'Venus Retrograde' – 6 Keys that will keep you guarded!

Many believe that 'Venus Retrograde' is not as much a significant phenomenon as 'Mercury Retrograde'. Well, it's a wrong perception, says Ganesha! Though, your phones may not keep conking off like, as they would during a Mercury retrograde; internet channels would work undisturbed, and communication shall continue to be hassle-free, but what about relationships and the matters of romance and the heart? Why do we use the communication instruments and gadgets? Majorly for intercting with the people who are a part of our life. Right? So, what's the use of all the nicely performing communications paraphernalia, if the relationships themselves in the first place are not functioning smoothly? 

Venus turned retrograde on the 25th July 2015, and will remain retrograde till 6th September, 2015. Venus retrogression happens less frequently as compared to Mercury retrogression; it occurs once in about every 18 months. The Venus Retrograde lasts for about a period of 40-43 days. The term retrograde doesn't literally imply that Venus starts moving backwards; it is just a phase wherein Venus corrects its motion and gets back to its normal pace. This is not a period to be too worried about, but it should be utilised to re-think and re-consider various aspects of our life. 

To get a better idea about this phenomenon, check if the many of the following things are leaving you feeling uncomfortable. If yes, then it should be clear to you that you are also one of those experiencing the unusual effects of a retrograde Venus! 

1. Have you been facing problems in properly expressing yourself from a few days?
2. Of late, do your partner, wife or girlfriend seems to be behaving in a very unusual way?
3. Does some person in your circle – be it a relative, friend or business partner seem to have gone all nuts all of a sudden?
4. Do relationships look very confusing right now? You may be conveying one thing, but the other person is assuming something else altogether!
5. You are constantly feeling that your emotions are not being properly reciprocated or acknowledged; you are feeling that people do not care much for emotional depths and social niceties. You did something good for someone, but you are feeling that the person is not thankful or grateful enough!
6. You do not feel inclined to go and meet your sweetheart. Instead you often wish to spend your time alone.
7. There seems to be an affection/warmth/love/appreciation deficit all around you and you are feeling extremely frustrated!
8. You are realising that your best buddy is actually more important to you than your partner/sweetheart/girlfriend and you are wanting to distance yourself from the latter.
9. Did someone recently pointed out that the colour combination of trousers and shirt or jeans/top that you recently wore was a bit odd?
10. You may have the demonic urge to split from your relationship right now.
11. Sex and romance may not seem very interesting.

So, how many points have you been able to relate to? Is it more than 1? Then, welcome to the strange world of Venus Retrograde! 

1) The areas that get affected or come under focus in the Venus Retrograde phase inlude:
  • Relationships
  • Sex
  • Love 
  • Money
  • Love Affairs
  • Aesthetics and Beauty
  • Luxury and Comforts
  • Matters related to women
  • Partnerships.  
  • Fashion 
  • Glamour
  • Conveyances
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2) Venus retrograde is that phase when the two letters 'Re' take the centre-stage. For example:

1.  Rethink
2.  Reconsider
3.  Reassess
4.  Recollect  
5.  Redo
6.  Reconcile

3) 12 things to keep in mind during a Venus Retrograde: 

1.  Guard against misunderstandings 
2.  Be patient in relationships
3.  Do not go for beauty treatments and makeovers now, and do not try any new style or avoid going in for a fashion revamp now! 
4.  Not a very good time to invest on Luxuries and comforts.
5.  A good time to make budgets and financial plans
6.  Do not give in to impulse and restlessness in relationships, things will gradually work out. So relax and take chill pill! 
7.  Do not let business partnerships get affected due to minor hiccups or misunderstandings. 
8.  Women – be a bit more understanding with the men around and try to be more flexible with them. 
9.  Do not try out any new fashion item, you may feel it is good, but, others may not like it or you yourself will later repent having made the purchase! 
10.  Not a very good time for creative pursuits
11.  Do not spend too much on articles of Luxury
12.  Expect old lovers, partner/s etc to surface from out of nowhere now!

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4) Not a very good time for:

1. Creative or artistic pursuits
2. Getting into new relationships
3. Making purchases of fashion accessories, apparel, jewelleries, or any such bodily adornments.
4. Spending on luxuries or comforts 
5. Beautifying your living space or office
6. Get a makeover or any cosmetic treatment
7. Get into new business partnerships 
8. Making wedding plans. Check out this link for better guidance for matters related to marriage and children  /my-life/marriage-children/
9. Starting new investments
10.  Venturing in the Media sector
11.  Planning a social event
10.  Learning Music or to create music 

5) Make the best use of this phase to:

1. Plan your finances and budgets
2. Re-think about some clauses or agreements in your businesss or partnership contract/s 
3. To decide what exactly you are looking out for or expecting from a particular relationship
4. Work on your skill of expression
5. Getting your items of luxury, like cars, ornaments and other costly articles repaired or serviced.
6. Meet up that woman friend, whom you haven't been able to meet from long. You may even get a chance to learn something significant from her.

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6) Expect a lot of sudden buzz, strange developments, some revelations and News reports from the following areas and personalities:
  • Media
  • News Publishing Agencies 
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Drama and Theatre Professionals
  • Glamour and Fashion World
  • Singers, Artists and Musicians 
  • Painters and Art Designers
  • Creative Writers
  • Beauticians and Stylists
  • Cosmetic and Wellness Products Industries

With Ganesha’s Grace
Aaditya Sain