Your Best Zodiac Love Match on Valentine's Day

Your Best Zodiac Love Match

Zodiac Signs Compatibility – As per astrology, the planet Venus is considered the female force and the planet Mars is considered the male force. It has been observed that if the male's Mars is in the same position as the female's Venus in the respective Birth Charts, there exists a great degree of attraction between the two. Also, when it comes to compatibility between the two Zodiac Signs, the ruling planets, elements, qualities and basic traits are taken into consideration to decide how compatible one Sign is with another. However, it is noteworthy that no two Signs may be called as perfectly compatible or incompatible.

The Zodiac Signs, like the planets, form astrological Aspects with each other. There are 5 basic Aspects – Conjunction, Trine, Sextile, Square and Opposition. The Zodiac Signs in a Conjunction, Trine or Sextile Aspect are, obviously, more in tune with each other than the ones that form a Square or Opposition with the other.

Compatibility at a Glance: Perfect Zodiac Matches on This Valentine's Day

Remember that, although Sun Signs give a fair idea of one's love personality and compatibility with other people, the picture is, well, incomplete. For a 100% reliable and complete picture, you will need a thorough analysis of your and your mate's Birth Charts – the Natal Chart/ Horoscope is unique to a person, and thus the most valid astrologically reading about one's life and future.

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