Aquarius Love Match - Valentine's Day Special

Aries and Aquarius are too sexy for each other - well, in their own different ways! The cool, detached Aquarius is a challenge for the upfront, intense Aries. And, in their bid to outdo each other, they invariably end up being a lot of fun and adventure. However, they need to watch out, as they are capable of burning each other out!

Interesting but hardly sustainable! The freedom-loving Aquarius may find the intense, possessive Taurus temperament way too stifling for his/ her liking. Plus, the deeply intimate approach of the Taurus towards physicality in the relationship may not find favour with the cool, aloof Aquarius sensibilities.

The freedom loving Gemini and Aquarius have a definite long-term possibility as a couple, provided they are ready to forego each other's trifle, little nuances, however irritating they may be. The Gemini will happily give the space and freedom the Aquarius desires, and in turn, the Aquarius will be all smitten by the airy Gemini's happy-go-lucky-vibes.

One thing is sure – when these two meet, fireworks ensue! It's another thing that the sparks may not last for long. Goes without saying that the physical chemistry and the initial attraction between the two is amazing. However, this very sexy relationship is unsuitable for a long-term bond like marriage. The possessive Cancer may find it hard to accept the freedom-loving Aquarius ways.

This is one of a kind duo! Leo longs and demands undivided attention, whereas the Aquarius believes in love-all-hate-none philosophy. Hence, it is interesting to see how these two opinionated individuals strike balance and co-exist. And be sure of the fact that there will be quite a lot of fireworks before they finally settle down.

Since both of them avoid emotional attachment as far as possible, it is quite likely that a Virgo and an Aquarius will talk about every topic but their feelings. But then it works for them. Well, most of the times. Being with each other is intellectually stimulating for both of them and hence they share a rather interesting mental connection. A workable relationship it is!

There may not be much emotional depth and profoundness in this fascinating relationship, but there would be an ample amount of fun and cheer. Will they mind? Not really! The Air Signs – both of them- will rather be happy to be relieved of the burden of too much sensitivity and need from the other. Result? A happy-go-lucky bond that's pleasing for each other, provided they nicely distribute their responsibilities.

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As it begins, the free-humanitarian in Aquarius will do all it can to resist the befuddling Scorpio charm! But, the attraction between the two is simply awesome. Here are two very different souls, bound together by their need for what they lack and can find in the other. Confusing? Yes, but then, this bond in itself is just that – baffling! The Aquarius would want to control, while the Scorpio will never let anyone else take control. Yet, the Aquarius won't be able to resist the Scorpio charm.

Both the Signs are attuned well to each other's need for freedom and space. Hence, the scope for jealousies, possessiveness and insecurities is rare. But, the Sagittarius may be more egocentric than the Aquarius, which will greatly affront the Aquarius. Yet, the eternal humanitarian Aquarius will not say it loud – but, he will find his separate way! Physically, this will be a happy and exciting relationship, though.

The Capricorn is conventional and stable, while the modern Aquarius is a free-bird, open to all, ready to embrace. See, there is a lot of difference! Yet, the two may be drawn to each other, initially. Why? Because, the Aquarius would fall for the dark, subtle Saturnine charm, and in turn, the Goat may be simply be smitten and intrigued by the Aquarian candour. In the long-term, they may feel stifled by each other's differing needs and thoughts.

This one definitely has a long-term happy potential, not so much for the fact that these two are similar, but more so for the fact that each is happy to give the other the space, they themselves so desire. Results? A cheery, candid relationship, where each is slightly detached and free to do his/ her own thing, and where each is slightly bound by the collective responsibilities. Modern and open-minded, two Archers can have a whole-deal of fun.

The Aquarius is radical and modern in beliefs and actions, whereas the Pisces is the proverbial old soul, romantic a moment and spiritual the other. And, hence comes the bone of contention, in this otherwise attractive and physically magnetic combination. Each may find the other's emotional needs and demands very different from his/ her own, and the result may be quite jarring.

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