D.K. Shiv Kumar – Comeback in the Upcoming karnataka States Elections


The Raj Yoga formed by Saturn and Jupiter conjunction in the 10th house seems excellent for him to get success. Also, the placement of 4th house Lord Moon and 5th house Lord Sun in the 2nd house will make him able to strengthen his position. He is under the progressive Dasha period of Saturn-Venus. Venus is exalted in his chart. Adding to this, the 10th house Lord Saturn is moving in its own sign and on the result date it will be in conjunction with the transiting Moon. Barring the complex influence of transiting Sun-Rahu conjunction, his chart seems promising, and he is likely to play a key role in forming the next government. His chart also indicates higher elevation. What do your stars say about you? Consult our highly experienced and eminent astrologers to unlock your life and success. Download the app

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