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About Your Personality

The obstinate and determined shades are visible in your personality in every aspect of your life as you are the firm followers of the words you believe. You are fixed in your opinions and do not like frequest changes.. Once you believe in something, no one could deviate you from those words. This makes you stubborn. But , if you have true faith towards someone, you will follow the person loyally. You are also peace-loving and law-abiding person. You like to follow the path which is reliable and conventional. You may be a firm believer of old conventions which you keep on holding despite facing criticism and have enough determination to follow it till the end. Sometimes, such tendency makes it difficult for you to see the modern transformations around you.
You may have strong inclination towards possession of variant things around you and even many of useless items for many years.You may have strong inclination for comfort and leisure for which you may keep on trying to make your life full of comfort, well mannered and managed. You like things to be peaceful and comfortable around you. You thrive best in a familiar environment, amidst people who you know since your early childhood. A sense of security is very important for you. Sudden and unannounced changes upset you. And once you find a condition that works for you, you want to maintain the status quo.

Planets In Your Chart
Sun Sun Planet Icon

ॐ जपाकुसुम संकाशं काश्यपेयं महद्युतिम् ।
तमोऽरिं सर्वपापघ्नं प्रणतोऽस्मि दिवाकरम् ।।

Sun is the Lord of 4th house in your chart. It is placed in the 4th house in the Leo sign. Sun in its own sign, indicates that you will be affluent and will possess fixed assets and wealth. Sun makes you skilful, virtuous, learned and be well disposed to your family members. You would have a good education, vehicle, home and all other material comforts. You would be emotionally stable and interested in spirituality. You would do well in the real estate business.

Sun in the Leo sign in the 4th house indicates that you will desire to build strong inner and outer foundations, but, at times, you may wish to retreat from society when life becomes difficult. It’s completely okay to do so and take some time out for soul-searching. Your home may be the place where you want to shine and show your creativity. That is where you can be the real you. You want to be king of your castle, but just don’t be too demanding as no one likes a dictator. Your own family may also despise you for such behaviour. You will have an intense belief in your own ideas.

Although appearing strong on the outside, you are sensitive on the inside, and your feelings are easily hurt, particularly when someone challenges your ego or self-esteem. Such tendencies might cause disagreements in your relationship. If you are angered, you will immediately slip into your authoritative side, and quickly put the opposition or challenger in their proper place. However, once your tirade is over, you tend to forgive and forget and never hold a grudge for long. You may enjoy vitality and good health, with strong recuperative powers. Fortunately, your resilient powers are excellent so you may continue to be happy unless your heart is broken. That is the one thing you have difficulty in overcoming.

MOON Moon Planet Icon

दधिशङ्खतुषाराभं क्षीरोदार्णवसंभवम् ।
नमामि शशिनं सोमं शम्भोर्मुकुटभूषणम् ॥

Moon is the Lord of 3rd house in your chart. It is placed in the 5th house in Virgo sign. Moon in your chart suggests happiness from siblings. You would be involved in speculation and likely to make good profits from your investments. However, over-ambitious trading in the stock market can bring unforeseen financial problems. Romance and attachments to children can be decidedly emotional, but don’t let it affect your emotional stability. There will be a constant search for pleasure and emotional self-expression. However, make sure you find the right channels to do so. You will have the talent for music, drama, dance, or literary field.

You would acquire spiritual knowledge. You would be interested in amusements and entertainment. Too much emphasis may be placed upon having a good time and being the centre of attention. There is a possibility of mood swings and fickleness in love affairs which may hamper your love life. Don’t allow fluctuating emotions to interfere with your creativity as indirectly it may negatively affect your well-being. Teaching and taking care of children are emphasised.

At times you can be so critical of others that you drive them and their love away and hence, you need to learn how to forgive yourself and others when you or they do not measure up to perfection. This need of yours for perfection can be quite stifling to your own happiness. Intelligence, usefulness and fastidiousness are important themes. You have the ability to analyse people and situations and, then, find the quickest, most efficient method of accomplishing whatever is needed. This may make you successful in your profession. You can be excellent housekeeper, nurse and/or manager. You must, however, watch your tendency to nit-pick or to become overly fussy concerning small details.

MARS Mars Planet Icon

धरणीगर्भसंभूतं विद्युत्कान्तिसमप्रभम् ।
कुमारं शक्तिहस्तं च मङ्गलं प्रणमाम्यहम् ॥

Mars is the Lord of 7th house and 12th house in your chart. It is placed in the 11th house in Pisces sign. The placement of 7th house Lord Mars in your chart indicates that your spouse may belong to a wealthy family. The period after your marriage will be beneficial to your growth. There will be fun, enjoyment, a realisation of ambitions and an enhanced social image are indicated post marriage for you. Your partner may be someone from your networks or friend circle. You will be successful in the partnership business. There will be gains through foreign travels.

However, Mars also owns the 12th house in your chart; hence, you may face financial stress due to mismanagement of funds. You may progress better in a foreign land. There may be differences with your elder siblings. You may have to spend money on an elder sibling, older adults and friends. You would gain income through spiritual work. You would gain money through humanitarian work.

You are a person who has big dreams, desires. You like socialising with people and would want to have close associations with friends who have the same mindset as you. You like people who are goal oriented like you and who strive hard to achieve what they want. You must ensure that you don’t fall into the vicious circle of unwanted and destructive friends that could be detrimental for your future growth and career. Make the right choices and choose the right people in your life. You probably put a lot of energy into your friendships and expect the same in return. It is important that you seek the right type of friendships. People might just take advantage of your good nature and take you for granted. That is why you have to be very alert.

You have big dreams, a high ideology, and a strong mystical or religious impulse. You also have a creative imagination and can successfully apply your skills in art or music. On the negative side, you can be indecisive, lethargic, very much interested in the sensual side of life, and may resort to consumption of drugs or alcohol to escape the obstacles and responsibilities of dealing with the pressure of everyday life. Learning self-control is important for you.

MERCURY Mercury Planet Icon

प्रियङ्गुकलिकाश्यामं रूपेणाप्रतिमं बुधम् ।
सौम्यं सौम्यगुणोपेतं तं बुधं प्रणमाम्यहम् ॥

Mercury is the Lord of 2nd and 5th house in your chart. It is placed in the 5th house in Virgo sign. Exalted Mercury makes your chart strong. Mercury in your chart, suggests very favourable probabilities for excellent academic prospects. You will be knowledgeable. You would love to gather and impart knowledge. You would possess the in-built art to share your knowledge with others in an unconventional manner. Your sharp mind and excellent skills will make you able to find remarkable progress in your career. You will have excellent financial status. You will also enjoy happiness from your children, too. You would be speculative and possibly have a love affair. You will be dutiful and caring towards your family members. You may have financial gains through the consultancy profession. You would earn through the lottery, stock market or speculation. You may learn some traditional skills of your family.

