Scorpio Love Match - Valentine's Day Special

Scorpio Love Match - Valentine's Day Special

Scorpio and Aries
The physical, carnal aspect and the dynamism of this relationship can be the biggest binding factor in this pair. Rest everything else doesn't seem to fit well, though. The possessive and secretive streak of the intuitive Scorpio can push the impulsive, freedom-loving Aries really really far.

Scorpio and Taurus
Profound love or repugnant hatred – this pair is quite capable of arousing extreme emotions in each other. This is not to say that they don't gel well. On the contrary, they have a magnetic attraction towards each other. But it needs to be carefully moderated by the either party, if this relationship has to last its real potential, without getting emotionally challenging.

Scorpio and Gemini
The Scorpio is too intense for the floaty Gemini, and the Scorpio too may find the Gemini perspective to love rather shallow. Together, they will play a lot of mental games, many of which shall be very stimulating, mentally and sexually. But, for the long-term, the couple doesn't hold much promise.

Scorpio and Cancer
The silent sceptic meets the silently sensitive in this beautiful, dedicated relationship! Both the Water Signs find it hard to open up and trust others. No wonder, they understand each other very well, and carefully make space for the other in this warm, secretly intense, loving relationship. Only flaw – the Cancer is possessive while the Scorpio is jealous – together they make a sublime yet an explosive combo.

Scorpio and Leo
Known for being demanding, the Leo is hardly willing to play the second fiddle to anyone. And when a Leo is in a relationship with a Scorpio, it is as if he has finally met his match. Both are so similar, yet so different! But the truth is, if these loyal individuals have made up their minds to be with each other, they will be together - come what may!

Scorpio and Virgo
A relationship with the sensual Scorpio may be too intense for the earthy Virgo to handle. The Virgo feels uneasy when he/ she is not in control of the situation, and that's what precisely happens when he/ she is romantically involved with the dominating Scorpio. Virgo, test the water before getting into a relationship with the Scorpio!

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Scorpio and Libra
The very different needs and desires of these two Signs become the bone of contention in this otherwise ethereal love match. Libra is light, airy and easy going, while the Scorpio believes in possessing completely! Nonetheless, the sexual chemistry is beautiful, as the relationship begins - Scorpio immerses himself in Libra's fantastical realm, while the Libra loves to dive deep into Scorpio's mystical world.

Scorpio and Scorpio
This one is truly wicked! Splendid from the word go, this bond can be deeply intimate and sexy. The similarities between the two, however, may play the spoilsport. Since both of them are sceptical and possessive, there may be a plenty of power games in this relationship. The otherwise amorous relationship may turn to a stormy one, in blink of an eye!

Scorpio and Sagittarius
This one can be a physically breathtaking bond! There may be too many 'ifs' and 'buts', yet this relationship has the potential to work. Why? Because, each is vastly different from the other, and thus can act as a perfect complement to the other, if a workable, practical arrangement is to be made. Yes, there will be adjustments to be made, but aren't they always there! The irresistible Scorpio may, however, not approve of the free, errant ways of the Archer.

Scorpio and Capricorn
Both of these are very private, modest people, and this is what binds them to each other. When they love, they go all out, and that is why they are least likely to harbour insecurities, when in a relationship. However, each is a very strong Sign, and thus the relationship may become emotionally challenging or exhausting. The Scorpio will all the time want to know what's on the Goat's mind, while it's never easy for a Capricorn to put to words what he is feeling. Trouble? Mighty!

Scorpio and Aquarius
As it begins, the free-humanitarian in Aquarius will do all it can to resist the befuddling Scorpio charm! But, the attraction between the two is simply awesome. Here are two very different souls, bound together by their need for what they lack and can find in the other. Confusing? Yes, but then, this bond in itself is just that – baffling! The Aquarius would want to control, while the Scorpio will never let anyone else take control. Yet, the Aquarius won't be able to resist the Scorpio charm.

Scorpio and Pisces
There is a whole lot of mystery in the Scorpio realm, and that is why this seemingly compatible combination too may not be really workable practically. Why? Although, both Pisces and Scorpio are Water Signs and have many similar nuances, they are far apart in their perspective, choices and personalities. And, each is too fixed in his/ her beliefs and ideals that adjustment may not be real answer. Despite this fact, this combination has a long-term potential.

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