The Controversy Girl, Shefali Jariwala, Makes Yet Another Controversy

shefali jariwala

Shefali Jariwala, who is easily recalled as a “Kaanta Laga” girl frequently gets into the news. It’s whether her bold avatar or the comments that she makes about other people, she is no stranger to controversy.

Recently, she made a comment on Bigg Boss 15 contestant Jay Bhanushali. Shefali has stated in her Twitter account that Jay should mind his words. This incident has again sparked controversy.

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Shefali was born on Dec 15, 1982, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She had drawn much attention with her song “Kaanta Laga” while she was still in college. Her solar chart shows that Saturn and Mars are exalted and they are in the opposite directions. That could be the reason for her conflicting thoughts. Thus, she is surrounded by controversies.

Over the next six months, she may continue to be in controversies. At the same time, the last quarter of 2022 may be good for her.

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