Libra Love Match - Valentine's Day Special

They are poles apart, and exactly here lies the charm of this scintillating relationship. In Aries, the Libra finds his/ her natural opposite, the perfect foil. The east meets the west, and the blend is spectacular. Yes, there are differences, but the Aries need for playing the carer fulfils the Libra need to be pampered so well that the rest hardly matters.

Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, and hence the perceived similarity. But then, appearances are often deceptive, for both are as different as chalk and cheese, when it comes to their approach to love. The practical Taurus may find the idealistic notion of love the Libra harbours as frustrating! And soon, the initial passion may fade into a stubborn confusion.

This can, well, be a charming and fun relationship, provided both are willing to underscore and ignore the other's shortcomings, which would be many. But then, they are perfect complements to each other, and this infuses the essential romance and beauty into this bond. The fact that both of them are Air Signs further bolsters their chemistry. The Libra would be game for the Gemini's sly humour any-time, anywhere, provided it is not directed at them (the Libra).

Barring the Cancer temperament and wavering moods, there is hardly anything major that would affect this lovely relationship. The Libra will love the calm, profound sensibilities of the Cancer, while the other will whole-heartedly appreciate and embrace the Libra's detached yet charming approach to a lot of things in life. Definitely a long-term match!

The stylish and sophisticated Leo loves to be in the company of the elegant and fun-loving Libra. Both of them seek pleasure, in all its forms, which is why the passion and fire in their romance rarely dies down. But not all is hunky dory. Libra's indecisiveness and Leo's love for freedom often get in the way of their relationship.

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When it comes to love, the Libra wants it to be perfect, and for a Virgo, everything has to be perfect anyway. So, a Virgo-Libra combination is quite a good match. Emotionally and physically, they are very much compatible but insistence on perfection can prove a real dampener here. Rather than pointing out each other's flaws, they should focus on strengthening their bond.

Here lies the problem of plenty! This can be a beautiful and harmonious match, provided each wields his/ her respective charm and sharp judgement to only an extent. In short, one Libra would have to let the other Libra take the driving seat, whenever appropriate or demanded. Overall, this would be a romantic and sexy match, full of tenderness and fun.

The very different needs and desires of these two Signs become the bone of contention in this otherwise ethereal love match. Libra is light, airy and easy going, while the Scorpio believes in possessing completely! Nonetheless, the sexual chemistry is beautiful, as the relationship begins - Scorpio immerses himself in Libra's fantastical realm, while the Libra loves to dive deep into Scorpio's mystical world.

When these two first get together, the chemistry is stunning! The relationship is amorous and intense, as each loves the wild abandon of the other. The love story continues happily till the Archer's lover-of-dreams Libra starts getting clingy. As the 'couple' perspective seeps in, the Archer may start feeling claustrophobic, and so shall begin the trouble.

The Libra ideal of perfection is very high, and in the Capricorn, he gets just that! The only problem is that the Libra may not realise this simple fact. Why? Because, the Capricorn is often too modest to say or show it! The charming Libra and the solid-as-gold Capricorn would be drawn to each other like the moths to fire, but the chemistry may soon fizzle, as each may refuse to see the other's finer qualities.

There may not be much emotional depth and profoundness in this fascinating relationship, but there would be an ample amount of fun and cheer. Will they mind? Not really! The Air Signs – both of them- will rather be happy to be relieved of the burden of too much sensitivity and need from the other. Result? A happy-go-lucky bond that's pleasing for each other, provided they nicely distribute their responsibilities.

The intellectual meets the dreamy; the idealist meets the romantic! And, when these two disparate individuals come together, the possibilities abound. Agreed that the Libra's rather detached, idealistic mindset may not appeal the profound Pisces sensibilities, but then, who says you have to be practical in love! Well, the Libra may say that, once the ardent sexual magnetism wanes, and that is when the trouble may begin.

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