Mercury in Virgo in the 5th house indicates that teaching children or young adults may provide quite a lift for you. Games of strategy and skill are bound to challenge your intellect very often. You will wish to communicate your thoughts in a clever, inspiring and dramatic manner. You may be blessed with acting, writing, or speaking ability. When it comes to romances, you probably need to be involved with someone; you can communicate intelligently and relate mentally. For you, sexiness is in the brain.

Exalted Mercury makes you an exacting perfectionist with a clear, logical, and analytical mind with an aptitude for work that requires meticulous attention to detail and efficient organization. This will help you go a long way in your career, and you will be highly appreciated for this. You possess a great deal of common sense, which makes you an easy- going person. There is also a possibility you will develop specialized skills and technical expertise in some practical field which you have been waiting to do for a long time. You tend to be very good at what you do and are critical of others’ work if it does not meet your high standards. Here you may need to be accommodating and accept diverse perspectives too.

JUPITER Jupiter Planet Icon

देवानां च ऋषीणां च गुरुं काञ्चनसंनिभम् ।
बुद्धिभूतं त्रिलोकेशं तं नमामि बृहस्पतिम् ॥

Jupiter is the Lord of 8th house and 11th house in your chart. It is placed in the Ascendant in Taurus sign. The placement of 8th house Lord Jupiter in your chart suggests that you will be inclined towards spirituality and paranormal subjects. You would find it difficult to understand yourself. You would have a long life, and there will be an interest in religious practice. You would have a very strong intuition and ability to research. You could gain through inheritance. You will be good at investigation and possess sound knowledge in mystical studies. You would attain a higher or greater position in religious or spiritual pursuits.

The Lord of 11th house Jupiter indicates that you will have favourable support from friends, well-wishers and elderly people. You will have expected financial growth in life. You will be wealthy, have many opportunities and achieve your desires and ambitions after some difficulties and delays. You may gain happiness and benefits from the eldest sibling.

Jupiter in Taurus sign in Ascendant indicates that You are a person with a positive outlook towards life. No matter how adverse the circumstance might be, you still stay positive. You help in encouraging people to do well because you have the ability to inspire the faith of others. You can, however, be exorbitant and sometimes it can also be easy for people to deceive you. You might also tend to think that you are better than the rest and no one can compete with you which are not a good sign. Being self-indulgent is also bad for your growth. You have a great desire to expand the world around you with practical, tangible, material things. You might be attracted towards material things, but you have a big heart and a giving nature. You are an individual who will do anything for the people you love. Your cooperative nature will help you manage your relationship efficiently. There is a fear of sickness and pain. Money and material possessions can come to you, but you must use your resources wisely, else they will get you into trouble. A great love of rich or sweet food may lead you to become overweight. Control your appetite and prevent any further health issues.

Venus Venus Planet Icon

हिमकुन्दमृणालाभं दैत्यानां परमं गुरुम्।
सर्वशास्त्रप्रवक्तारं भार्गवं प्रणमाम्यहम् ॥

Venus is the Lord of Ascendant and 6th house in your chart. It is placed in the 3rd house in Cancer sign. The placement of Ascendant Lord Venus in your chart makes your constitution strong. You will be bold and brave. You will be endowed with material happiness. You will be known for your independent spirit to live by your own efforts. You will maintain multiple interests and would enjoy a short trip.

However, Venus also owns the 6th house; hence, you will experience little happiness from siblings due to differences on many issues. You will lead your career in nursing or the medical profession. You might encounter hearing problems in the right ear. You would have much interest in fine arts, music, dance and drama. Your enemies in personal and professional life will create substantial hurdles in your progress, but, you will have the strength to stand firm against the obstacles. You will have support from your maternal family. You may have health issues during travels.

Venus in Cancer sign in 3rd house makes you a very creative and artistic person with a great set of skills. You are good at your speech and writing skills. You have the ability to express yourself well through the art of speaking and writing, and this will help you to make progress in your profession. You are a person who likes to wander about and explore. You like learning new things, and that’s why you have a love of travel, yet your immediate surroundings are probably quite harmonious and comfortable. You tend to cherish the little things in your life. Every moment in your life matters to you, and you make it a very significant part of your life. You feel the need for care, emotional support and security in love affairs. You are very emotional and sentimental and can break down easily if you feel hurt or betrayed. Feelings of insecurity or feelings of the absence of love may lead you to binge eating, and thus you will gain weight. Your desire for rich or sweet food may contribute to the problem even more.

SATURN Saturn Planet Icon

नीलांजनसमाभासं रविपुत्रं यमाग्रजम् ।
छायामार्तण्डसंभूतं तं नमामि शनैश्चरम् ॥

Saturn is the Lord of 9th house and 10th house in your chart. It is placed in the 8th house in Sagittarius sign. The Lord of 10th house Saturn in your chart indicates that you may have difficulties in your profession. You may have differences with your father, and you may not get the desired support from him. You may undertake research and development as your career choice. You may face difficulties in career progression. There may be sudden or unexpected problems in my career. You could be involved in healing, medical field and insurance. You could have an interest in the psychological factors involved in the work. You will face difficulties in acquiring higher education. There may be health issues abroad. Overall, your growth will be slow during the early years of your life. You will gradually get opportunities for growth and gain after the 36th year of your life. You would gain through the property of your parents or your spouse.

Saturn in the 8th house indicates that you are a very hardworking and patient person with good management skills. However, while working hard, you might avoid your social/ sexual life, and this can make your life very boring. It’s good to work hard for the financial security but not by neglecting your own needs. In the process of accumulating wealth, you might just lose your soul, leaving you unhappy. You need to adopt an understanding approach and, make time for everything in your life.

Saturn in Sagittarius in 8th house indicates that you may have a kind and philanthropic turn to your mind with a desire to benefit and change mankind through discipline, system and self-help under just laws and true religious impulse. These qualities will help in contributing towards the development and improvement of mankind. Mental maturity comes later in life and promises success. You will benefit and gain a lot through meditation and introspection. You might have to face a few health issues in terms of poor circulation of blood in the hips and legs. You have to make sure that you get enough physical exercise and fresh air, especially in your sleeping quarters. On the negative side, you may be cynical, atheistic, selfishly ambitious, dogmatic and sarcastic, which has to be changed if you want to be happy.

RAHU Rahu Planet Icon

अर्धकायं महावीर्यं चन्द्रादित्यविमर्दनम् ।
सिंहिकागर्भसंभूतं तं राहुं प्रणमाम्यहम् II ॥

Rahu is placed in the 10th house of your chart in the Aquarius sign. Your father will be influential, and he may have a great influence on your life. You are likely to face obstacles and at times, disruption in your occupation. However, a strong Rahu will give you the strength to stand firm against the odds and obstacles, and you will eventually achieve your goals. Equation with your immediate boss may be tense. Your subordinates may not work satisfactorily. A hectic work schedule may hamper your marital life. However, your children will comfort you to quite an extent. Success and stability will be yours after perseverance.

