Tribute To My Father - Hullad Moradabadi - The Great Poet Lyriscist, Astrologer and Mystique
My father Shri Susheel Kumar Chadha alias Hullad Moradabadi was born on 26th May 1944 in Gujranwala at 10 pm in the house of a business family to his parents Shri Sardarilal Chadha and Vidyawanti Chadha.

The Ascendant in his Horoscope is Sagittarius and the lord of Ascendant is Jupiter which is in the 8th House in the water Sign Cancer.

Moon is in the Sign of cancer in the 8th House in the Pushya Nakshtra which is the most auspicious Nakshtra which made him benevolent, kind, soft and very emotional.

He had Ketu in the 2nd and Rahu in the 8th House and Saturn in the 7th House which made his parents to relocate from Gujranwala to Moradabad after the partition in 1947 when he was only 3-years old. He had Kal Sarp Dosha in the Chart so his parents had to start afresh from nil to bring up the children but he had Chandra Mangal Yuti which gave immense wealth and father became wealthy brass and steel exporter in Moradabad.

His yogas like Gaj Kesari formed by Jupiter moon conjunction made him say 'No' to perform business and inspired him to be a great educationalist and he started his career as a teacher in the year 1968. He had very strong yogas of poetry writing which made him donate his gold ring and recite poetry from the stage of Laal Kila in the year 1962 at a very young age of 18.

He had Mars in the 8th House so he was a strong Manglik and did arrange marriage on 30th November 1969 to Krishna Chadha.

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Jupiter moon placement in the Chalit Chart in the 7th House made (my mother) his wife very spiritual, homely, devotional women who complimented him very well and become a source of his inspiration and his inner strength and dedicated her life to him.

Mercury Venus conjunction in the 4th House made him use humour as a tool to write poetry and reach masses.

Moon rahu conjunction gave him the quality of wide imagination and immense creative talent.

Moon, Rahu, Jupiter and Mars conjunction in the 8th House and Ketu in the Ascendant gave him the quality of great spiritual saint who understood the real essence of life and never ran after materialistic things.

Mercury in the 5th House in the Lagna Chart and mercury Venus conjunction the Chalit Chart blessed him with the great SaraSwati yoga. He had immense knowledge of Astrology. Once the publishing of the famous magazine Dharmayug stopped all of a sudden and the Dr. Dharmveer Bhartijee who was very close to my father approached him for astrological analysis of his magazine he predicted the date of the republishing of Dharmyug and his prediction was published in Dharmayug when it was republished.

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Astrology was one of his hidden talents which he has given to me as I have learnt the basics of astrology from him when I was a kid and I started leaning astrology by making Prashna Charts and predicting his awards like president award. I used to use pen all over his hand to trace the great Signs he had like triangle on heart line and life line which made him famous, talented, benevolent and charitable and several fish Signs which made him learned voracious reader and travel throughout the world, trident on the Jupiter mount which made him possess vast knowledge and become a Guru, excellent Sun-line with Trident on Sun mount made him very famous and acquire several awards like president award Kaka Hathrasi award, excellent line of mercury which made him famous humour and satire poet and excellent lyrics writer witty and brilliant orator. Brainline travelling to mount of Moon giving him wide imagination and creativity along with very strong intuitive ability. He had guru Mudrika and square on the Jupiter mount which again showed a person who is blessed with the power of Sadhna.

Mystique cross in the center of the hand which made him write spiritual Dohas and gave vast knowledge of occult science and also made him a very contended and detached personality throughout life in spite of enjoying star poet status.

He was born on 26th which makes it no 8 which is the number of Saturn that again makes him work very hard - also made him strong progressive man of patience who took stands in life and worked for uplifting the society.

Saturn in the 7th House in Lagna Chart and Saturn in the Ascendant in the Namansa Chart and Venus in the exalted Sign of Pisces and Venus mercury conjunction made him enjoy the celebrity status of a poet and gifted him with the talent of acting and lyrics writing and he wrote famous Gajals like' kal bhi man akela tha - aaj bhi akela hai - sung by Manhar Udaas.

But Ascendant Jupiter in the 8th House made him a very spiritual and introvert person who had his whole life restricted to writing of poems, songs and making of Astrological Charts sitting in his room full of books.

Venus which is in the exalted Sign of Pisces in the 4th House gave him handsome looks and magnanimous public presence and applause and love of millions of people all over the world.

Although, being blessed with Gaj Kesari Yoga, Mahalaxmi Yoga, Saraswati Yoga, he was also blessed with Pravajya Yoga which is formed by conjunction of 4 planets Jupiter, Moon Mars and Rahu in the 8th House in the Sign of Cancer - this made him very simple person who was living a life of a saint with no desires and attachment to the materialistic world and also made him very intuitive and gave him immense knowledge of occult science.

Having Mars, Moon Jupiter and Rahu combination and Ascendant Jupiter in the 8th House - made him write spiritual books which spoke about the real essence of life and made a common man understand the worth and importance of life in very simple and entertaining way.

Ketu in the Ascendant made him simple and detached throughout life.

Saturn in the 7th House in the Lagna Chart made him hard worker - Rahu in the 8th House and Ketu in the 2nd House made him travel throughout the country to almost every corner of India and also abroad.

Sun which is exalted in Aries in the 5th House made him enjoy several awards and world fame and made him man of immense self respect and blessed him with a son Navneet Hullad who has taken his legacy of writing humorous poems and who acted in several serials and is into making of serials and his two daughters Sonia Nayyar (i.e. me) I have been principal of D.Ed. college and made syllabus in the field of communication skills for Mumbai university and has been practising astrology for more than 10 years and the youngest daughter Manisha Gupta who is an IT professional.

Gajkeasari yoga in the 8th House in Lagna Chart and Jupiter in the House of Pisces in the 5th House in Navmansa Chart made him Guru in a real sense of terms. He educated the world in common man's language so his great soul departed on the auspicious day of Guru Purnima.

According to Numerology he left on 12th which makes number 3 which is the number of guru, saints and most auspicious number.

He is my father, my guru and my best friend who made me understand the importance of Sadhna and I started my meditation, Pooja and Sadhna when he gave the Rudraksha Mala for chanting the mantras when I was a kid which has made me what I am today and my Pranaam to my guru who has left me with his legacy of astrology, palmistry, face reading and numerology.

May God give peace to his soul and may we keep receiving his great guidance throughout our lives.

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Contributed By:
Sonia Nayyar
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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