Venus Retrograde In Pisces: Celebrity Astrologer RK Shridhar Presents Detailed Insights

Retrogression of both the Gurus – Jupiter and Venus 

It is not easy to decide the number of our requirements in life and what all things can bring satisfaction. We have some basic necessities like food, clothes, shelter and safety. But finding our life purpose, success, connection with others, fame etc. is also required. But, our Horoscope or birth chart is the blueprint of our life and has all the answers. Each one of our nine planets relates to a different set of traits and our aspirations. Though, currently we are related to the retrograde motion of exalted Venus only, but it would be unwise to not discuss about the influence of retrograde Jupiter. Both the planets are aspecting each other with the 7th aspect, so it is important to consider both the factors. 

The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, Jupiter and Venus respectively are also termed as Guru or teacher planets, the former being the teacher of gods and latter of demons.

The Divine Masculine is about wisdom, expansion, spirituality, fortune and noble legacies, whereas the Divine Feminine is about love, beauty, art, dance, music, conjugal happiness and luxury. We may experience a lot of changes in the areas and things that matter  a lot to us. We are all vulnerable to being hurt with negative things and enjoying happiness with positive changes. 

Exalted Planets and Retrogression 

Now, coming on to the core of the matter in this article, exalted (highest glory) planets are expected to give good results and it is believed by majority of astrologers that if exalted planets will get retrograde the results may get reversed. Sometimes, retrograde motion of a planet is related to past karmic debts. Suppose, you are in a marketing job, your sales will come down. Moreover, exalted planets lose its glory once it becomes retrograde. It is normally good to have a benefic retrograde planet in bad places (Houses) and malefic retrograde in good places (Houses).

Venus Retrograde – Should You Be Worried?

Venus became Retrograde on 4, March, 2017 (Saturday) at 14:39 and will  become Progressive on 15 April, 2017 (Saturday) at 15:48 as per timings of Delhi. During this period Venus will also be combust for few days. This is the time during which you should review your money and love areas. As Jupiter aspects retrograde Venus, you might have a very rational approach as how to constructively use this period to your benefit. Your former lover or former spouse could return to resume or a new relationship may end due to sudden change of heart when Venus goes progressive. Investments in shares done during the retrograde phase of Venus could lose in value. It will also give you wisdom in evaluating the value and worth of people around you. The most important gift of retrograde Venus is that your lover will be exposed, though; faithful lovers have nothing to fear. You might be tempted to buy expensive things that are beyond your budget because of feeling unloved. 

Find out how the Venus Retrograde in Pisces will influence the Signs: 

Effects of Retrograde Venus in Pisces for Aries

Exalted and Retrograde Venus in the 12th house in the Sign of Pisces can facilitate friendship with an overseas person and foreign travel could also be possible. A person can settle outside on the basis of marriage with a foreigner. Overall good results in profession, name and fame, good fortune in financial matters might be experienced. You are advised to be careful when spending on luxurious items. Decide whether the things that you are planning to take are genuinely required or not. Purchase of vehicle is also possible. Good return on investment is also possible. Increase in social respect and contact with influential person is quite possible who might benefit you later. Avoid manipulation with those who trust you.

Effects of Retrograde Venus in Pisces for Taurus

Exalted and Retrograde Venus in the 11th house of a horoscope in the sign of Pisces would prove to be beneficial to you. Many favourable things could happen in your life during this period depending upon the nature of your horoscope.  This will be a good time to form new friendships and increase your networks. During this period, you may come across someone interesting, who may also be your prospective partner. Increment in creative ability and getting a big assignment depending on the nature of the creative talent is inevitable. Likewise, professionals or amateur singers, painters, dancers, writers, musicians etc. might be officially recognized and may get good breakthroughs. 

Effects of Retrograde Venus in Pisces for Gemini

Exalted and Retrograde Venus in the 10th house of a horoscope in the sign of Pisces can give you many benefits apart from giving you professional success. Otherwise, it could create problem at your work place. If your boss is a female, you should avoid unnecessary conflict or arguments with her. Financial loss in business is foreseen and you should avoid expansion or diversification of business during this period. Wise investment planning is required and also stay away from trying your luck in gambling or new purchase of shares. Fruitless business travel is possible is foreseen. Also chances of minor injury during journey are high.

Effects of Retrograde Venus in Pisces for Cancer

When working confidently, Exalted and Retrograde Venus in the 9th house of a horoscope in the sign of Pisces can be highly beneficial. Educational accomplishment of self or children is possible. You will be appreciated by others due to your good deeds of selfless nature. You might be benefited by your close friends, who would support you beyond your expectations. It can bring you success, fame and honour through your profession if you are a teacher, mentor, coach, publisher, and owner of educational institutions, writer or any other professional dealing in the field of education. Good financial gain is also possible. Favorable results will keep your morale high. 