Rahu in the Aquarius sign makes you very intelligent and clever in dealing with coworkers. Because of the same, you may tend to derive maximum benefits, attention and recognition. You may always try to achieve your goals by giving it your all. You may even resort to unethical practises in order to meet your goals. Your strong willpower may help you fulfil your desires. You have the ability to create your own place in society and earn a lot of recognition with your own efforts. You are benevolent, faithful and sincere. For you, spiritual progress is in accordance with service to society. You practice and preach the importance of unity. You may have a strong belief that the field of activity should be one that affects the entire society and not only an individual.

KETU Ketu Planet Icon

पलाशपुष्पसंकाशं तारकाग्रहमस्तकम् ।
रौद्रंरौद्रात्मकं घोरं तं केतुं प्रणमाम्यहम् II

Ketu is placed in the 4th house in Leo sign. Ketu in your chart indicates that your mind is strongly attached to spiritualism. You will never be satisfied with your domestic environment, which is likely to create mental stress. You may face trouble in domestic happiness, trouble from vehicle, property, landlord etc. You may have all type of things regarding happiness, but you may not have peace of mind, and you may not be able to enjoy your life fully. Ketu gives you innovative ideas which might help you achieve success in your profession. You will get benefit from abroad countries. You will not have benefits from maternal relatives.

Ketu in Leo sign indicates that you are intelligent and like to dominate others. At times your aggression and ambition can bring disturbances in your life. You are very impulsive as well and tend to act on your intuitions. Due to the confusion and impulse, you often get angry without any proper reasons. Due to misunderstandings, you may lack the true happiness and peace in your life. You tend to feel a lot of uncertainty before venturing into anything new. Lack of confidence may also not allow you to utilize your true potential. They tend to have a lot of questions and doubts in your mind about almost everything; hence, you will be struggling to get your work done properly.

Positively, you may have a strong desire to learn many subjects and tend to know many languages. While you are talkative, you do not like socializing much. You can be quite impatient at times. Your interests lie in creative and artistic pursuits, and you also have the potential to achieve good results through creative projects.

Areas Of Your Life

Working in groups will be a high tendency for you as far as your professional life is concerned. You like to have the reputation of being associated with very prominent and stable, yet creative and ingenious people. You have a modern and inventive ideology towards your career. You will want freedom in your career field.

You will be loaded with ingenious ideas. You are much inclined to professions related to public life and people. You set your goals upfront and then work dedicatedly towards achieving the goals. You are hardworking and know how to manage tasks.

You do not take undue risks in your professional life. Your inventive nature shall see you through to the top rung. You will need a lot of patience, but at the same time you will need to keep coming up with innovative ideas to help you climb the ladder of success.

You may shine well in profession as an electrician or in the electronics industry. You’re also drawn to modern technology, radical, scientific or technical fields, computer manufacture, high tech, gaming or telecommunications industry etc.

You will be very dynamic in your approach towards your career which signifies that by any means either by hook or crook you will proceed in your career. You are very intelligent and clever in dealing with coworkers and people around you in order to derive maximum benefits, attention and recognition . Everyone at your workplace always know your abilities well and you hardly get unnoticed and always draws attention of everyone around you. You may have an obsession towards fame, repect and position in career and to achieve your goals you may make all the efforts even by making compromise with your values and ethics.

As the Lord of the 10th House is in the 8th House, you may have difficulties in independent profession. You may have differences with your father and you may not get the support from him. You may undertake research and development as your career choice. You may face difficulties in career progression. There may be sudden or unexpected problems in career. You could be involved in healing, medical field and insurance. You could have interest in psychological factors involved in the work.


You can convince not only individuals but also masses to get you to do your biddings and make you think it was you all along. You would prefer to make a decent living surrounded by people with whom you can discuss about important money matters. However, you have to be careful of including too many shitty people in your life, just to counteract the fear of being alone. You are, however, not someone who cares about the opinion of acquaintances and enemies. You are rather bipolar with the money matters and at times spending like crazy, and then holding on to it for long period of time. You need to learn to save your money, because you never know when you will be in need.

The Lord of the 2nd House is in the 5th House. This makes you dutiful and caring towards family members. You may have financial gains through consultancy profession. You may have a strong desire to earn effortless money, it means you would earn through a lottery, stock market or speculation. You would be fortunate to gain wealth due to past life deeds. Your 2nd House Lord aspects the 11th house of gains so you may gain and get rewarded too. This placement indicates that you will earn through your intelligence. You may learn some traditional skills of your family.


Your relationship with your siblings is generally supportive and comforting. You feel like you are very able to just talk about your feelings freely and friendly. You may have a habit to become the counsellor when your siblings face problems. But, you can unconsciously slip into gossip mode. You feel things at a deeper level and generally are very kind and sentimental in your relations.

You are able to empathise with your siblings in suffering and pain. But you can be manipulative when you want things to go your way. You are very moody and the moods may change erratically or regularly which might affect your rapport. When at peace with your life choices, you will be happy and content to be surrounded by your siblings and a loving family.

You are a very creative and artistic person with a great set of skills. You are good at your speech and writing skills. You have the ability to express yourself well through the art of speaking and writing. You are a person who likes to wander about and explore. You like learning new things and that’s why you have a love of travel, yet your immediate surroundings are probably quite harmonious and comfortable. Your nature is very appealing to the people around you. People like you because of your creativity and the level of understanding that you have. Relations with neighbours and siblings are probably easy-going and pleasurable because of your calm and friendly nature. Because you dislike disharmony, you avoid confrontations with people in your immediate environment, you don’t like lengthy and aggressive discussions. You are more of a calm and relaxed person.

Your siblings may be instrumental or actively involved in your endeavours or business in some or the other way. It suggests happiness from siblings. There will be some periods of disruptions in your relationship but you would be able to manage difficulties and problems in your life. Your efforts will not allow the problems to spoil your relationship. You will also help your siblings in difficult times. You may have to spend money for them and you will generously fulfil your duties.


You have an eye for the details like no other. You are a keen observant of everything that is going in your relationships and apply more than required practicality in your relationships. Those little things matter a lot in your love affairs. Ganesha suggests you to use your analytical abilities to make your relationship better instead overly criticising your partner and expecting too much. You have the in-built qualities to judge what your partner likes and what your partner does not. When in love, you are dependable and well-planned in your sexual encounters. In spite of your practical approach, you are very hard-working and emotionally attached lover.

Placement of the Lord of the 5th House in the 5th House is one of the most fortunate placements for relationship bliss. The relationship with your partner forms a very important part of your life and you will be very demonstrative in expressing your warmth and feelings for your loved one. You can be extremely romantic and can be very magnanimous with your partner. You like transparency and honesty in a relationship and dealing with betrayals can turn out to be a nightmare for you! Though the positivity and sparkle that you may add to a relationship, your overbearing attitude at times can create some stress.

