Feng Shui Love Tips – for a Happy bedroom!

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• The bedroom of the couple in the house should be constructed in the South West corner of the home. Plus, the bedroom should have a square shape only. Other shapes, specifically a triangular one, can damage relationship or may create stress in the relationship.

• The foot of the bed should not directly face the door. This may increase the ratio of anxiety and nervousness in the couple and in their bond.

The bed should not be placed right under the load-bearing beams or pillars, otherwise there may be conflicts, heated arguments and even bouts of separation. 

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• While sleeping, the couple should ensure that the head points towards the South direction. This brings peace and happiness in a relationship.

• The bed used for sleeping and the door of the attached toilet in a room should not be in opposition to each other. This kind of a placement may invite emotional pain and suffering in a relationship.

• Use of the colours like light green, light rose or blue on the walls of th bedroom is advisable. However, a decent amount, approximately around 13% of the total colour in the room interiors, should be red. The colour red is said to stimulate the sexual life. Don't overdo it, though! 

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• The couple's photo in a nice frame should be kept against/ on the back wall or counter of the sleeping bed to boost the marital harmony.

• There should be a decent provision for the inflow of the fresh air and natural light in the house, especially the bedroom. These natural forces increase the material comforts and pleasures in the conjugal life.

• One may also decorate the bedroom with beautiful crystals stuff. A multi-coloured crystal tree can help in stabilising the emotional and intellectual life of a couple.

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• The idols of the worshipped deity of the house should not be placed in the bedroom. They are best kept in a separate puja room/ meditation room or another room.

• Heavy or big-sized furniture should be not installed in the bedroom, in order to avoid clashes and disagreements. Pictures of love-birds can bring happiness to one's romantic life, and thus they may be placed in the bedroom.

• A dusty object means dust on the relationship! Thus, the bedroom should always be kept dust and dirt free to keep the marital happiness intact. 

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• On a double bed, if possible, one single, large mattress should be used for the couple to sleep on. This will help the couple ward off conflicts and arguments. If impossible, at the very least, a thick double bed-sheet should be spread on the mattresses. The couple should avoid sleeping on two separate beds, as far as possible.

With Ganesha's Grace, 
The GaneshaSpeaks.com Team