Vedic Yantra - what and why?

What is a Yantra?
  • A Talisman – a powerful Holy Symbol
  • A tangible manifestation of a Mantra or Deity itself/ himself
  • Profound Vedic and Ancient Connection
  • Mathematically and Geometrically Astute
  • Engraved on Conducting Metal Plates of Copper, Silver or Gold
  • Denser Metals With Higher Capacity to Hold Energy Are Preferred
  • Gold Has the Highest Holding Capacity, Followed by Silver, and then Copper
  • Creates an Active (Positive) Energy Field That Harnesses and Radiates Positive Energy
  • Transmits Powerful Energy to Worshipper, Wearer or the Environment, where installed
Why Yantra?
The Power of a Yantra
A Vedic Yantra can help reduce the malefic or negative aspects of a planet, while strengthening only the desirable positive influences. When a person has certain missing combinations in his/ her Personal Horoscope, or he/ she has a Dosha (Astrological combinations that are very negative), a related Yantra is prescribed. Worshipping of such an attuned Yantra can help a person vastly.

Deity or an Idol?
Each of the Hindu Deities and the Planets (in Astrology) are worshipped in various forms. Each of these are also linked to a Mantra and, thus, a Vedic Yantra, an emblem or symbol of great spiritual secrets. So, one may also use an attuned Yantra as a substitute or representation of an idol or the Deity. As per the revered scripture 'Devi Bhagwat' – an attuned, praana prathishtith Yantra is akin to a deity's idol, and in the absence of your deity's idol, you may worship whole heartedly the representative Yantra itself.

"Yantra Mantramaya Proktam Mantratma Devatait Hi,
Dehatmnyonaryatha Bhedo Mantra Devatayostyatha II"

"यन्त्र मन्त्रमय प्रोक्तं मन्त्रात्मा देवतैत ही,
देहात्मनोर्यथा भेदो मंत्र देवतायोस्तथा II

This means that Yantra is a form of a Mantra, while Mantra is the representation of the God/ Deity Himself. As there is no difference between the body and soul – one is incomplete without the other, similarly there is difference between a Yantra and the Deity.

Spiritual Significance
The process of creation of a Yantra is known to represent the balancing of the five integral elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.
There is a great spiritual and meditative significance behind Yantra and Yantra worship.
Since, Yantras are made in accordance with the ancient and time-tested Vedic principles, on particular dates and time, according to procedures defined by the Vedas and are charged and attuned with Siddh Mantras, they can be effectively used to remove a planet's malice effects and increase its beneficial aspects. The act of wearing, worshipping, concentrating on or even drawing a Vedic Yantra is said to have vast spiritual or astrological or magical benefits.

Why Attuned/ Worshipped Yantras?
A Vedic Yantra that has not been properly energised or attuned, is like a body without soul. By infusing a Yantra with directed energy, you activate its power, and hence it is very important to use an energised and attuned Vedic Yantra.

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