Bill Gates' Horoscope makes for the most ideal astrological picture for a Businessman!

Very rarely would anyone get to see such beautiful planetary placements in a Horoscope as Bill Gates'!

William Henry 'Bill' Gates or most popularly known as Bill gates is a name which we have thought about too often and have also dreamt about achieving glory and greatness in our lives with the help of his inspiration. He has been one of the greatest inspirational figures around the world and inspired innumerble success-stories and even stories for films! Very rarely would we see someone achieving as much popularity, mass-appeal, affluence and power altogether, that too with such humility and grace! The Microsoft Supremo turns an year older on 28 October, so Ganesha takes a deep dive and explores some of the bright-spots of his Natal Chart! 

Bill Gates
Date of Birth  :- 28th October, 1955
Time of Birth  :- 20.58 Hrs. 
Place of Birth :- Seattle, USA


The Astrological Highlights:

  • Bill Gates was born with Gemini Ascendant and lord of the Ascendant Mercury is exalted and placed in the 4th House with Mars in his Natal Chart.
  • Mercury in Virgo gave him a strong base for intelligence, creativity and knowledge. It made him a person with razor-sharp intellect doubled with exceptional observation, logical and reasoning powers. A powerful Mercury naturally confers upon a native great grasping power. Mercury happens to be the Lord of the Ascendant and the 4th House. The 4th House stands for happiness and satisfaction, and this shows that he was a person who could achieve the same through his own Karma and has also been able to deliver satisfaction and happiness to customers. 
  • Mars and Mercury in the 4th house Made him enthusiastic, spirited and quick-thinking with great decision making powers. He would be skilled at speech and good at communication. 
  • Saturn, Venus and Sun are in the 5th House, which happens to be the Trikona House. Saturn is exalted with Venus in its own Sign – Libra. Sun happens to be the Lord of the 3rd House of Communication, Information Technology and Computers-Gadgets. Venus and Saturn happen to be the Lords of the Trine Houses. As all these three planets are in conjunction, this creates a supremely powerful Rajayoga and has acted as one of the propelling factors of his glory! 
  • Exalted Saturn conjunct with the Sun resulted into the Neech Bhang Rajayoga in his Chart. This Raj Yog gives him a wonderful ability to connect with the masses and also the leadership acumen. Saturn is well- dignified in Libra, giving him strong analytical and critical powers, good for doing detailed work and also fulfilled his dreams.
  • Moon happens to be the Lord of the 2nd House and its placement in the 10th House makes for a very potent and powerful picture as the the prospects for wealth get boosted tremendously! This is a very strong Rajayoga for success in wealth matters! 
  • Moon – the Lord of the 2nd House (Wealth), in opposition with Mars – the Lord of the 11th House (Gains) in his Chart formed a very potent and effective Chandra-Mangal Mahalakshmi Rajayoga and it augurs tremendously well for financial gains and has propelled him to become  the richest man in the world!  The beauty of this Yoga gets enhanced further as the Moon and Mars, who are the central planets for the formation of this Yoga happen to be the Lords of the Dhana-sthanas or Wealth Houses - 2nd House and 11th House and also the association of the Ascendant Lord Mercury in this Yoga further augments the power of this Rajayoga! 
  • Bill Gates is literally a highly fortunate man, as the Mahadasha of Venus was operational for him during his prime stage, that is from 1983-2003 and this Mahadasha acted as the catalyst for the other inherent powerful planetary configurations in his Horoscope to manifest well. 
  • Jupiter in Leo and placed in the 3rd house would be given calm hearted, interested in charity & religion and Social work. He would be sweet, popular, truthful and sweet spoken. He would be a firm temperament and respected by all for his professional work and charity work.
  • Jupiter in the 3rd House augurs very well for him, as the presence of such an auspicious planet therein, and moreso, as Jupiter in his case happens to be the Lord of the 7th House and 10th House. The presence of Jupiter here helped all the wonderful qualities of the 3rd House to blossom. The charity work and philanthropy that Bill Gates involves in can be attributed to this great placement of Jupiter. 
  • All these planetary positions propelled him towards such dizzying heights and  made him such an influential leader and a popular billionaire of the world. 

Ganesha wishes a great time ahead to Bill Gates and wishes him a most happy birthday. 

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Kashyap Rawal and Aaditya Sain
The Team