Pisces Love Match - Valentine's Day Special

Pisces and Aries
The raw passion meets the calm sensuality in this romantic, sweet connection. The Aries feels in charge as the subtle Pisces calmly and completely surrenders to the dynamic Aries domination and ardour. Happiness? Yes and no! Once the charm of the rose-tinted glasses wanes, trouble ensues. Plus, the reaction of the Pisces towards an Aries can flit between the two ends of the spectrum – the Aries may be smitten silly or may simply run away!

Pisces and Taurus
The Taurus loves intimately, but lacks the depth and profoundness in love that the Pisces thrives on. Naturally, both of them have differing perspectives on love and relationships. The Pisces ideal may feel stifled by the unabashed practicality of the Taurus. And, the Bull may simply refuse to oblige the Fish's sensitive and emotional bouts.

Pisces and Gemini
These are two very different Signs, but they possess a trait that unites them quite strongly – both exhibit a certain level of duality – however, differently it may manifest itself! So, the Gemini won't be shocked by the Fish's sudden melancholy, while the Fish is least likely to resent the Gemini's unstable moods. However, all said and done, the match is susceptible to frequent spells of silences and detachment.

Pisces and Cancer
The two Water Signs make a sweet combination; they are in tune with each other's needs and rhythms to a great extent. Thus naturally, there exists a gentle balance between them. Well, in most matters! The physical compatibility between them is excellent, as each fulfils other's void with a tender alacrity. However, there comes a gap when the Cancer fails to match the Pisces notion of ideal.

Pisces and Leo
A typical love story material this is. The strong, fierce, dependable and loyal Leo finds a very good partner in romantic, sensual, and dreamy Pisces. But the question is, will they together live happily ever after? Well, not sure. The overly sensitive Pisces and arrogant and egoistic Leo may not make it all the way. But no point of losing hope. Love succeeds when nurtured! Right?

Pisces and Virgo
They belong to different worlds, but when a Virgo and a Pisces come together they share amazing physical and emotional chemistry. There's one hurdle, though. The sensitive Pisces prefers to consider his/ her dreams to be the reality, whereas the practical Virgo accepts the reality in its pure form. This may, therefore, cause some pretty tensed moments.

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Pisces and Libra
The intellectual meets the dreamy; the idealist meets the romantic! And, when these two disparate individuals come together, the possibilities abound. Agreed that the Libra's rather detached, idealistic mindset may not appeal the profound Pisces sensibilities, but then, who says you have to be practical in love! Well, the Libra may say that, once the ardent sexual magnetism wanes, and that is when the trouble may begin.

Pisces and Scorpio
There is a whole lot of mystery in the Scorpio realm, and that is why this seemingly compatible combination too may not be really workable practically. Why? Although, both Pisces and Scorpio are Water Signs and have many similar nuances, they are far apart in their perspective, choices and personalities. And, each is too fixed in his/ her beliefs and ideals that adjustment may not be real answer. Despite this fact, this combination has a long-term potential.

Pisces and Sagittarius
This one pair has a great possibility of a fantastical romance and an utterly satisfying physical union. The clandestine Pisces meets the in-your-face Sagittarius, and the fireworks ensue! But, both are very different people, and the journey ahead would not be struggle or hurdle free. Each needs his/ her own space, but in a very different way. The dreamy Pisces, however, may not resent much the Archer's errant ways, for they (the Pisces) may not even notice, when lost in their dreams.

Pisces and Capricorn
Theoretically speaking, this is a good match, with a potential to become long-term, as the stable Capricorn is supposed to provide a solid foundation for the wavering Pisces. However, on the whole, the bond may not be all that great in the long term. The Capricorn may find the Pisces too laid back, while the Pisces may find the Capricorn ambition a bit outstretched.

Pisces and Aquarius
The Aquarius is radical and modern in beliefs and actions, whereas the Pisces is the proverbial old soul, romantic a moment and spiritual the other. And, hence comes the bone of contention, in this otherwise attractive and physically magnetic combination. Each may find the other's emotional needs and demands very different from his/ her own, and the result may be quite jarring.

Pisces and Pisces
On paper, this is one erotic, fantastical combination – simply, the stuff the dreams are made of! Practically, this can turn out to be one fantasy chapter, where each is unwilling to shoulder the real-burdens and accept the worldly realities. They may become very dependent on the other, and the other, if not openly, may secretly resent this. The result – sly games, insecurity, fear of rejection and unhappiness.

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