Five Practices For Your Daily Life To Help You Achieve Mindfulness

Mindfulness is your basic ability to be present in a situation, be it physically and mentally. It is a practice where you are taught to be aware of your surroundings, thoughts as well as about what you’re doing. You can not be overly active or reactive in this state of mind. Let us understand in detail to get a better idea of the concept.

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindful meditation makes you mentally trained and practices a way that teaches you to slow down your thoughts and let go of negativity. It balances both mind and body. Mindful meditation combines the practice of meditation which involves being fully focused on the now and acknowledging your thoughts, feelings and sensations. There are different techniques that can help you find yourself, But in general mindful meditation involves deep breathing to attain an awareness of body and soul. The practise of mindful meditation doesn’t require props and preparation, all you need to get started on this meditation practice is to sit comfortably for three to five minutes and create a judgement-free mindset for yourself.

Like the word Mindfulness suggests, the meaning of the word is pretty simple. It shows how the mind is fully attending to what’s happening and what you’re doing and escaping the wandering of your mind. With a lot of things going on in this world, it becomes difficult to just stick to a single thought or even stay focused. Our mind is bound to lose its focus. You can simply start getting lost in obsessive things which you don’t even want to focus upon. And this in the end can make you anxious and stressed for no reason at all. Mindfulness in Buddhism is the basic human ability that helps you be fully present in a state of mind. It makes you feel concentrated and makes you active in your surroundings.

No matter where you walk away in your mental state. Mindfulness can bring you back to the thoughts you want to focus upon. Mindfulness meditation might be a little hard to pen down and bring out an exact definition of the word, but you can always try it out and see the results for yourself.

What Are The Top Facts About Mindful Meditation?

Mindful meditation is a quality that women already possess, it’s not something you have to learn to create, you just have to learn how to access it. Mindfulness meditation can be cultivated through proven techniques. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, walking, sleeping or sitting peacefully. We can start with maintaining short pauses in our daily schedule. Yoga or sports can help you ideate your thoughts and create a mindset to follow the meditation.

Mindfulness meditation gives us time to suspend judgement and thus unleash natural curiosity. The following are some definite facts about Mindfulness

  1. Mindfulness goes in all shapes, sizes and forms. It is not something exotic, it is all about what we already are.
  2. We can cultivate mindfulness with innate qualities with simple practices that are demonstrated with benefits to us and our loved ones.
  3. Mindfulness doesn’t make a change. It helps you seek solutions with who you’ve become and how you can be the best of yourself.
  4. Mindfulness can help you with the transformation.
  5. It is the way of living. Mindfulness can help you to be aware of caring about everything you do. It can lead you to experience positive benefits of health, happiness and relationships.

When you think of mindfulness and meditation, you can start to get a hang of things that can help you do something about what you have around you.

Five Practices For Your Daily Life To Help You Achieve Mindfulness

1. Wake Up And Start With A Purpose

Motivation comes from intention. If you have the intention to wake up every day and go to work, you will definitely feel motivated towards doing it. From the mind’s perspective, you need to focus on the goal you want to achieve every day and you will gain what brings out the best of the actions.

Set an intention and thus, the primal motivation will help you strengthen your will to wake up every day and start working toward your purpose.

Start with the following practice when you wake up.

  • Sit with a relaxed posture and communicate with your inner self.
  • Take three long deep breaths and let the body settle into itself. Simply follow the in and out rhythm and notice your body wake up.
  • Talk to yourself about the purpose you have for today and start building your energy around it.
  • Set your intention for the day and try to achieve it.
  • During the day make sure you keep yourself in check about the work you are supposed to do and how far you have reached.

2. Pay Gratitude To Every Mouthful Of Food You Consume

Eating food should not just be about gaining energy or making your body survive. Eating is the most pleasurable activity and you must enjoy the same leading it to a mindful body. Start engaging in the activity mindfully and you will see how eating can turn into a richer experience. Bringing attention to this activity can help us achieve satisfaction for our body and thereby nourish it with an abundance of nutrients.

Try the following practices in everyday life and you will see how you can pay your gratitude towards the food you eat.

  • Breathe in and out before eating, Take a pause and slow down your sense while allowing yourself to be calm and composed.
  • Listen to your body and bring awareness about the physical sensation through taste and aroma.
  • Eat according to your hunger and body requirement. This simple practice can help you tone down your body to its actual shape.
  • Eat peacefully and enjoy your meal slowly and steadily. This can help you even digest the food very easily.
  • Eat what you love. Don’t bring negativity to the dining room. Consume what your body actually likes and thus, eat what is a mindful choice.

3. Rewire Your Brain With A Number Of Pauses

Research says that 95% of our brain works on autopilot. And the concept of mindfulness is the exact opposite of it. If you think the brain works by itself, then mindful thinking helps you control the mind in the first place and its actions as well. Mindfulness enables intentional actions, willpower and decision making. But this control can take some practice to go through.

Here’s a list of exercises to get started on to balance your mind into controlling the actions.

  • Get your mind to not miss any activity you decide to do. Put in an alarm, a sticky note or just a reminder to help you figure out a way to do what you actually want to do.
  • Refresh your mind with the things that trigger you the most. Try to control your trigger points more and more and, someday it might even stop triggering you.
  • Start creating new patterns and habits to initiate a difference of thought and lifestyle.

4. Activate Your Mind And Muscles Through Fitness

Ride a bike, take a run, lift weights or just sweat out a little with cardio. The one thing all these exercises have in common is the ability to make your mind calm and focus your thoughts on one single goal. All of these workout sessions can get your heart pumping and invigorate the cells in your body.

Take the following steps to initiate a healthy and glowing workout session.

  • Make your aim crystal. Focus on your aim and start your exercise to achieve that one single goal.
  • Start with a warm-up exercise. Light running or just stretching could help you initiate the process of activating your mind.
  • Make a rhythm that is consistent and works according to your needs. Coordination between your mood, mind and breathing is a very important aspect here.
  • Challenge yourself every day to be better than yesterday. Start working out and make your next session better than the last one.
  • When you start to get out of the session, play it cool and calm down yourself at a slow and steady pace.

5. Make Your Mind Calm With Driving Around

It’s not about heavy traffic driving or just overriding the road rage. Here the main goal is to bring calm to your mind. The worse the traffic, the more the stress. Thus, if you are looking up to drive in the traffic, maybe it isn’t the right choice. Create a peaceful vibe. Maybe look for a road that gives you a soothing touch.

  • Here is a simple practice you can look forward to while getting behind the wheel.
  • Take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with oxygen and make your body stimulate your heart to feel the happy vibes around. Reduce your heightened stress gradually.
  • What you need and try to communicate through simple music and understand how you can bring relief and calm to yourself.
  • Give yourself all that you need. Ease the tension running through your veins. Try and soften the stress and adjust your body as needed
  • Look around and try to create your own safe space. Chances are you will see a lot of people around you and get anxious, but keep in mind that everyone is going through something or other. All you must do here is try to ease and relax your mind. This will indeed make you feel safe.
  • Take a deep breath and you will see that some easy steps can hel[p you turn your mood around. When you see the traffic rising, try to communicate, and when the flow continues, try to look around and accept the pace of life.

Relaxing started with mindfulness can sometimes feel intimidating and very easy as well, but being present in the moment is a very useful characteristic and can help you achieve heights. Even if you don’t follow mindfulness meditation every day, you can always start with it and do it whenever you feel like being under self-control. Thus, you can experience the miracle of mindfulness.

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