Gearing up for the V-Day? Read Ganesha's tips to plan a perfect date for your sweetheart!

Dating tips VDay

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All set to woo your sweetheart this Valentine's Day? How will you ensure that your Valentines Date turns out to be perfect? We decided to help you by bringing you some Dating ideas basis the Zodiac Signs! The Dating rules are different for the different Sun Signs, and that is why it helps to know what your Date will want and why

Dating tips VDay Aries
Dating an Aries can be an joy ride! Never short on enthusiasm, an Aries is an independent, self-driven and adventurous person. However, keeping up with a fast-paced Ram's lifestyle may be quite a task for some. This fun-loving soul needs challenges and difficult goals to stay motivated and charged up. If you are dating an Aries, keep in mind that never-ending conversations over subjects like politics, poverty, terrorism, and global warming turn him or her off big time. Discuss party venues, guest lists, music, adventure trips and things like that and see how enthusiastically your Aries date gives his valuable inputs. Also, an Aries gets attracted to people who are hard to get and speak their own minds. But don't be indifferent to your Aries date's emotions and hurt his or her ego. You need to convey that you are a real admirer of his or her personality, says Ganesha. Ask A Love Question and get expert guidance to plan your date well.

Dating tips VDay Taurus
A Taurus likes to take things slow, in the matters of heart. So, don't rush and push, if your date is a Taurus. Be patient! These stubborn but sensitive and sensible souls feel at home, when they are with people who make them laugh. If you want amorous reciprocation, listen to their ideas and show you are interested in their success and future plans. Down to earth and practical, the Taurus despises boastful and overenthusiastic people, and would certainly not like to date one. Hence, flashing your riches would be the last thing, you'd want to do when on a date with a Taurus. The Taurus rate financial stability and emotional security above everything else. Plus, they don't like or approve of the people who take the good things of life for granted. They believe in earning them, and then valuing them! So, if you crave for adventure, especially in the most serious of the matters, and have a tendency to push your luck, your Taurus lover is unlikely to be an avid partner in crime. Are you two made for each other? Are you two compatible enough? Know different aspects of Your Romantic Personality and explore your approach towards love. 

Dating tips VDay Gemini
Talk and talk sense – that's the key to impress a Gemini. Provide intellectual stimulation in order to keep the talkative and knowledgeable Gemini interested in you and in the relationship, and the things shall be rosy. Engaging conversations and healthy debates will help you have a lasting impression on the Gemini's mind. And with Gemini, the first impression is usually the last impression, points Ganesha. In short, brush up your knowledge and keep yourself updated, if your date is a Gemini. Dating a Gemini is like being with a buddy, as most of them have a casual nature and usually don't treat their relationships like the typical girlfriend-boyfriend relation. This is not to say that they are insincere. Plus, by no means consider them to be a doormat. Although, he or she may not express it verbally, remember that they seek emotional security and demand loyalty. And if you fail to provide them with these, they will soon be off onto another adventure. It is advisable that you know your Love Prospects, which will help you to know your chances of success in love. 

Dating tips VDay Cancer
All about feelings and expressions, Cancer natives are a great catch in love, especially if you would want a tender, loyal partner for lief. When wooing one, be demonstrative of your emotions, for your shy and introvert Cancer is least likely open up on his or her own. However, if only casual dating is on your agenda, and not a long-term relationship, make it very clear right in the beginning. Otherwise, you will greatly hurt this highly sensitive person. Be sincere and shower them with genuine compliments, if you want them on your side for life. Fake gestures of love and affection never go down well with the Cancer, because they instinctively know when somebody is being fake. The fear of getting hurt is so strong in a Cancer that they generally take a lot of time to open up, and they prefer keeping a safe distance, until they have firmly made up their mind. This may make them look arrogant or unenthusiastic to many. But, that is rarely the case, assures Ganesha. You will need to carefully construct trust and respect in your relationship, if you want your Crab to open up emotionally. Last but not the least, when it comes to vital and mutual relationship decisions, never push hard your Cancer mate. Respect the fact that they need time and privacy. Also, avail the Love Ask 3 Questions report to sort the nagging problems in your relationship.