Effects of Retrograde Venus in Pisces for Leo

Exalted and Retrograde Venus in the 8th house of a horoscope in the sign of Pisces can favorably enlighten you. If married, then you may gain from your life partner. Your creativity will come to the fore and you might get unexpected income from it. Your abilities will be recognized and awarded. You might get huge parental or ancestral property. Your hobbies or side interest can consume your precious time so be vigilant, either you start harvesting from it or don’t distract from your main purpose. You will win long pending legal battles. If you are involved in politics or a public life, you might get high appreciation from media and public. 

Effects of Retrograde Venus in Pisces for Virgo

Exalted and Retrograde Venus in the 7th house of a horoscope in the sign of Pisces can pose challenging situations in your life. Your partner may face some health concerns and this aspect may bother you. If you have been involved in an extra-marital affair, then it get exposed during this phase and there may also be legal complications. You might spend money on unnecessary and mindless things. If you have any issue with your business partner, solve it amicably, otherwise you might lose your money and peace of mind. No new business partnership should be formed during the Venus Retrograde phase. You have to take care of your reputation also, as chances of humiliation are there.  

Effects of Retrograde Venus in Pisces for Libra

Exalted and Retrograde Venus in the 6th house of a horoscope will bring mixed results. You should not take your enemies or competitors lightly because they may try to create problems for you. If you are suffering from chronic illness, you may have make some changes in your treatment as troubles might increase during this period. Some natives may feel the heat of negativity in the form of delayed marriage. If divorce cases are pending, problems will increase. Unforeseen obstacles in business will reduce your revenue levels. This is the time to keep yourself away from social functions as your public image might get tarnished. 

Effects of Retrograde Venus in Pisces for Scorpio 

Exalted and Retrograde Venus in the 5th house in Pisces will give you multiple benefits in almost every area of your activity. You may earn good amount of money, success and recognition through your job or business. You might get some good news from your children, as they might get admission in a prestigious educational institution or get a high profile job. You may come in contact with many influential people. You will be successful in attracting someone you like and this friendship will soon be converted into a long term commitment. If eligible, birth of child is possible. Promotion in job with monetary benefit is possible.

Effects of Retrograde Venus in Pisces for Sagittarius

Exalted and Retrograde Venus in the 4th house of a horoscope will give you strong positive results. Students will have a great time in learning and understanding the various concepts and courses. It is high time you give more importance to your conviction and ideas, which eventually be appreciated by concerned authority. You might get opportunities to  participate in training programs to improve your skills. Title, award or proper recognition by a government authority or your seniors is also possible. Due to the cooperation of your life-partner domestic happiness will prevail. Some natives may receive the fruits of their past labor. If appearing for any competitive examination, success is assured. Enemies will be defeated and your supremacy will be established. 

Effects of Retrograde Venus in Pisces for Capricorn 

Exalted and Retrograde Venus in the 3rd house of a horoscope can increase your leadership skills and abilities. Promotion at workplace is likely. Socialization will increase your honour and you might attend many social functions. You will enjoy the luxury of good living. Support from family and co-borns will increase your confidence in every endeavor. If you are an IT professional, your skill and income will increase manifold. Company of new and existing friends will give you full support in your work. Investing in the arts or real estate may prove worthwhile. Possibility of purchasing a house, land, property and other luxurious items is high. You might go for a religious trip or organize a religious activity in your house.

Effects of Retrograde Venus in Pisces for Aquarius

Retrograde Venus placed in the 2nd house of a horoscope in its sign of exaltation can give you many gains and greater support from your peers. This is the good time for wealth creation and investment. You might visit a spa or such health clubs to rejuvenate yourself. You might get recognition at your workplace. Some extra responsibility might be conferred upon you with extra monetary benefits. Family happiness will increase and rapport with life partner will yield some constructive results. A marriage ceremony or a religious event in family circle is foresees. You might decide to sharpen your creative skills. Full support from government in your project/s is possible. 

Effects of Retrograde Venus in Pisces for Pisces

Exalted and Retrograde Venus in the 1st house of a horoscope can render strong positive results to the native depending on the overall tone of the  horoscope. Many good effects are seen in your professional, financial and personal areas. Good peace of mind will give you extra strength to work and accomplish worldly duties. If your profession is in the fine arts, then earning capacity may be greater. Your voice and face may appear more sexually alluring and vibrant. Higher gains on investment are foreseen. If eligible, birth of a child will increase domestic bliss. Enemies will be defeated and if court cases are pending, result will be in your favor. Your interest in spirituality and philosophy may increase. 

With Ganesha's Grace,
RK Shridhar - Celebrity Astrologer