Aries Love Match – Valentine's Day Special

Enamoured crazy by a passionate, intriguing Aries sweetheart? Find how an Aries gels with other Zodiac Signs before you say I Do this Valentine's Day!

Know who is your perfect love match according to astrology through your Aries Love Compatibility.

Aries and Aries
Who is the boss? Well, in this relationship you never really know, for both will keep jostling for this position. They will never resent each other's need to come first, but staying together won't be very easy! But, who knows, for love can conquer it all.

Aries and Taurus
Vain, hasty and dapper, the Aries is often like a magnet to the calm and stable Taurus. Aries exudes sexuality, and the Taurus adores this sensual aspect of their bond. Till the time, the Bull doesn't attempt to bind down the flitty Aries, all shall be well!

Aries and Gemini
These two hit-off so well that others are stunned by their instant chemistry! How lasting will it be is a different question? This can be a passionate, intense yet tiring, frustrating relationship. The Aries is often too candid and straightforward to admire and adjust to the Gemini's duality.

Aries and Cancer
Aries is all about swift, open passion and self-love, while the Cancer is subdued, silent and secretive. They may be drawn initially to each other with an alarming intensity, but the bond requires a lot of adjustment. A short-term fling is a better idea here!

Aries and Leo
Vanity meets pride! Ha, what can be said for this fiery pair. Both are born to lead, both are fierce, ambitious go getters – thus, the relationship, albeit fun and intense initially, can get very exhausting for the each partner. The mutual competitiveness inherent here doesn't make this pair a long-term possibility.

Aries and Virgo
Well, to begin with this is one different relationship! The cool and classy Virgo, going by the looks of the things, would hardly approve of the Aries haste. But then actually, things turn out to quite hot and romantic between the two. In short, they make perfect complements. They need adjustments, though.

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Aries and Libra
They are poles apart, and exactly here lies the charm of this relationship. In Aries, the Libra finds his/ her natural opposite, the perfect foil. The east meets the west, and the blend is spectacular. Yes, there are differences, but the Aries need for playing the carer fulfils the Libra need to be pampered so well that the rest hardly matters.

Aries and Scorpio
The physical, carnal aspect and the dynamism of this relationship can be the biggest binding factor in this pair. Rest everything else doesn't seem to fit well, though. The possessive and secretive streak of the intuitive Scorpio can push the impulsive, freedom-loving Aries really really far.

Aries and Sagittarius
A fun, mutually stimulating relationship that will need constant novelty to sustain itself. The initial phase of this relationship is bound to be certainly rocking, given each's love and need for amorous, exciting times, but their independent views and ways are sure to strew this path with challenges, at the later stages.

Aries and Capricorn
It's a relationship that will possess sexual chemistry but not romantic chemistry. Paradoxical! The stable and solid Capricorn will love the innocent charm of the Aries, but not for long. Professionally, they make a great pair, but the Capricorn reliability is sure to get pissed off by the Aries lack of commitment.

Aries and Aquarius
Aries and Aquarius are too sexy for each other - well, in their own different ways! The cool, detached Aquarius is a challenge for the upfront, intense Aries. And, in their bid to outdo each other, they invariably end up being a lot of fun and adventure. However, they need to watch out, as they are capable of burning each other out!

Aries and Pisces
The raw passion meets the calm sensuality in this romantic, sweet connection. The Aries feels in charge as the subtle Pisces calmly and completely surrenders to the dynamic Aries domination and ardour. Happiness? Yes and no! Once the charm of the rose-tinted glasses wanes, trouble ensues in the paradise.

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