Sagittarius Love Match - Valentine's Day Special

A fun, mutually stimulating relationship that will need constant novelty to sustain itself. The initial phase of this relationship is bound to be certainly rocking, given each person's love and need for amorous, exciting times, but their independent views and ways are sure to strew this path with challenges, at the later stages.

This can be one of the good matches of the Zodiac, for the wandering soul of the Sagittarius finds a perfectly stable foundation in the solid Taurus. This relationship is likely to work out better, if the woman in this pair is Sagittarius. The sexy and modest Taurus will always be there for the she-Archer, and she will love it! So, it will be all sweets, until the Bull gets a tad too clingy.

They are similar and yet naturally opposite to each other. What happens when they come together? Fireworks! The chemistry is magnetic, and often lasting, provided each respects and honours the other's need for space and freedom. They can beautifully delegate the tasks, where Gemini takes care of the bigger picture, letting the Archer care for the details.

Let's accept that these two are essentially very different people – Sagittarius loves to wander, while the Cancer loves to cling to his home; the Archer is a free bird, while the Crab feels the happiest when tied in a loving bond. So, there's not much in common, you see! The difference may be intriguing for starters, but for the long-term, not much can be said.

Although the Leo too is an independent person and indulges harmless flirting, he can't handle the Sagittarius's tendency to take the matters of the heart lightly beyond a limit. And hence, while there may be scintillating physical chemistry in this relationship, it may lack emotional connection as the eternal wander of the Zodiac – Sagittarius – would not make a long-term commitment easily.

On the face of it, this may be quite a stable relationship. But go little deeper and you will find the problem areas! To say the least, the punctual Virgo cannot ignore the Sagittarius unreliability and the Sagittarius simply can't understand why the Virgo wants everything to be perfect. The relationship will succeed only if both of them go an extra mile to nurture it.

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When these two first get together, the chemistry is stunning! The relationship is amorous and intense, as each loves the wild abandon of the other. The love story continues happily till the Archer's lover-of-dreams Libra starts getting clingy. As the 'couple' perspective seeps in, the Archer may start feeling claustrophobic, and so shall begin the trouble.

This one can be a physically breathtaking bond! There may be too many 'ifs' and 'buts', yet this relationship has the potential to work. Why? Because, each is vastly different from the other, and thus can act as a perfect complement to the other, if a workable, practical arrangement is to be made. Yes, there will be adjustments to be made, but aren't they always there! The irresistible Scorpio may, however, not approve of the free, errant ways of the Archer.


The Sagittarius loves himself to the core, and above anyone else! And so, it's very easy for them to fall hook, line and slinker for their mirror image! No wonder, there exists a long-term potential in this fiery relationship, but there are strings attached. They both are capable of feeling very bound and limited in a committed bond, which may take them their separate ways, at least temporarily. Plus, each will have to honour the other's need to come first!

The Sagittarius is turned on by power, money and status, and the Capricorn often manages to achieve all that and even more. But, here's a difference! The Capricorn believes in earning it all, while the Sagittarius may not have that much patience – the patience to wait on the sidelines, as the Goat goes about conquering self-constructed milestones. Also, the stable and modest Capricorn may not find much allure in the Archer's over-the-top, wavering tendencies.


Both the Signs are attuned well to each other's need for freedom and space. Hence, the scope for jealousies, possessiveness and insecurities is rare. But, the Sagittarius may be more egocentric than the Aquarius, which will greatly affront the Aquarius. Yet, the eternal humanitarian Aquarius will not say it loud – but, he will find his separate way! Physically, this will be a happy and exciting relationship, though.

This one pair has a great possibility of a fantastical romance and an utterly satisfying physical union. The clandestine Pisces meets the in-your-face Sagittarius, and the fireworks ensue! But, both are very different people, and the journey ahead would not be struggle or hurdle free. Each needs his/ her own space, but in a very different way. The dreamy Pisces, however, may not resent much the Archer's errant ways, for they (the Pisces) may not even notice, when lost in their dreams.

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