Must-see Astrological Facts About Ban On Cryptocurrencies In India

Crypto currencies

According to multiple sources, the Indian government is likely to introduce a bill in parliament to avoid the use of Cryptocurrencies. This could be an eye-opener for crypto users if they are looking to invest big. If we talk about Vedic astrology, it says that it could be beneficial for foreign countries but may have a difficult run in India. Below is how astrologers foresee the use of cryptocurrencies in India. 

Bitcoin was earlier introduced on Jan 3, 2009. Referring to its Solar chart, transiting Saturn is passing over the natal Jupiter, Mercury and Rahu. Simultaneously, benevolent Jupiter is passing over natal Venus. As a result, there will be new schemes regarding the use of cryptocurrencies in India.

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Studying the solar chart of the Republic of India, Rahu-Ketu is transiting over the natal Rahu, Ketu. Moreover, the lord of the house of wealth forming a conjunction with Ketu symbolises a difficult phase for crypto users in India.


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