Dating tips VDay Leo
Dating a Leo can be a challenge and fun, both at the same time. Charming and alluring, the Lions love it when people tell them how wonderful they are. In other words, admire your Leo date and be expressive – and you will have them smitten and happy! The relationship, however, will never work, if you are too egoistic or silent to appreciate and acknowledge the Leo's fine qualities. Plus, be your witty self, employ your sense of humour and amuse the Leo, as a Leo loves to have a good company and be entertained. Always offer nothing but the best to your Leo beloved, if you want him or her to be yours forever, adds Ganesha. They staunchly believe that they deserve all the attention, and will hardly settle for anything less than extraordinary or special. However, during the course of your date, it is likely that the Leo will throw a volley of questions at you, probably out of nowhere. Don't get offended, because they do it to know you, the real you, better, and thereby to assure them that you are exactly the same package inside, as on the outside. Get Compatibility Assessment Reading and decode the romantic potential of your relationship.

Dating tips VDay Virgo
Although they may seem cold and detached initially, the Virgo-born are actually quite sensitive and affectionate. But remember that they will take their own sweet time to open up, trust you and even judge you. Hence, if you are dating a Virgo, you will need to be patient and wait for the things to fall in place in order to make the relationship stronger. Not the ones to be very vocal about their emotions, the Virgo lead a predictable life, and therefore, subconsciously look for a companion who is not impulsive or unpredictable. If you want to impress your Virgo date, be ready to talk profoundly about a variety of subjects, and also make sure that the conversations end on a logical note. Educated, intelligent, well-behaved and independent people attract the Virgo the most. However, Ganesha says, this doesn't mean that you have to agree to every little thing they say. Analytical and intellectual, the Virgo, on the contrary, love healthy discussions and debates, so your point of view and opinions will be respected and appreciated. Are you passionate enough to make your relationship magical? Find it out with the help of 100% personalised report – Your Passion Personality

Dating tips VDay Libra
The people born under the Zodiac Sign Libra are popular with the members of the opposite sex, and their charming, helpful and sensitive nature plays a major role in their popularity. In fact, there are great chances that you had gotten attracted to them first, because of these very characteristics. If your date is a Libra, ensure to show that you are genuinely interested in knowing them better, suggests Ganesha. Ask questions, discuss their work, hobbies, dreams, lifestyle etc. and see how the talkative Libra enjoys the conversation. Don't get too personal, though. And while you do so, compliment them, when they are expecting it the least – it will make them feel desired and loved. Soft-spoken that they are, the Libra can't stand aggression and unharmonious environment. Besides, these extremely romantic and passionate souls long for a partner who is strong, ambitious, outstanding and decisive. Hence, work on these qualities and keep your anger in check, if you want to make the relationship you share with your Libra date to last for a long time. Are you going to fall in love for the first time? Then Plan Your First Date with the help of 100% persoanlised guidance from our experts. 

Dating tips VDay Scorpio
Be genuine – that's the first and the foremost condition you need to fulfil if you want your date with a Scorpio to be a memorable one. For the Scorpio know it when you are faking it, in an attempt to impress them, to seduce them or to get them to speak their mind. The Scorpio have this insistent need to know what's going on, so tell them clearly what you feel; they will definitely hold your views in high regard, even if they don't match with theirs. And, they would expect the same sort of respect in return. Remember to employ your sly sense of humour with utmost care with a Scorpio. Most of them are too proud and insecure to laugh at themselves or take all seemingly harmless comments in their stride. Also, your Scorpio date may not be expressive, but nagging him or her about it will, in likelihood, make him or her even more reclusive. Don't try to pull them out of their comfort zone; they are secretive and sceptical by nature. Rest assured though, the highly intuitive and passionate Scorpio make protective and sensuous partners, and you will always feel safe around their radiant and energetic personality. Being a Scorpio, passion would matter a lot to you. Know how passionate you are with the 100% personalised and hand-written report - Your Passion Personlity