Marriage & Children

Ganesha observes that Scorpio’s influence on the seventh house of your horoscope makes you dedicated in the case of relationships. Specifically, you are very much attached to your life partner, so after marriage this sign is going to show up strongly. This sign influencing your seventh house indicates compulsive partnership. In case if you have a business partner turning out to be your spouse, a great deal! You may be seeking for expressive and developmental qualities in a life partner with proper sense of creation. If both of you are strong willed, there can be fights and differences. Possessiveness may play a very important role and if it comes to the fore you both may not even compromise. Ganesha feels that dynamism and strength are two major powers that your mate would own. Aggression, antagonism and jealousy need to be checked well on your side otherwise it will be difficult to sail through the sea! In short, unless you learn to tone down jealousy and rebellious nature, you would not be able to make it successful. But if you can, happiness is all yours, assures Ganesha.

As the Lord of the 7th House is in the 11th House, your spouse may belong to a wealthy family. The period after your marriage will be beneficial to your growth. You will be successful in the partnership business. There will be gains through foreign travels. Your spouse will be loving, good looking and intelligent, but she could be suspicious or prejudiced about you. You may have many social contacts. You may also gain wealth through speculative money with the help of your spouse. You may gain lot of wealth after marriage.

You may have less numbers of children. Your chidren will be intelligent, religious, and spiritual as well. They will be highly educated with good knowledge and intelligence. You will generally have good rapport with them.


The placement of the Lord of the 5th House in the 5th House itself, which happens to be its own House renders a lot of strength to your Horoscope, and also indicates a successful and bright academic career. You will be blessed with extraordinary intelligence and grasping power. This placement also denotes great interest in various subjects and a devoted approach towards academics. You will be perform and score well in examinations and will get good success in contests and competitions. Due to your brilliance and excellent performances, you will come across good opportunities in life. You will also be able to take the right decisions regarding your education.

As the Lord of the 9th House is placed in the 8th House, higher studies may prove to be somewhat difficult. You may pursue higher education abroad and there Courses which will give you the chance to involve in research and detailed study will attract you. It is advisable that you take the decisions related to higher education only after due thought and deliberation. You may tend to lose interest in your studies mid-way and may have some confusion about your priorities and goals. The placement of the Lord of the 9th House in the 12th from its position indicates obstacles, disinterest, delays and complications in matters pertaining to higher education.

Social Relationship

In group settings, you feel what everyone feels hence you are better at understanding people’s point of views. Empathetic and deep understanding are your traits which help you to make a strong association. It may be overwhelming or draining at time though. It can be difficult for you to establish boundaries in your collaborations. At the same time, you can develop a very telepathic connection with your friends and associates and you can convey your feelings without even saying words out loud.

You can be a genuine friend to everyone. You give human relations the most importance and put the people you love above everyone and everything else. You may have a wide range of social connections in order to get and achieve what you want or need in your life.

JUPITER Mahadasha

During this period, you will be inclined towards spirituality and paranormal subjects. You would find it difficult to understand yourself. You would have very strong intuition and ability to research. You could gain through inheritance. You will be good at investigation and possess sound knowledge in mystical studies. You would attain a higher or greater position in religious or spiritual pursuits.

You will face certain problems during this time of your life because of your planetary positions. You will see problems surfacing with regards to ancestral property. You will show hypocrisy and ego during this time. With this you will consider yourself morally superior than others and you like to show your spirituality to impress others. You might need to learn emotion regulation. On a business front, you will not get desired benefits from your efforts.

On a cognitive level, you will have knowledge and skill in your field but they will prove useful only to others. People around you will get benefited from your advice but you will not get desired benefits in return. Avoid conflicts with elderly people. You will have moderate financial status.

Also, you will be prone to an excess fat, cold and cough, phlegm, liver problem hence you must also focus on your health and diet.

SATURN Mahadasha

You will be somewhat mysterious in nature during this phase. You will be quite secretive and it can be very difficult for people to identify your true colours. What is apparent is not always the truth in your case. You will be inclined towards secretive or hidden powers and mysterious knowledge. You will also have a strong intuition.

A loss of opportunity at career level because of stiff competition. You will have some confusion about what you are inspired towards, and the result will generally a discontented mentality. A sense of discontent will come from the lack of fulfilment of your burning desires. Your mind will remain unfocused and lack of clarity and concentration will hamper your progress in education and profession both. However, as the period progresses, you will display your best possible skill in your profession and also help many others in their progress. There will be gradual improvement in your financial and professional status. You will have good income flow but you will be struggling to save money due to various expenses and commitments. You will be prone to debt or liabilities.

Other than that this will be a period of health problems including anemia, cold, cough, breathing problems, loss of weight, constipation and weak joints. You need to take extra care of your health during this phase.

Year 2019

You may have strong desire to share your life wit someone. This is a conducive period to partnering and winning public approval. Now, you prefer being in a relationship over being alone. Also, the period is conducive for negotiations and contractual agreements. A partner/person from a different background may expand your horizon now. It may help you to absolve from difficult partnership. You will be ready at making compromises, finding middle ground, and negotiating hence legal problems or challenging relationship problems can be resolved now.

However, this is the year when you need to depend on your own skills and resources because it will be difficult for you to find helping hand or no one else will be able to help you. You will have to manage your money extremely well during this transit as Saturn will limit other people money to you. Some issues with your sex life and intimacy may also come to fore during this time. Positively, Saturn will be teaching some tough lessons to you to not depend on anyone but yourself. And the reward will depend on your own personal efforts.

Your tendency to hold your opinions without gathering the facts or being self-righteous and avoiding others’ feelings may bring disruptions this year. Excess nervous energy, and lack of tact may create issues during this year. You may easily crack under imagined pressures, and might feel that your freedom is curtailed in everyday life. So, it will be very important to learn to listen to others so that you can see both sides of a situation instead of imposing your views on others. Learning to be sensitive to other’s feelings and opinions, and to be open to listen good advises without fear of being tied down, will release you from some of your tension and will also help you achieve more happiness and inner balance.

Year 2020

During this phase, you will be less sensitive to power struggles and issues of sharing resources as you will be comfortable with the amount of power and control that you have in your life. You will be more interested in digging into yourself and some deeply-held issues of the past. This could be a good period to reorganize your financial matters and a conducive phase to settle a debt, tax issue, inheritance, or problem with joint finances. You may also see accumulation of wealth if you manage your resources well. You will become more expansive, warm, and intimate with your partner.

This could be a good time to develop your mind and learn new things. It will be a period dedicated to self-improvement. Your journey can be tough as you may not find desired support of luck hence obstacles will also be on your way to success. You might be unnecessarily dragged into problems, which can frustrate you. There will be a strong competition and opposition of your ideas and opinions. You will be hard pressed and expected to show good results. You will be much inclined to religious and philosophical activities. Traveling for professional purpose or pilgrimage may be expected. However, long distance travel may be stressful or problematic. Your beliefs, convictions, ideas may change. Relation with authority figures, bosses and older relatives may be a source of concern now.

