What Is Spiritual Awakening And How Can I Get It?

Spiritual awakening or the awakening is meant to remove the illusion that you are separate from oneness. In this experience of profound dissolving, your energy intelligently removes your sense of isolation, which is caused by your ego.

You may feel a spiritual awakening throughout your body, heart, mind, and spirit, and as it progresses, you see how limited you are in various matters. The bright light that shines deepest within us asks us a powerful question. Now that we know the truth, will we clean ourselves up or will we try to ignore our confusion, pain, and misconceptions? Let’s learn more about spiritual awakening.

What is Spiritual Awakening?

There is no one way to experience spiritual awakening. The waking state embraces all experiences and states of awareness. However, even in the waking state we remain ignorant about so many things. On the other hand, spiritual awakening brings about a state of thorough awareness. The journey of awakening is long but interesting. For some people, spiritual awakening comes as a sudden, penetrating experience, wherein completely new things are seen and felt. Sometimes there is a great energy sensation in and around the spine, which is the hallmark of Kundalini spiritual awakening. At times, spiritual awakening is a moment of profound clarity about something or about some aspect of oneself. For some other people, spiritual awakening is a kind of collapse, where one eventually gives up on something, and the truth dawns explosively.

Different people experience spiritual awakening in various ways. However, the dawn of truth within you is definitely there. Your life is transformed by the awakened energy. There is so much energy that for some time, a person feels out of control and even lost.

If we want to understand spiritual awakening in simple words, we can say it is a call to a higher consciousness and deeper mental awareness. The awakening process can bring about personal transformation and a change in the way one sees the world. When one undergoes spiritual awakening, one experiences a thorough change in his/her mental approach.

How To Achieve Spiritual Awakening?

The best way to become spiritually awakened is to deeply understand the futility of the material things of life. Spiritual life is the opposite of material life. If you are enjoying material life, you are not ready to be spiritual. The best example is that of Gautam Buddha. He was a prince and was raised with the best luxuries in the world. There was no happiness that was not available to them. However, he soon realized that a life of sensual pleasure, power and luxury had failed to satisfy his soul. His disillusionment with material life paved the way for his spiritual growth. This is how the path to full awakening is seen in Buddhism.

Many people think that they can become spiritual only by giving up money, power & social life and by retiring to the Himalayas. They believe that by giving up all material things in life, they will automatically become spiritual by adopting the life of sadhus, rishis or ascetics. It is easy to give up the sources of material pleasure, wealth and power, but it is very difficult to remove the desire for the same. You may be away from home and still think about your family, you may have donated all your wealth and still think about it all the time. You may have cut yourself off from all sensual gratification, but still you can’t stop thinking about material pleasure.

This happens to those who try to impose spirituality on them by abandoning all material things in life. They can leave things but not the desires of things. When you are completely convinced based on your personal experiences that material things (such as money, power, fame, happiness etc.) are the source of your pain, you are ready to become spiritual. Once that happens, your spiritual awakening will happen naturally and beautifully, because you are doing it to ease your pain and not get rid of something that is still attractive to you.

How Meditation Helps To Achieve Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual meditation is used in countless religions and cultures around the world. Some use it for stress and relaxation, others use it to clear their mind, and still others use it to awaken and deepen their connection with something greater than themselves. While many scientific studies have established how meditation can provide relaxation benefits, very few have looked at its spiritual side. This is so because spirituality can not be easily measured. Yet many seekers discuss various forms of spiritual meditation for spiritual awakening.

What is Spiritual Meditation?

The traditions around the world use spiritual meditation as a way to connect with the divine. Nearly every religious and spiritual tradition in the world includes spiritual meditation in one form or the other. Some intsances of spiritual meditation in major religious traditions are as given under:

Let’s learn a little about the spiritual meditations involved in different religions

  • Chanting beads and mantra meditation
  • Sufi action or remembrance of God
  • Jewish Kabbalistic practices
  • Love in Buddhism – Kripa or Meta Meditation
  • Maranusati building or reflection on one’s mortality in Theravada Buddhism
  • Zen Meditation in Zen Buddhism
  • Trance States in Shamanistic Traditions
  • Christian contemplative prayer

Spiritual meditation is a meditation practice that you do with a desire to connect with a higher power, the universe, God, your Supreme Self, etc. According to a 2017 study, spiritual meditation focuses on developing a deeper understanding of spiritual religious meaning and developing a connection with a higher power. Unlike other forms of meditation, spiritual meditation is much more than stress reduction or relaxation. According to the proverbs, the intention to connect with something greater than oneself is what makes this practice spiritual. From the perspective of our experienced companions and the experience of spiritual meditation, the element of spirituality comes with a connection to one’s soul.

The Spiritual Religion

One way to discover your spiritual dharma is to increase your connectivity with your soul and gain clarity about the purpose of your life through contemplation and self-reflection. You can do this each morning by quietly asking yourself the questions given below. Sit up straight with your eyes closed, breath deeply, and only allow the answers to move forward. For each question, wait 30 seconds and ask again a total of three times. Sometimes, the answers come out and other times you can just feel the silence. The important part to remember is that you are not trying to answer questions logically, you are simply allowing your inner guidance – your heart – to answer. You are hearing that soft, subtle voice—the one that’s barely audible beneath all the mind chatter that fills your daily thoughts. Just remember that everything that appears is perfect for the moment.

With Religious Awakening you can find answers to the following questions:

Who Am I?

You may not know the answer to this question on a deeper level, and yet, this practice is about starting your inner dialogue with yourself and the universe (or whatever you consider to be the source). This opens the door for you to hear the answers that come from within.

What Do I Want?

Sometimes the answers will be physical, and sometimes they can be more spiritual, ethereal, psychological or emotional. Try not to judge whatever the answer is, and just let yourself be heard.

What Is My Religion – My Purpose In Life?

It doesn’t come to anything immediately, so you may be asking yourself what are my unique talents and my special gifts? or “How can I help? How can I use my unique talents and my special gifts to serve myself and others?” Another variation on this question is to ask, what is it that I’m most passionate about – what makes me come alive when I’m doing it?

What Am I Thankful For?

Asking this question each day will help you remain in gratitude, appreciation, and love, helping you develop a deeper understanding of the opportunities that you have each day. It’s about learning how to see your experiences on the other side of the lens. Gratitude plays a huge role in your quality of life. The best part of using these questions as part of your daily practice is that the answers will change over time as you change. Can you think of something that you used to consider as a hobby or a passion that has waned because you are now interested in something new? This is a perfect example of how your intentions and desires change as you grow and develop.


Spiritual awakening is often thought of as a journey, not necessarily a physical journey or pilgrimage, it is a process of going beyond your limits and taking the next evolutionary step. Over the course of a human life, few experiences can be as profound and transformative as a spiritual awakening. Identifying with and experiencing one’s own divinity represents a paradigm shift of the highest order. A spiritual awakening has the ability to tear apart the fabric of reality as you know it and move you forward into a new life of conscious growth. As the word implies, you wake up from everyday dreams, from earthly physical level, from ego-based awareness to the higher reality of the soul. As if out of a deep sleep, you can see the dream for what it is – and you will find that it is an illusion that no one can chase.

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