Taurus Love Match - Valentine's Day Special

In love with a solid as gold Taurus? Find your sweetheart's love equation with all the other Signs....Know how will the be chemistry between you two this Valentine's Day. Stay prepared, and make your Valentines spectacular!

Taurus and Aries
The people in this pair are simply smitten with each other! The Aries loves the soothing, stabilising presence of the Taurus lover, while the Taurus appreciates with all his/ her senses the passion, intensity and sensuality the Aries brings to the bond. Overall, its a good match, provided the Taurus doesn't become to predictable and boring, as the relationship progresses.

Taurus and Taurus
Now, what can be said for this made-in-sensual-pleasure-zone match! Both the Bulls will enjoy to the hilt the amorous eagerness, physical intimacy and pleasure this relationship offers. But then, the things may turn a little heated, outside the bedroom, especially when the two Bulls lock their stubborn horns.

Taurus and Gemini
If a Gemini decides to settle down finally in his/ her life, the Taurus, probably, can be the best match that he/ she can find. Their natures may be different, but they tend to complement each other perfectly well. The constancy and raw sensuality the Taurus mate brings to this bond is a perfect foil to the Gemini's floaty, varied tendencies.

Taurus and Cancer
This is a pair that is bound by a definite need for closeness – their reasons may be different, their sensibilities may be miles apart, yet they are perfect complements to each other. The Taurus craves physical intimacy, while the Cancer brings in the emotional connect – and together they become a force to reckon with. It's a bond that can last for a lifetime!

Taurus and Leo
The sensual Taurus meet the flamboyant Leo, and then the fireworks ensue! The Taurus loves and craves physical intimacy, and the amorous, ardent Lion lover is only to happy to provide for it. The match is mutually fulfilling, provided one doesn't get tired of another – the Leo of the Bull's rather staid ways, and the Taurus of the Lion's over-the-top choices.

Taurus and Virgo
Now, this is one bond that has a great potential! The practical meets the organised and the stable meets the perfectionist – and together they can create a home that will be happy, harmonious and well-cared for. Their sexual needs meet each other's and each is too happy to oblige the other. They may get tired of each other, but will never get bored.

Taurus and Libra
Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, and hence the perceived similarity. But then, appearances are often deceptive, for both are as different as chalk and cheese, when it comes to their approach to love. The practical Taurus may find the idealistic notion of love the Libra harbours as frustrating! And soon, the initial passion may fade into a stubborn confusion.

Taurus and Scorpio
Profound love or repugnant hatred – this pair is quite capable of arousing extreme emotions in each other. This is not to say that they don't gel well. On the contrary, they have a magnetic attraction towards each other. But it needs to be carefully moderated by the either party, if this relationship has to last its real potential, without getting emotionally challenging.

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Taurus and Sagittarius
This can be one of the good matches of the Zodiac, for the wandering soul of the Sagittarius finds a perfectly stable foundation in the solid Taurus. This relationship is likely to work out better, if the woman in this pair is Sagittarius. The sexy and modest Taurus will always be there for the she-Archer, and she will love it! So, it will be all sweets, until the Bull gets a tad too clingy.

Taurus and Capricorn
On the surface and theoretically speaking, this is the perfect combination – each is attuned so profoundly to the other's needs, abilities and desires that it may seem a fairytale match. However, the ground realities may not be as rosy! The couple is liable to fights, struggles and power-plays, but then in the end, all shall get sorted, provided the Goat gets to manage the money.

Taurus and Aquarius
Interesting but hardly sustainable! The freedom-loving Aquarius may find the intense, possessive Taurus temperament way too stifling for his/ her liking. Plus, the deeply intimate approach of the Taurus towards physicality in the relationship may not find favour with the cool, aloof Aquarius sensibilities.

Taurus and Pisces
The Taurus loves intimately, but lacks the depth and profoundness in love that the Pisces thrives on. Naturally, both of them have differing perspectives on love and relationships. The Pisces ideal may feel stifled by the unabashed practicality of the Taurus. And, the Bull may simply refuse to oblige the Fish's sensitive and emotional bouts.

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