As the year progresses, it will unleash a streak of fearlessness and boldness within you. You will feel more confident and will be able to express your thoughts and ideas in a very novel manner. You may get sudden chances to go on short-distance travels, journeys or trips. You may get the support of your siblings and cousins in tricky matters. You will be able to figure out quickly if someone is trying to act smart or if someone is trying to deceive or flatter you. You are likely to adopt a tactful approach in your general dealings.

This will be an ideal time for progress in spirituality, philosophy and religion as there will be faster progress. You may even go on pilgrimages. There will be a feeling that may crop up from within that fortune is not favouring you. But instead, you should remain optimistic and keep putting in more efforts which will ultimately get you good results.

Year 2021

During this year, you can expand your life in some way. An expansive and optimistic attitude will help you to bring positivity in your life and you will be less concerned about petty problems and inconveniences in your life. You may find opportunities to travel, study, expand your vision, and to meet people with diverse backgrounds. You will become more intellectually curious, hence you may have more chances for success in academic matters. You will be able to see the big picture now, and hence, you will be less stressed over the smaller things that you face in your routine life.

Your life should be approaching a positive point during this time. Your ambitions will start to bear positive results. Your views and perspective on life will be more balanced and stabilized and you can really understand the root cause of your problems and how to neutralize them effectively. Don’t be too sure of yourself as this may cause you problems also. It can be a good time to take long journeys for the sake of learning or for obligatory reasons. You will be attracted to religious activities and philosophy but you will also want concrete results. Though the period will largely remain favourable for your career, you might feel the pressure due to stiff competition. The understanding that you gain during this phase can bring enormous benefit over the coming years.

A tendency to define your own worth and values will be prominent this year. You may have to work hard at the expense of our own needs. You may have to invest too much time and energy into supporting others. Though you may come across some difficult situations,, the year is good for you to learn and to define your goals based on your own values, and then to work toward achieving them in a patient manner. This will ultimately help you to achieve more happiness, growth and inner balance.

Year 2022

It will bring more optimistic attitude and hence you will be hopeful that everything will go well during this phase. You may get an opportunity to accomplish your long standing tasks, or at least get closer to making one come true. You will be more open to original, inventive, and unique ideas. It will bring fresh benefits and energy to your social activities. You can now depend on your social contacts and friends for their help and support. This period will help you improving your standard of living and acquiring more material comforts.

During this year, your mind will tend to focus on larger questions about life, will demand answers for them and smaller and trivial matters will be sidelined. You would strongly incline towards religion, philosophy and mysticism. For further studies, I believe, it is an auspicious period to start a new course or for ongoing academics. This year will bless you with the required discipline to apply yourself.

As the year progresses, you will start looking at life with a different perspective and may tend to be more confident in your approach. Your health will need good care. You are likely to experience heavy mood swings. You need to smart and alert. Do not get carried away by any person or thing, this may prove to be deceptive. Ensure that you do not land up in arguments with your spouse or close ones. Stay away from shady or suspicious elements.

Married life, if not handled with care may bring disruptions. This year will test the way you handle your relationships and married life to be more precise. I advise you and your spouse to keep setting out on travels or some social activities every quarter, so that the scope of differences reduces.

Year 2023

This can be a good year for you to eliminate some of the unnecessary baggage that you have been carrying around. Some of your hidden issues may come to the surface to deal with them. Your work or efforts may not be noticed right now, or you prefer being out of the spotlight because you do your best in the background. You tend to use your resources mainly for auspicious purpose during this phase. On the positive side, you may find opportunities to explore and boost some untapped potential- spiritual or material or both.

As the year progresses, you will get the results of your actions and deeds you have been making in the past two and half years and you will accordingly reap the benefits during this time. You may require to take more responsibility than usual at your work place and may involve you taking an important role at your work. Although the period will largely remain progressive for your career, you may face some issues every now and then at the workplace. There will be some delays and difficulties in getting the desired position. In this context, it would be better to avoid any arguments with your boss or seniors during this time. This could be a good phase to work towards resolving any differences with spouse. In your personal life you will gain more clarity you have a great opportunity to create a good impression to the society in general. Do not try to get a position of power due to manipulation or other underhanded tactics during this time otherwise, such position and power will not last long.

During this year, planets will continue to test your skills and patience. You are likely to try over-managing your life and others’ lives as well which will not allow you to get relaxed. By working on your own inner foundation, success will resurface in your personal and professional life. By allowing yourself to follow your personal instincts, rather than be driven by the demanding situations, you can achieve greater happiness, balance, and satisfaction in all areas of life.

Year 2024

You will feel optimistic and positive about your life hence it will be much more easy for you to make improvements in your life. It will bring noticeable improvements to your personal environment as well as self-confidence to your personality. You become more confident and feel good about the way things are going during this phase. Problems that previously seemed challenging can now get resolved with a fresh, can-do attitude. However, you might need to guard against becoming overly self-interested. Also, there is a risk of overindulgence and laziness. You need to take advantage of this favourable period particulary for creative matters, romance, travel, and higher education.

During this phase, you will probably feel good, secure and well established in your position. You may be able to gain recognition or rewards for the work you have been doing, but there will be a sense of dissatisfaction always bothering you. This is the period when you reap what you have sown. You will be probably dependent with others to achieve your goal as you can not achieve anything without others. This period will encourage rather force you to take responsibility for your position in your community and in your profession as well. How you treat others will reflect back on you as Saturn will deliver the results as per your Karma. Your expectations of others, and theirs of you will come to fore and your social commitments will be tested.

During this year, you will be somewhat confused and fearful of being dependent on others. You will require to control such feelings to take responsibilities as planets will contiue to test your skills and patience this year. You are likely to try over-managing your life and others’ lives as well which will not allow you to get relaxed. You might feel the stress because you will feel vulnerable to crash under pressure. You will be exposing some of your insecurities and personal needs and due to lack of strong supporting system, anxiety may bother you. By working on your own inner foundation, success will resurface in your personal and professional life. By allowing yourself to follow your personal instincts, rather than be driven by the demanding situations, you can achieve greater happiness, balance, and satisfaction in all areas of life.

Year 2025

During this year, your self-esteem will increase and you will try to analyse your self-worth. You may focus on your personal finances and possessions. The expansive impact of Jupiter will help to purchase more items of value. It will empower your personality by making it more expansive, exuberant, and enthusiastic. You are likely to feel more confident and enthusiastic about your ability to earn. You will be inclined to develop your talents in order to boost your earning power. However, you may also be just as inclined to be more materialistic, which can make you spend more than you should. You may need to avoid an inclination to overspend. You may also be sensual and indulgent which can be detrimental to your growth. Chances of receiving your fair share will increase if you are looking for inheritance. This is also a good time to apply for a loan as your dealings with financial institutions will bring positive results.

