Chaturmas 2017: Know About The Importance & Rituals Of This Festival

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The Dates And Other Facts About Chaturmas 

In the year 2017, Chaturmas begins on July 4 and gets over on October 31.   

Chaturmas Festival is seen in a very high regard by the Hindu and Jain traditions. It begins in the Shukla Paksh of Ashadh month and continues till Shukla Paksh of Kartik month. This holy period is used by Karmayogis to develop their skills. Religious people undertake prayer and fasting while Yogis and Ascetics try to make their life good and useful for others, during this period. 

According to the tradition, Lord Vishnu goes into Yog Nidra on the enchanting Ksheer Sagar lake during this period. That is the reason why the Ekadashi which falls in the beginning of Chaturmas is called Devshayani Ekadashi. The Ekadashi at the end of Chaturmas is known as Dev Uthani Ekadashi as it is the time for Lord Vishnu to come out of the sleep. As Lord Vishnu is asleep during these four months, so people avoid undertaking any religious or auspicious activity during this period. 

The Conditions During Chaturmas Help One Focus On God 

Nature puts on a very different condition during Chaturmas as it is the time of rains. The environment seems very enchanting and enjoyable. The atmosphere is beautiful, cool and full of peace. So, it's the best time to focus our mind on God. Other programmes have been prohibited during this period so that people do not lose their focus on God. A lot of stress is given on following proper rules while consuming food and on undertaking fasts during the four months of Chaturmas i.e. Savan, Bhadon, Ashwin and Kartik.  It is believed that during Chaturmas, the digestive ability of people becomes weak, so one should keep fasts more frequently. 

It is all the more important to fast on the Ekadashi days which fall during Chaturmas. If it's not possible to fast on all the Ekadashis during this period, one should at least fast (stay without food and water) on three Ekadashis: Devshayani, Jaljilani and Dev Uthani. All the fast and rituals are meant to increase our happiness. One of the factors for happiness is the progress in our career. Well, you can improve your career situation by knowing the future. Buy the Career Prospects Report and brighten your career.

The Importance Of Chaturmas 

Usually, the Yogis and Ascetics get involved into propagating religious ideals and ethics during this period. During Chaturmas, small living creatures like insects, bacteria, etc become active and frequent the surroundings. Many creatures living inside the Earth also come out. So, the Saints and Yogis fear that if they accidentally tread on these creatures, they may get killed which will violate their Ahimsa (non-violence) vow. That is the reason why religious preachers do not roam about in these four months. They stay at one place and impart religion and ethics to the people. In ancient and medieval times, when agriculture was much more important, people were prohibited to do any activity other than sowing of seeds. This way they could carry forward their spiritual development as well apart from undertaking the material pursuits. Ideally, there should be a balance between material wants and spiritual pursuits. So, we need progress in business also as it provides us our bread and butter. If you want to surge in business, get the Free 2017 Business Report, know your future and get success. 

Chaturmas From The Perspective Of Ayurveda

The period of Chaturmas is very good even from an Ayurvedic perspective. Sprouted grains and such stuff is preferably consumed during these four months. After the rains in Bhadon, usually humidity increases. During this phase, if one consumes curd then he/she can face health issues of the digestive system. That is why curd has been prohibited during this time. Besides, there are chances of health problems if one consumes milk during Ashadh. Ayurveda also believes consuming pulses (dal) during Kartik month may cause problems. That is why the consumption of curd and pulses has been prohibited during these months. 

Various festivals dot the four months of Chaturmas. There is also the Pitra Tarpan in Bhadon and Navratri Puja and rituals during Ashadh. These festivals help us in maintaining our mental & spiritual balance and also developing our health. 

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