Planning to gift your beloved a timeless jewel this Valentine's Day?

Take tips from what they would like for jewelery from their Sun Sign.
Sun Sign and Jewelery Choices

Dating tips VDay Aries
The fiery Aries are independent. They love cool and offbeat jewelery. Heavy jewelery is not what they prefer - sleek and trendy is what they like. They also like stylish and elegant watches, simple stud earrings and easy designs. Red stones, in some form or other, may also become a part of their jewelery.

Dating tips VDay Taurus
For the sensuous Taurus, jewelery is very very important. Most of them prefer classic and understated stuff, and generally have excellent choice and aesthetic sense. Diamonds and other glittery stones set in timeless pieces are their favourite. Necklaces and pendants hold a special appeal for Taurus.

Dating tips VDay Gemini
The Gemini seek variety in every aspect of their life. Their jewelery and accessories too have to be quite varied to suit the Gemini's multiple moods and personalities. They like following latest trends, so the trendy is invariably their choice. Interesting, unmatched pieces picked from near and far, from flea markets to swanky malls are their favourite too. Gemini also like to associate their beloved jewelery pieces to a story – a memory they like talking about. So, create memories for them!

Dating tips VDay Cancer
The sentimental and nostalgic Cancer attaches great importance jewelery, as it is often a reminder of something special. Thus, real jewelery – made in gold, diamonds and especially silver and pearls - is very close to their heart. And, for them old is really gold! Be it the cuff links their grandfather boasted about or that classic grandfather rolex watch. Most Cancers have a good sense of style – and they also easily carry antique pieces they so love.

Dating tips VDay Leo
For the outgoing and vibrant Leo, nothing is an overstatement, especially when it comes to their choice of jewelery. As Sun is the ruler of this Sign, gold (even the colour gold) is a perfect choice for them. For the bragging Leo, size does matter, and in order to steal the limelight and dazzle others, they prefer pieces that are big, bright and bold, which reflects their attitude perfectly. Plus, stuff that's out of the box, very very trendy, something that shall help them turn heads will always win the Lion's heart.

Dating tips VDay Virgo
The detail oriented Virgos have a very specific choice in almost everything – including jewelery. Most of them may have a special preference for traditional, timeless jewelery, but hand-made, understated pieces made in beads, shells, natural materials also allure them. Good quality, a sublime taste and uniqueness are other pluses, which will ensure your Virgo mate thanks you amply.

Dating tips VDay Libra
Libra loves harmony and balance, and that should reflect in the jewelry they carry. Thus, any jewelery piece or set that fits their concept of symmetry and equity would find favour with them. Libra are naturally biased towards jewelry, and they possess an inherent charm and style. This means that you can gift them any jewelery – as far as it is not gaudy and trashy – and the Libra will rock it. Tip – they find flowers and floral accessories very cute!

Dating tips VDay Scorpio
Sensuous and mysterious are the qualities which you should keep in mind while selecting a gift for Scorpio, including jewelery. Scorpios are attractive people, and jewelery in rich, jewel tones, dark stones and mystical symbols and carvings is best carried by them. No one can carry the deep, ethnic look complete with stone jewelery, dark threads and traditional elements like gemstones etc. better than a Scorpio. Precious stone like opal, rose quartz and turquoise shall also find favour with them.

Dating tips VDay Sagittarius
Being the wanders of the zodiac, Sagittarius may prefer donning a variety of treasured pieces, which they may have collected during the course of their travels - hence, not limiting themselves to a particular style of jewelery, Sagittarius are quite open in their choice. With a great knack to pick the right stuff, they may adorn themselves with jewelery from various continents, ranging from the American South-west neck-pieces to Gothic bracelets or chokers.

Dating tips VDay Capricorn
Classic, timeless, rooted in tradition, not over-the-top and expensive (and treasure-worthy, if possible) – the practical Capricorn swears by these qualities, when it's about jewelery. Don't worry, though, if you don't have a high budget – you may also buy them something elegant and simple – made in semi-precious, coloured stones and elegant chains. Most Capricorns have a stellar collection of jewelery that reflects their refined taste, and a loving addition to it will always be welcome.

Dating tips VDay Aquarius
Being unconventional in their approach, Aquarius prefers nothing ordinary or traditional in the choice of their jewelery. The usual gold or silver pieces hold no special appeal to them, and they would rather prefer something out of the blue, such a carved wooden pendant or a handmade beaded bracelet. Also, with their affinity to modern and latest technology, they may prefer a platinum ring inspired by a space age saga. Or due to their unpredictability, they may even prefer a semi-precious chain, reflecting a universal theme, which attracts them the most.

Dating tips VDay Pisces
As a water sign, Pisces like to establish their connection with the ocean, reflecting in the choice of their jewelery. Hence jewelery inspired by aquamarine, blue-tinted stones holds special significance for them. A sterling and shimmering silver chain, oxidised silver jhumkas, silver jewelry with pearls and colours stones shall also hold special allure for them. Since Pisces rules the the feet, a pair of anklets would also appeal them.

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