This can be a good time for collaborating and working in groups as the group activities will encourage and entice you to take on more responsibilities and lead you towards progress. However, there will be trouble working with some people and you may find some people of your group are annoying or getting in your way. But, it would be in your interest to attempt to compromise and take on more work together if you can as it will bring good results in the longer term. Your efforts over the past years will bring good results and your hopes and ideals should be coming into fruition. However you may still find that your expectations have not been met during this time period. it begins to favor the native. But, it is positive in all terms. There would be ample financial gains which will help you to cover up previous losses. You relationship with spouse and beloved ones will also remain cordial during this time. This is also a positive period for job prospects. You would be able to topple the opposition or competition.

A tendency to define your own worth and values will be prominent this year. You may have to work hard at the expense of our own needs. You may at times attract confusing and intense life situations which may disturb your comfort and peace. You may have to invest too much time and energy into supporting others. Though you may come across some difficult situations,, the year is good for you to learn and to define your goals based on your own values, and then to work toward achieving them in a patient manner. This will ultimately help you to achieve more happiness and inner balance.

Year 2026

During this year, you will be presented with educational and communication opportunities. This can be a good time to increase your knowledge and skills set. Your dealings with neighbors or relatives could be beneficial or else you can now reslove some pending problems. You will be able to express your ideas with more confidence and enthusiasm which will also boost your chances to strike profitable deals. You will be more sociable and will enjoy spending time with your beloved ones. You will find more opportunities to experss your creative talents. New friendships or partnerships may be formed now. Also, you may get opportunities to travel for personal or professional matters.

Saturn will make you understand yourself as an individual and to remember your limitations. You might at times find yourself caught up in something that is not right for you. It can be a time of confusion, insecurities, and frustration. You might want to experiment with new ideas and approaches to life. Some old fears, resentments and anxieties may come up and demand to be faced. It is good time for spiritual development and to boost your internal strength and meaning.

Your tendency to hold your opinions without gathering the facts or being self-righteous and avoiding others’ feelings may bring disruptions this year. Excess nervous energy, and lack of tact may create issues during this year. You may easily crack under imagined pressures, and might feel that your freedom is curtailed in everyday life. So, it will be very important to learn to listen to others so that you can see both sides of a situation instead of imposing your views on others. Learning to be sensitive to other’s feelings and opinions, and to be open to listen good advises without fear of being tied down, will release you from some of your tension and will also help you achieve more happiness and inner balance.

Year 2027

You may now have strong desire to enjoy quality time with your family and try to improve your familial equations. You will also focus on strengthening your ties with family and friends and will try to bring more stability into your life through that. You want to ensure that you have emotional security that will last for a long time. You can also be more encouraging and supportive with your beloved ones during this phase. This period may bring benefits to home, family, property, and domestic comfort matters during this phase. A strong sense of stability, inner satisfaction, and balance will drive your actions. Long-standing family problems can be ironed out. You may find enjoyment in getting in touch with your family traditions. You will be more content to stay around your home and family. Your married life may see some turbulances so better maintain cordiality and compassion in your relationship.

Some old skeletons in your closet may surface during this phase and you will be forced to clear up all It is not the best of times to judge or make any dramatic changes yet but observe and understand your situations will help you find a clear direction. Try not to overthink your past failures. Cut your losses and try to look forward and not backward. . Delays and difficulities in profession may make you feel somewhat insecure. You might feel a lot more distressed than before. You need to stay calm and avoid making any hasty decisions during this year.You should also avoid excessive travels.

This year may test your skills and patience both. Your tendency to be overly attached to your past experience or failure, to be dependent on others and avoid accepting responsibility due to fear of rejection may cause problems in you life. During this year, you need to take charge of your life and accept responsibility for your actions. Blaming your past or people around you may not help you at all. You will require to manage your emotional insecurities and emotional difficulties. During this year, you will be able to march forward amid problems if you learn to depend on your own efforts. Also, you will need to learn to strike a balance between sensitivity and responsibility. Responsibilites at home and at career front will require to spend more time in re-organizing your actions.

Year 2028

You will be imaginative, original in your self-expression, and creative as well. Your creative projects are likely to bring some recognition or reward. Love and romance may enhance and social engagements will also increase. Investments in stock market could earn good profits. Healthy calculative risks are likely to pay off, but you need to be careful of overconfidence in speculative investments. Relationships with your children may improve now. Your creativity and social life will be stimulated , and you may also get more opportunities to express yourself uniquely and creatively.

The transiting Saturn will be highlighting some issues which make you feel bad. However, Saturn is the strict task master and hence the challenges that you might be facing during this year will force you to take action to improve whatever area you can. You will often feel that time is running out and you haven’t done enough. This is a very important and powerful transit that allows you to accomplish pending tasks and also to resolve pending problems more than any other time in your life. Saturn will force to see yourself as you really are now, also will enhance your flaws so that you can sort out and resolve the issues. You may face difficulty with other’s being more judgmental of you otherwise your negative perception might be enhanced. Don’t let negativity takes over rahter you must accept the facts and move on positively. This is not the time to stand still. In fact you can not stand still. Make plans then execute them with determination as Saturn’s role during this year is to help you build secure structures.

Your interests for creative endevours, love, speculations will widen now. You may form connections with people at a distance places or have extensive and valuable communication or correspondence with them. Travel is possible also possible, and opportunities to widen your knowledge and education will not be lacking. However, you will be focusing on many areas simultaneously hence your focus will get diverted and you will tend to scatter your energy in various directions hence will be unable to derive desired results and rewards.

Year 2029

You will be more productive and efficient which will boost your performance at work place. You will be able to fix the priorities correctly, and you will do your work to the best of your abilities. You will set a very high standard and expect a lot from yourself, but you may need to watch for perfectionist tendencies. Your rapport with coworkers and employee will imporve. You will find joy in your work, daily routine, self-improvement endeavors, and taking care of your health. Health is likely to improve and medical treatments or programs, if required, will be more apt to be successful.

This can be the time to release aspects of your life that are no longer necessary. Responsibility during this time is going to increase but you can also accomplish, if you stay positive and focused. It will be better for you to finish any existing project rather than starting a new one. This can be the time to direct your energy, awareness and attention inward. It is the time to restructure your life and yourself internally, rather than focusing on your external world. This can be an ideal time to reinvent yourself. You may have learnt a lot from the external world till date which you can use now to understand what you are and where you stand professionally and socially. It is a time of introversion and introspection. During this period you may find delays in your work as many issues may be distracting you. It is an excellent time for consciousness raising. Best way to deal with this phase will be to let go of all the negative thinking about yourself. Once you have a secure feeling in your own identity you will be able to lay a proper foundation for future progress.

You will benefit from your working surroundings and also you will get benefits through people working with you. You will be able to make connections with influential people and will be able to promote yourself or use their influence to your advantage. You will handle your subordinates efficiently and manage your work effectively and thus earn good will. Your career goal could be achieved or you will be getting closer to completion. You will conqure your enemies and competitors. Health will improve at this time, but you must avoid self-indulgence and do not stray from a sensible health program. Routine health regime are of more than usual importance and can lead you to wider benefits. This will be a time to make a point to improve working conditions, skills, and techniques.

