Capricorn Love Match - Valentine's Day Special

It's a relationship that will possess sexual chemistry but not romantic chemistry. Paradoxical! The stable and solid Capricorn will love the innocent charm of the Aries, but not for long. Professionally, they make a great pair, but the Capricorn reliability is sure to get pissed off by the Aries lack of commitment.

On the surface and theoretically speaking, this is the perfect combination – each is attuned so profoundly to the other's needs, abilities and desires that it may seem a fairytale match. However, the ground realities may not be as rosy! The couple is liable to fights, struggles and power-plays, but then in the end, all shall get sorted, provided the Goat gets to manage the money.

The Gemini is often capable of arousing the staid Capricorn's dormant passions. And, when that happens the result is, well, spectacular. The sex is lovely, while the bond is happy, especially if one doesn't worry much about the opposite nature. The Gemini will need to reign in his unstable, flirty tendencies, though, if this has to last long.

When they love, they give it all – both of them are loyal, dedicated and ardent - especially towards each other. And, for them, love is a serious issue – the flings are out, the true love is in! The Capricorn sense of responsibility fuels the Cancer sense of care-giving, and vice versa. And, the pair lives happily ever after! Till, the Cancer matches the Capricorn drive and ambition, that is!

This may not be the love-at-the-first-sight sort of a relationship, nevertheless a Leo and a Capricorn get drawn to each other the moment they lay eyes on each other. Sensible and practical Capricorn plays the role an anchor in Leo's life, and the Leo, the king/ queen of the jungle, infuses much-needed glamour, drama and excitement in the world of the Capricorn. Talk of compatibility!

This one is for keeps! The sensible and sensitive Capricorn gives the earthy Virgo the sense of stability and the organised Virgo brings order in the life of the Capricorn. A win-win situation! Besides, both of them have similar views and share similar tastes and interests. So, there is not much to argue over. In short, it has all the potential to last forever!

The Libra ideal of perfection is very high, and in the Capricorn, he gets just that! The only problem is that the Libra may not realise this simple fact. Why? Because, the Capricorn is often too modest to say or show it! The charming Libra and the solid-as-gold Capricorn would be drawn to each other like the moths to fire, but the chemistry may soon fizzle, as each may refuse to see the other's finer qualities.


Both of these are very private, modest people, and this is what binds them to each other. When they love, they go all out, and that is why they are least likely to harbour insecurities, when in a relationship. However, each is a very strong Sign, and thus the relationship may become emotionally challenging or exhausting. The Scorpio will all the time want to know what's on the Goat's mind, while it's never easy for a Capricorn to put to words what he is feeling. Trouble? Mighty!

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The Sagittarius is turned on by power, money and status, and the Capricorn often manages to achieve all that and more. But, here's a difference! The Capricorn believes in earning it all, while the Sagittarius may not have much patience – the patience to wait on the sidelines, as the Goat goes about conquering self-constructed milestones. Also, the stable and modest Capricorn may not find much allure in the Archer's over-the-top, wavering tendencies.

This one combination has the potential to flower into a beautiful, sublime relationship, but may take a lot of time to materialise. Each possesses a social awkwardness and a strong fear of rejection – to each the assurance of reciprocation is vital! However, inwardly they will know the other's feelings, and once they are ready to profess it – the result shall be, well, spectacular and sexy. This is not to say, though, that there won't be power-games. Still, they will manage!

The Capricorn is conventional and stable, while the modern Aquarius is a free-bird, open to all and ready to embrace everyone. See, there is a lot of difference! Yet, the two may be drawn to each other, initially. Why? Because, the Aquarius would fall for the dark, subtle Saturnine charm, and in turn, the Goat may be simply be smitten and intrigued by the Aquarian grandeur and candour. In the long-term, they may feel stifled by each other's differing needs and thoughts.

Theoretically speaking, this is a good match, with a potential to become long-term, as the stable Capricorn is supposed to provide a solid foundation for the wavering Pisces. However, on the whole, the bond may not be all that great in the long term. The Capricorn may find the Pisces too laid back, while the Pisces may find the Capricorn ambition a bit outstretched.

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