Leo Love Match - Valentine's Day Special

A Leo and an Aries share an intense romantic relationship. Initially, though. Often at a disadvantage for being quite similar in many ways, both the partners usually find the love affair very exhausting. And the mutual competitiveness inherent here doesn't make this pair a long-term possibility.

What happens when two headstrong individuals get attracted to each other? Sizzling romance! The sensual Taurus and fiery Leo can build an amazingly strong relationship, only if both of them be extremely patient with each other. Mutual respect is the key here.

The flirtatious Gemini finds it too boring to pay heed to the royal and demanding Leo, especially after the initial excitement fizzles out. So what's next? Well, the arrogant Leo won't take the 'ill-treatment' for long, and what started as a beautiful joy ride may quite predictably go kaput. But then you never know, there are always exceptions.

Passionate and vibrant Leo gets incessantly attracted to the warm and loving Cancer and vice versa. In this unique pair, what one needs, the other graciously provides. A perfect couple, you'd think. But there's a twist in the tale! The stubbornness of the Leo and the evasiveness of the Cancer may spoil the charm of this potentially blissful relationship.

Together they can conquer the world, for both of them possess great amount of energy, determination, passion, mutual respect and resilience. After some territorial displays, when finally the Leo falls in love with another Leo, they know what they have is for real. Needless to say, they make a highly compatible couple.

This will not be one of the most romantic love affairs, for sure. But since both of them believe in giving the other person their space, a Leo and a Virgo usually share a harmonious relationship. Well, at least till the need for perfection and order of the Virgo gets on the regal and glamorous Leo's nerves. Willingness to let go and adjust may take this alliance a long way.

The stylish and sophisticated Leo loves to be in the company of the elegant and fun-loving Libra. Both of them seek pleasure, in all its forms, which is why the passion and fire in their romance rarely dies down. But not all is hunky dory. Libra's indecisiveness and Leo's love for freedom often get in the way of their relationship.

Known for being demanding, the Leo is hardly willing to play the second fiddle to anyone. And when a Leo is in a relationship with a Scorpio, it is as if he has finally met his match. Both are so similar, yet so different! But the truth is, if these loyal individuals have made up their minds to be with each other, they will be together - come what may!

Although the Leo too is an independent person and indulges harmless flirting, he can't handle the Sagittarius's tendency to take the matters of the heart lightly beyond a limit. And hence, while there may be scintillating physical chemistry in this relationship, it may lack emotional connection as the eternal wander of the Zodiac – Sagittarius – would not make a long-term commitment easily.

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This may not be the love-at-the-first-sight sort of a relationship, nevertheless a Leo and a Capricorn get drawn to each other the moment they lay eyes on each other. Sensible and practical Capricorn plays the role an anchor in Leo's life, and the Leo, the king/ queen of the jungle, infuses much-needed glamour, drama and excitement in the world of the Capricorn. Talk of compatibility!

This is one of a kind duo! Leo longs and demands undivided attention, whereas the Aquarius believes in love-all-hate-none philosophy. Hence, it is interesting to see how these two opinionated individuals strike balance and co-exist. And be sure of the fact that there will be quite a lot of fireworks before they finally settle down.

A typical love story material this is. The strong, fierce, dependable and loyal Leo finds a very good partner in romantic, sensual, and dreamy Pisces. But the question is, will they together live happily ever after? Well, not sure. The overly sensitive Pisces and arrogant and egoistic Leo may not make it all the way. But no point of losing hope. Love succeeds when nurtured! Right?

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