Kalsarp Dosha

Rahu and Ketu are the vedic names for the ascending and descending nodes of the Moon respectively. The Sanskrit word kaal has several meanings, one of which is time. Sarpa means serpent. Kaalsarpa Dosha is a phenomenon in which the serpentine energy associated with Rahu and Ketu entangles itself around the other planets, thereby constricting and disrupting the planetary rays.

There are 12 types of Kalsarp Dosha. Presence of this yoga in birth chart can make person’s life unhappy and edgy. This yoga gives worry and difficulty in general. This doesn’t mean that Kalsharpa Yoga spoils person’s whole life. Its a Karmic baggage which makes a person learn important lessons through some hardships. It creates a unique energy which can either create something great or distroy the goodness.

Fortunately, Kalsarpa Dosha is NOT present hence you must not worry about all these problems. Feel Blessed….

Mangal Dosh

Mangal Dosha causes frictions in married life. It also creates tempramental problems in the conjugal life. It creates chaos, dissatisfaction, frequent heated arguments which is not good with regards to the harmony in the married life. Due to Mangal Dosha, there can be difficulties in understanding each other’s expectations. It also causes health problems and if the impact is severe, separation can not be ruled out.

Fortunately, Mangal Dosha is NOT present hence you must not worry about all these problems. Feel Blessed….

Important Yogas In Your Chart
Obhayachari Yoga

You will be an eloquent speaker. You will have well-proportioned limbs. You will take delight in everything. You will be liked by all. You will get success in your endevours, wealthy and famous .

Dehapushti Yoga

You will have a happy life. You will become rich and will enjoy your life. You will possess well-developed body.

Yukthi Samanwithavagmi Yoga

You will become an eloquent and skilled speaker . You can succeed beyond expectation by convincing speeche s. You will earn a lot of money through your skill.

Buddhimaturya Yoga

You will be a man of great intelligence and character. Your powers of memory and comprehension will be extraordinarily good .

Conjunctions/Stellium In Your Chart

A planet influences us is not just based on the house and sign it occupies in horoscope but it also depends on the planets it is placed with. When a planet is sitting with another planet or planets, two separate energies in the solar system unite and blend together. It is called Planetary Conjunctions.

They move and act as one united force. However, all united energies are not harmonious as the outcome depends on the compatibility of planets with each other. In fact, some energies do not work well together at all, while some are compatible and cooperate. So, it is very important to understand the importance of planetary conjunctions in your horoscope.


Aligning itself with the element of spirituality and otherworldly, Ketu represents separation, isolation, and the concept of moksha or nirvana. A sense of achievement in the past life and the satisfaction of the same can lead to a happy place for both Rahu and Ketu. But if not, then there would be a constant pull and push with a sense of abandonment prevailing in your life. Also, Ketu continuously searches for truth and enlightenment and self-awareness. It gives you the ability to research and dwell deep. But when it comes to Sun’s aspect aligned with Ketu, it is like a drop of cold water on a burn by making you embrace humility and shun your pride. But this could also lead to isolation and eventually attaining nothing but a feel of a loss of identity. However the Sun has potential to break the cloud of nodes to bring a shining success.


Mercury is a royal messenger, and also the one with business skills. It is intelligent and rational. When it conjuncts with the Moon, intellectual communication and discussions bring forth emotional balance. You like to solve problems and connect with people emotionally. At the same time, your mind becomes hyper intuitive and you continue to analyse, calculate and criticize. You are bound to make impulsive decisions as the emotions and intelligence share the same channel. When placed together, you are prone to making decisions based on emotions rather than logic which might not always bring forth a positive outcome. This conjunction can give you good results as writer, journalist, mathematician and salesman.


A stellium, is simply a cluster of three or more planets in a single house. They combine to function as one force, a kind of super planet. Your life will be heavily influenced by the traits associated with the sign or house of the stellium.

There is no stellium in your chart

Your Birth Nakshatra – CHITRA
About You

Your general manner and attitude towards most matters is calm and easy-going. You are intelligent and imaginative. Your intellect may appear to be sharp. You are always keen to get your way, but you will try to get it without a fight or an argument. You are open to talking things out and trying out all options, but if everything fails, you are not averse to fighting for your rights if need be. You are generous and you devote your time and energy for the uplift of weaker section of the society. Your dealing with the weaker section of the society is generally cordial and full of kindness. However, you will not hesitate to go to any extreme for the sake of your selfish benefits. At times, you appear very rude and stingy. You have a tendency of giving reply on any matter without considering pros and cons and you understand your mistake too late to be rectified. You have some unique ideas and views which may appear unorthodox at first glance but, such ideas can prove extremely effective if implemented properly. You have a very strong sense of justice, and believe that people who do good should be rewarded appropriately and those who do wrong should be punished accordingly.

Impact on Professional Life

You have strong sense of freedom and do not like to be subdued by others. Hence, you have to face opposition at your career front. You confront your enemies at every step but you are very much capable managing the problems. You can efficiently neutralize your opponents and any conspiracy at your work place. You have the necessary courage to take on your rivals. But you also have hatred for those who oppose you which might cause frequent disruptions at your work place. You are very smart person and when it comes to debates or public speaking, you are fully in control of yourself, and, if needed, can even evade certain situations or questions which may prove to be uncomfortable to answer. You usually with your inbuilt tact tend to get the better of the situation. The initial phase of your career till 32nd year can be full of struggles and obstacles. However, obstacles can not depress or demotivate you. You can overtake all these hurdles with your determination, courage and hard work. You will notice gradual improvement and stability in your career from 33rd year of your life and reach greater heights in the period between 36th and 54th year of your life. You are highly intuitive and imaginative. Your unique ideas can help you find great success in your career if implemented properly.

Impact on Personal Life

You are generally friendly and socially-oriented, an individual who is normally optimistic about life, present and future. It is in your basic nature to think good about your family, though you may often be disappointed. You can not expect desired support and benefits from your father. Your father can be very influential and have strong identity and you also have many of his traits but, differences and disputes in your relationship with him may not allow you to develop good rapport. You can be attached to you mother and maternal family more. Though you are generous and do not like to harm anyone unnecessarily, you are rather unsympathetic towards the feelings of others. At times you are rather unconcerned about the needs and wants of your beloved ones. You love your spouse and children but, there can be frequent arguments and disruptions in your married life. You can not expect totally tension free and happy married life mainly due to different taste, character and temperament. There are also chances that you live away from your family. Despite all your efforts, you can not expect harmony in your relation with family members and face lot of criticisms throughout your life.Your generally keep good health, but you are prone to problems related to nervous system, ailments of kidney, hyper acidity, fever, ulcer etc.

