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Opt for long-term investment, Ganesha tells Tarapur Transformers’ investors

Opt for long-term investment, Ganesha tells Tarapur Transformers’ investors

Established in the year 1988, Tarapur Transformers Ltd. has excelled in the field of Indian power industry, and has become one of the prominent names since its inception. The company has set up its manufacturing and testing plants at Boisar, Wada (near Mumbai) and Vadodara (Gujarat), and deals with repairs, refurbishing, up-gradation of power transformers, manufacturing of power & distribution transformers, and instrument transformers. It has an installed capacity of 1839.40 MVA, and repairing capacity of 1800 MVA per annum. The company got listed on May 18, 2010.

What is in store for the company in the coming years? What should its investors do? Ganesha uses the Vedic astrology system to find out.

Tarapur Transformers Ltd
Listing date :-18/May/2010, Listing time: – 09.00, Listing Place: – Mumbai

According to Tarapur Transformers Ltd.’s horoscope, the ascendent is Gemini and Moon sign is Gemini. In the 1st House Moon,Venus and Ketu are in combination. It has Moon as dhanesh and Venus as a speculation Lord. And Lord of the 1st House, which is the House of foreign partners, represent as a starting of company and public acceptance. Moon and Venus combination is favourable and 1st House improves the general conditions of the company. It also brings some changes in the attitude of the workers. The favourable Moon steers in an era of peace and harmony. The activities of the company run smoothly. In the event of any affliction and the policies set forth during this period will encourage the staff members to work harder and yield productive results.

But considering Ketu, the Moon-Venus combination is likely to get disturbed and affliction may yield unfavourable results. It produces the tendencies of indiscipline, discontentment and turbulence in the workers, which may adversely affect the standing of the company. As Ketu is in the House of public acceptance, though the IPO listing had a good opening at a price of Rs97.50 as on 18th May, 2010, it did not receive a good response for the public. 52 week lowest price is Rs36.05 as on 7th June, 2010.

Tarapur Transformers Ltd.’s product is power transformers, distribution transformers, instruments transformers and these products are influenced by Mars and Tarapur Transformers Ltd.’s Mars is deblitated in horoscope and also posited in the 2nd House. This House represents the company’s financial and economical growth, and this position is not a positive indication. It brings about a fall in the share prices of the company. Credit facilities are seized and financial assistance is withdrawn by the bankers. The reserves of the firm may depreciate due to unproductive expenditure. But strong Jupiter aspects Mars and also the 2nd House, so some relief, strength and vigour to lift the collars for some defensive actions to gain a sound financial position of the organization. But when a negative star transits in the 2nd House, Mars steers the company through its monetary crisis.

Sister concern and other branches House Lord Jupiter is posited in its own 10th House, which is considered favourable. The activities of the company run smoothly, yielding favourable results. The employees and the management enjoy peaceful time, and optimum output is attained. As a result of accredited capital gains, the company’s financial position becomes sound. The business standing of the company is also acclaimed. But Rahu, which is posited in 7th House is considered unfavourable as it causes contraction in the business activities and paucity of resources and slumps in the production. Rahu brings bad name on the company’s chart causing set back to the business. Restlessness prevails in the routine functioning and profit making activities slow down. There are misunderstanding between the company and partners.

Currently, company’s horoscope denotes Jupiter Mahadasha, Mercury Antardasha and Saturn Pratipratyar dasha and this period up to 2 August, 2019 is favourable.

What next for the company?

Rahu and Saturn are passing through Libra in 2013 in company’s 5th House, the stock market House. So, Ganesha advises you to opt for long term investments, and to avoid positional trading.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,