Dating tips VDay Sagittarius
Restless and adventurous, a Sagittarius loves to learn about new subjects, explore different locations and cultures and expand the horizon of his or her knowledge. Share your experiences and talk about your wildest adventurous freely. Boring conversations and mind games are a no-no when your date is a fiery Sagittarius. Be straightforward. However, don't pry on their personal space, advises Ganesha. Topics like committing to the relationship and planning for a future together make the commitment-phobic Sagittarius run for the hills, especially if you are in the early stages of your relationship. So you better things slow, be a genuine friend to them and assure them that you are not trying to tie them down and take away their priceless freedom. If you are somebody who will stimulate his or her desire to learn and daredevil nature, a Sagittarius will not take much time to fall in love with you. Are you confused about certain aspects of love? Or, are you wondering how to make your partner fall in love with you effortlessly? Then the Relationships Ask 3 Question Detailed report will be the perfect friend for you this Valentine's season.

Dating tips VDay Capricorn
Calm, shy, introverted and ambitious, the Capricorn are probably the most careful, tender partners in the entire Zodiac, especially once they have finally zeroed on the one. However, they may be too cautious before crowning someone with their precious love and commitment. So, be patient, till the time the Goat willingly lets himself fall free in your arms with all the trust. The content smile you shall get in return shall make it all worth, promises Ganesha. If you are someone who takes great care of the responsibilities of life, and who has a positively authoritative attitude, the Capricorn will treasure you with great fondness. And, once you have rightly earned this prized place in his life, you will see how with a surprising ease this seemingly silent creature turns to a passionate and sensual lover. Although, the Goats admire all things quality, high-end being a necessity rather, they won't want someone excessive in their display of material wealth or even someone who is beyond extravagant in his/ her ways. The Capricorn may be conventional, but they are smart and intelligent people, and they keep their eyes for the ones who will pass their test of love – which is, by no means, easy! Does your relationship with a Capricorn seem a tough job? Avail Love Ask A Question and get 100% personalised guidance on the issues that have been bothering you for a long time now.

Dating tips VDay Aquarius
Funny, smart, talkative and not overly emotional, an Aquarius attracts people quite easily. But thing is, they themselves take time to get impressed and fall for somebody. Hence, if your date is an Aquarius, the chances are that both of you will not be on the same page. Don't build high hopes right from the beginning, advises Ganesha. If you want to hold his or her attention, you need to be able to communicate well and stimulate their minds. More than the outer beauty, it is the communication skills of a person that impresses an Aquarius the most. Intellectual and friendly that they are, the Aquarius-born are popular and have large friend circles. Never be jealous, especially about their friendships with the members of the opposite sex, as they see it as a big red flag and may bid adieu to you right away. Try and understand his or her way of looking at things; your efforts will be much appreciated. There is no such problem in love, which cannot be solved. But, if you are finding it difficult to deal with certain aspects, then the 100% personalised and hand-written report - Remedial Solutions for Love will present effective remedies for most of your problems.

Dating tips VDay Pisces
Governed by emotions and gifted with unconventional cleverness, a Pisces will easily grab your attention and soon after your fantasies. The Fish's charms can be rather addictive, especially if you are someone who loves to initiate and hold interesting conversations, to weave some dreams and sprinkle life with ethereal fantasies. The Pisces love to be made to laugh, they need to feel protected and they will appreciate, if you are the nurturing, compassionate kind. Day dreamers, who often tend to be melancholic, the Pisces are gifted with the power to keep themselves and others near them gently grounded. On the other hand, if you can keep the floaty Pisces positive and buoyant, things shall take a definite turn in your favour, promises Ganesha. Make a Fish feel confident about life, and you will realize you have found someone who can make your life a wonderland, in return. Beware of the fact that although the Pisces love to be led, they hate to be dominated. Don't make a mistake of suffocating the water baby, or it won't hesitate in storming out of your life. If your relationship is going through a bad phase, then planet Saturn may be playing spoilsport. Talk to Astrologer now and get effective solutions and expert guidance. 

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