Know About Rebirth Theory And Its Various Aspects

The Importance Of Rebirth Theory

Rebirth is an Indian belief. As per this belief, an individual soul undergoes a number of births and deaths. There has been a lot of discussion on this matter and there are numerous people who believe in the theory and belief of death & rebirth. Various books have been written on this subject and rebirth has been mentioned and shown in various Bollywood movies.

If we talk about philosophy, the two greatest and most ancient scriptures of the world, Rig Veda and Bhagavad Gita, also acknowledge and establish the existence of death & rebirth theory. As per this belief, the end of the body is not the end of life. It is stated that the creature passes through 84 lakh yonis (species) and this chain stops only after enlightenment, which is called Moksha.

The premise of rebirth is also established in the Mahabharata from the sermon of Lord Krishna. Enlightening Arjuna during the Kurukshetra war, Lord Krishna says that the rebirth of (Arjuna) has taken place many times in this world. Arjuna was reborn again, but he does not remember this, however Lord Krishna remembers all the past births of Arjuna. This establishes that Bhagavad Gita acknowledges the rebirth theory. According to the various Indian philosophies, sages of the ancient times found that the soul inside a body is the true identity of an individual. When the soul realizes this truth, only then true happiness and the goal is achieved.

The Theory Of Rebirth

Talking about rebirth meaning, Scholars say that a human moves from lower to higher life. Any person will live a higher or lower level of life in the coming birth can be determined by analyzing his/her present life. If someone  has been generous in his/her past life, he/she may be born into a prosperous family. On the contrary, if someone has been narrow & petty-minded in his/her life, he/she may be born into a poor family.

The reincarnation meaning has been established on several occasions and attempts have been made to establish it through various scientific researches as well. Geeta Press Gorakhpur has also mentioned many such incidents in their book. People and Reincarnation, which establishes the matter of death and rebirth. Human being reborn is stated to be true by many. It is also said here that karma and rebirth are interlinked. It is said that a person is reborn again only for the enjoyment of the karma fruit and then he/she gets into new deeds.

Horoscope Tells The Secret Of Rebirth

If you approach a good astrologer, he/she can tell you what you were like in the past birth. Experts say that the person’s horoscope contains information about his previous birth. Whatever good or bad is happening in the present life, it is considered to be the effect of the previous birth. If your life is good, then it is believed that the deeds of your previous birth were good.

The Reasons For Rebirth According to Scriptures

The scriptures give many reasons for rebirth. There are many reasons for being reborn. The first reason among these is, we are reborn to enjoy virtuous fruits of our karma. And when the karma of virtue gets over, one comes back to the original level. The same holds true for bad karma.

The Importance Of Rebirth in Hinduism

According to Hindu belief, reincarnation meaning states that the soul’s re-entry into a living being. The best example of this is the incarnation of God again and again to eradicate evils. Lord Vishnu has incarnated many times in different forms.

The Rebirth Theory In Buddhism

Rebirth meaning tells about a new birth after death. All the four main religions of India believe in the rebirth theory. Talking about Buddhism, it means taking birth again after death and staying in the karmic cycle. According to Buddha, this cycle of death after birth and then birth again is the cause of sorrow. Rebirth like karma, nirvana and moksha is also a fundamental principle of Buddhism.

According to Buddhist education, the authenticity of a thing can be ascertained in two ways. Buddha believes in logic, intelligence, active use of mind, etc. to move towards enlightenment and liberation. Despite believing in karma and rebirth, Buddha does not believe in the power and immortality of the soul.

There is no permanent element in the body or mind, which remains even after death. This view of Buddha is called moralism. All other theistic Indian philosophies are self-centered, while Buddhism is the exponent of moralism. Buddhist sects may have differences over all other views, but everyone has unity on moralism.


The theory of rebirth forms the basis of karma & spiritual evolution in Indic religions. (Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism). Indeed, without the concept of rebirth, other formidable factors — like karma, moksha, soul, God — are simply meaningless

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