Virgo Love Match - Valentine's Day Special

Virgo and Aries
It may be difficult for the cool and classy Virgo to approve of the Aries haste. Besides, they don't have much in common. However, things may turn out quite hot and romantic between the two if both of them are ready to make necessary adjustments. This may be not be as easy as it sounds, though.

Virgo and Taurus
This relationship may take a while to build up, for both Virgo and Taurus keep their emotions closely guarded. But once they open up, they are often surprised to see how similar they are. On the downside, the perfectionist of the Zodiac, Virgo, is too analytical and clinical about sex and intimacy, which may be a real turn off for the sensual Taurus.

Virgo and Gemini
Opposites attract and how! Intelligent and organised Virgo finds the spontaneous and talkative Gemini captivating and attractive, and the Gemini loves the calming effect the Virgo has on him/ her. But when the real picture becomes crystal clear, both realise that they are too different to be together. A fling or short-term affair is better idea here.

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Virgo and Cancer
The Virgo feels wanted and loved in the arms of nurturing and emotional Cancer. But coping up with frequent and unpredictable mood swings of the Cancer may be a tall order for the Virgo. And neither of the two will actually open a dialogue and find out what's wrong. If they want their relationship to last, both need to ensure that there is no communication gap between them.

Virgo and Leo
This could be anything but the most romantic love affair! The organised Virgo resents the Leo's constant demands for attention, whereas it is difficult for the carefree Leo to stand the Virgo's need for perfection and order. But, it is usually a harmonious relationship as both of them believe in giving the other person their space. Willingness to adjust is the key to take this alliance a long way.

Virgo and Virgo
If both the partners in a relationship are Virgo, it would be a mistake to expect sizzling chemistry. Why so? Because, the Virgo will seldom arouse the passionate wild side of his/ her Virgo partner. What these two have is more like a high level of mutual understanding and friendship than a romantic relationship.

Virgo and Libra
When it comes to love, the Libra wants it to be perfect, and for a Virgo, everything has to be perfect anyway. So, a Virgo-Libra combination is quite a good match. Emotionally and physically, they are very much compatible but insistence on perfection can prove a real dampener here. Rather than pointing out each other's flaws, they should focus on strengthening their bond.

Virgo and Scorpio
A relationship with the sensual Scorpio may be too intense for the earthy Virgo to handle. The Virgo feels uneasy when he/ she is not in control of the situation, and that's what precisely happens when he/ she is romantically involved with the dominating Scorpio. Virgo, test the water before getting into a relationship with the Scorpio!

Virgo and Sagittarius
On the face of it, this may be quite a stable relationship. But go little deeper and you will find the problem areas! To say the least, the punctual Virgo cannot ignore the Sagittarius unreliability and the Sagittarius simply can't understand why the Virgo wants everything to be perfect. The relationship will succeed only if both of them go an extra mile to nurture it.

Virgo and Capricorn
This one is for keeps! The sensible and sensitive Capricorn gives the earthy Virgo the sense of stability and the organised Virgo brings order in the life of the Capricorn. A win-win situation! Besides, both of them have similar views and share similar tastes and interests. So, there is not much to argue over. In short, it has all the potential to last forever!

Virgo and Aquarius
Since both of them avoid emotional attachment as far as possible, it is quite likely that a Virgo and an Aquarius will talk about every topic but their feelings. But then it works for them. Well, most of the times. Being with each other is intellectually stimulating for both of them and hence they share a rather interesting mental connection. A workable relationship it is!

Virgo and Pisces
They belong to different worlds, but when a Virgo and a Pisces come together they share amazing physical and emotional chemistry. There's one hurdle, though. The sensitive Pisces prefers to consider his/ her dreams to be the reality, whereas the practical Virgo accepts the reality in its pure form. This may, therefore, cause some pretty tensed moments.

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