Gemini Love Match - Valentine's Day Special

In love with a spunky Gemini? Find your sweetheart's love equation with all the other Signs....Know how will the be chemistry between you two this Valentine's Day. Stay prepared, and make your Valentines spectacular!

Gemini and Aries
The Aries is a born leader, while the Gemini is not likely to appreciate if led. And, here lies the bone of contention! Otherwise, both are restless and wandering, and their sexual chemistry can simply be rocking. Plus, each of them has the ability to stimulate the other, which is another plus in this bond. So, its a go, provided each honours other's space.

Gemini and Taurus
If a Gemini decides to settle down finally in his/ her life, the Taurus, probably, can be the best match that he/ she would find. Their natures may be different, but they tend to complement each other perfectly well. The constancy and raw sensuality the Taurus mate brings to this bond is a perfect foil to the Gemini's floaty, varied tendencies. Till when? Well, that needs to be seen!

Gemini and Gemini
The Twins meet the Twins! What happens next? A plenty of intellectual sharing, a lot of mentally stimulating activities and ample doses of adventure and buzz – the chemistry, well at least initially, is quite attractive. The only thing is that each knows the other too well – and that is when the problem begins. The relationship may also be marred by duality and instability.

Gemini and Cancer
This, as expected, is not going to be an easy match! Since they are different people, the attraction may be potent for starters, but they may not be able to hold out for long for each other. The Gemini is too floaty and artful for the loyal Cancer's comfort, while the Crab may be too sensitive and needy, which may scare the freedom-loving Gemini off.

Gemini and Leo
Now, this is a slightly tricky combination, for the Leo would never want to give in to the Gemini's unstable tendencies, even when completely smitten, which surely is a possibility. The Lion will, for sometime, like the untamed humour and fun side of the airy Gemini, but he would not be able to take the floaty tendencies of this person in his stride for long. And, hence the problem!

Gemini and Virgo
Wow! How come these two came together at the first place? They are as different from each other as the chalk is to cheese. The practical Virgo, for starters, may like the Gemini's amorous advances and love declarations, but then, owing to lack of depth and seriousness, the Virgin may soon feel disillusioned.

Gemini and Libra
This can, well, be a charming and fun relationship, provided both are willing to underscore and ignore the other's shortcomings, which would be many. But then, they are perfect complements to each other, and this infuses the essential romance and beauty into this bond. The fact that both of them are Air Signs further bolsters their chemistry. The Libra would be game for the Gemini's sly humour any-time, anywhere, provided it is not directed at them (the Libra).

Gemini and Scorpio
The Scorpio is too intense for the floaty Gemini, and the Scorpio too may find the Gemini perspective to love rather shallow. Together, they will play a lot of mental games, many of which shall be very stimulating, mentally and sexually. But, for the long-term, the couple doesn't hold much promise.

Gemini and Sagittarius
They are similar and yet naturally opposite to each other. What happens when they come together? Fireworks! The chemistry is magnetic, and often lasting, provided each respects and honours the other's need for space and freedom. They can beautifully delegate the tasks, where Gemini takes care of the bigger picture, letting the Archer care for the details.

Gemini and Capricorn
The Gemini is often capable of arousing the staid Capricorn's dormant passions. And, when that happens the result is, well, spectacular. The sex is lovely, while the bond is happy, especially if one doesn't worry much about the opposite nature. The Gemini will need to reign in his unstable, flirty tendencies, though, if this has to last long.

Gemini and Aquarius
The freedom loving Gemini and Aquarius have a definite long-term possibility as a couple, provided they are ready to forego each other's trifle, little nuances, however irritating they may be. The Gemini will happily give the space and freedom the Aquarius desires, and in turn, the Aquarius will be all smitten by the airy Gemini's happy-go-lucky-vibes.

Gemini and Pisces
These are two very different Signs, but they possess a trait that unites them quite strongly – both exhibit a certain level of duality – however, differently it may manifest itself! So, the Gemini won't be shocked by the Fish's sudden melancholy, while the Fish is least likely to resent the Gemini's unstable moods. However, all said and done, the match is susceptible to frequent spells of silences and detachment.

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