The Primary Solution: The Ideal Most Gemstone For You

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Your Personal Astrologer
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Birth Particulars
Sex Male
Longitude 75E51
Date of Birth 13 Sep 1988
Latitude 22N43
Day of Birth Tuesday
GMT at Birth 16:36:00 hrs
Time of Birth 22:06 hrs
Place of Birth Indore
Lagna Taurus-4:58:14
Country India
Aynamsh 23:41:43
Timezone 0530 hrs
Avakhada Chakra
Yog Brahm
Vasya Manav
Karan Taitil
Yoni Vyaghra
Varga Mushak
Gana Rakshas
Varna Vaishya
Yunja Madhya
Tatva Bhumi
Nadi Madhya
Ghat Chakra
Month Bhadrapad
Tithi Shuklatritiya
Day Saturday
Nakshtra Shravan
Yog Shul
Karan Kaulav
Prahar First
MaleMoon Gemini
FemaleMoon Scorpio
Lagna Kundali
Lagna Kundali
Nirayan Grah
Grah Rashi-Ansh Nakshtra-Pad Ra Swa Na Swa Awastha
Lagna Taurus- 4:58:14 Krutika –3 Venus Sun Mruta
Sun Leo- 27:24:05 Uttarafalguni –1 Sun Sun Mruta
Moon Virgo- 24:31:12 Chitra –1 Mercury Mars Balya
Mars Pisces- 15:32:36 Uttarabhadrapad –4 Jupiter Saturn Yuva
Mercury Ucchano Virgo- 23:50:51 Chitra –1 Mercury Mars Kumar
Jupiter Taurus- 12:14:21 Rohini –1 Venus Moon Yuva
Venus Cancer- 12:56:14 Pushya –3 Moon Saturn Yuva
Saturn Sagittarius- 02:23:58 Mool –1 Jupiter Ketu Balya
Rahu Aquarius- 19:54:21 Satbhisha –4 Saturn Rahu Vruddha
Ketu Leo- 19:54:21 Purvafalguni –2 Sun Venus Vruddha
Harshal Sagittarius- 03:22:17 Mool –2 Jupiter Ketu Balya
Neptune Sagittarius- 13:44:17 Purvashadha –1 Jupiter Venus Yuva
Pluto Libra- 16:54:40 Swati –4 Venus Rahu Yuva

Moon Chart

Moon Chart


Navamsha Chart
Ashtakavarga Kundli
Ashtakavarga Kundli
Vimshottari Mahadasha and Antardashas

Mars (7y) Age 0

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Mars 31 Jan 1988 29 Jun 1988
Rahu 29 Jun 1988 18 Jul 1989
Jupiter 18 Jul 1989 24 Jun 1990
Saturn 24 Jun 1990 03 Aug 1991
Mercury 03 Aug 1991 30 Jul 1992
Ketu 30 Jul 1992 27 Dec 1992
Venus 27 Dec 1992 26 Feb 1994
Sun 26 Feb 1994 04 Jul 1994
Moon 04 Jul 1994 02 Feb 1995

Rahu (18y) Age 6

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Rahu 02 Feb 1995 15 Oct 1997
Jupiter 15 Oct 1997 10 Mar 2000
Saturn 10 Mar 2000 15 Jan 2003
Mercury 15 Jan 2003 03 Aug 2005
Ketu 03 Aug 2005 22 Aug 2006
Venus 22 Aug 2006 22 Aug 2009
Sun 22 Aug 2009 17 Jul 2010
Moon 17 Jul 2010 16 Jan 2012
Mars 16 Jan 2012 03 Feb 2013

Jupiter (16y) Age 24

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Jupiter 03 Feb 2013 24 Mar 2015
Saturn 24 Mar 2015 04 Oct 2017
Mercury 04 Oct 2017 10 Jan 2020
Ketu 10 Jan 2020 16 Dec 2020
Venus 16 Dec 2020 17 Aug 2023
Sun 17 Aug 2023 05 Jun 2024
Moon 05 Jun 2024 05 Oct 2025
Mars 05 Oct 2025 11 Sep 2026
Rahu 11 Sep 2026 04 Feb 2029

Saturn (19y) Age 40

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Saturn 04 Feb 2029 08 Feb 2032
Mercury 08 Feb 2032 18 Oct 2034
Ketu 18 Oct 2034 27 Nov 2035
Venus 27 Nov 2035 26 Jan 2039
Sun 26 Jan 2039 08 Jan 2040
Moon 08 Jan 2040 08 Aug 2041
Mars 08 Aug 2041 17 Sep 2042
Rahu 17 Sep 2042 24 Jul 2045
Jupiter 24 Jul 2045 04 Feb 2048

Mercury (17y) Age 59

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Mercury 04 Feb 2048 03 Jul 2050
Ketu 03 Jul 2050 30 Jun 2051
Venus 30 Jun 2051 30 Apr 2054
Sun 30 Apr 2054 07 Mar 2055
Moon 07 Mar 2055 06 Aug 2056
Mars 06 Aug 2056 03 Aug 2057
Rahu 03 Aug 2057 20 Feb 2060
Jupiter 20 Feb 2060 28 May 2062
Saturn 28 May 2062 04 Feb 2065

Ketu (7y) Age 76

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Ketu 04 Feb 2065 04 Jul 2065
Venus 04 Jul 2065 03 Sep 2066
Sun 03 Sep 2066 09 Jan 2067
Moon 09 Jan 2067 10 Aug 2067
Mars 10 Aug 2067 07 Jan 2068
Rahu 07 Jan 2068 25 Jan 2069
Jupiter 25 Jan 2069 01 Jan 2070
Saturn 01 Jan 2070 10 Feb 2071
Mercury 10 Feb 2071 07 Feb 2072

Venus (20y) Age 83

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Venus 07 Feb 2072 08 Jun 2075
Sun 08 Jun 2075 08 Jun 2076
Moon 08 Jun 2076 07 Feb 2078
Mars 07 Feb 2078 09 Apr 2079
Rahu 09 Apr 2079 09 Apr 2082
Jupiter 09 Apr 2082 08 Dec 2084
Saturn 08 Dec 2084 07 Feb 2088
Mercury 07 Feb 2088 08 Dec 2090
Ketu 08 Dec 2090 07 Feb 2092

Sun (6y) Age 103

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Sun 07 Feb 2092 27 May 2092
Moon 27 May 2092 26 Nov 2092
Mars 26 Nov 2092 03 Apr 2093
Rahu 03 Apr 2093 26 Feb 2094
Jupiter 26 Feb 2094 16 Dec 2094
Saturn 16 Dec 2094 28 Nov 2095
Mercury 28 Nov 2095 04 Oct 2096
Ketu 04 Oct 2096 09 Feb 2097
Venus 09 Feb 2097 10 Feb 2098

Moon (10y) Age 109

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Moon 10 Feb 2098 12 Dec 2098
Mars 12 Dec 2098 13 Jul 2099
Rahu 13 Jul 2099 12 Jan 2101
Jupiter 12 Jan 2101 14 May 2102
Saturn 14 May 2102 13 Dec 2103
Mercury 13 Dec 2103 14 May 2105
Ketu 14 May 2105 13 Dec 2105
Venus 13 Dec 2105 14 Aug 2107
Sun 14 Aug 2107 13 Feb 2108