuga. The period of different eras is also mentioned in the Bhavishya Purana by Veda Vyasa. This period has been calculated on the basis of celestial years and solar years.

  1. Satyuga 4800 (divine year) 17,28,000 (solar year)
  2. Tretayuga 3600 (divine year) 12,96,100 (solar year)
  3. Dwaparayuga 2400 (divine year) 8,64,000 (solar year)
  4. Kaliyuga 1200 (divine year) 4,32,000 (solar year)

Bhavishya Purana – The Predictions For The Future

Bhavishya Purana is a complete book and it mentions things that are beyond our thinking and understanding. Things that are predicted in Bhavishya Purana seem to be happening today. In Bhavishya Purana, Lord Brahma says that if you want to know the nature of a man, then by carefully looking at his hair, nails, teeth, etc., you can get information about many things. Broad shoulders are considered auspicious signs for men. Those with small and low shoulders have to struggle for success in life. If a man’s neck is longer than normal, then he may face problems in life. A protruding chin is better than those with a small and flat chin. If the fingers of a man’s hands are crooked, the nails are dry and unsightly, the skin is also dry, then the life of such men will be disturbed.


Bhavishya Purana makes predictions about the future, many of which seem to be coming true. Bhavishya Purana may be quite helpful in shaping our lives in such a manner that we face the ordeal of Kaliyug with the maximum of carefulness & work towards building a glorious future through good karma (actions).

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