Mars enters Leo – How this transit will affect you

Mars enters Leo – How it will affect you

As per Hindu mythology Mars (Mangal) is considered Bhumiputra – Son of the Mother Earth. As far as worldly affairs go, Mars exhibits strength and signifies people that execute commands. Those who hold highly authoritative positions such as business tycoons, CEO and COO are likely to have a favourably placed Mars in the Natal Charts. Mars also represents mental and physical strength, assertiveness, boldness, focus, motivation, enthusiasm, willpower, irritability, anger, desire and radiance.

Ganesha notes that transiting Mars will enter Leo on October 06, 2013 and continue to transit through it till November 28. All Moon Signs will be affected by this transit. However, the effects will be variable and their intensity will be different for each Sign. While it may bring challenges for some, it may brings growth and success for some people. Read on to know how it will affect you.

Aries :
This particular transit signifies challenges in your path. Some discontentment during this particular time may affect peace and harmony at home. Avoid activities that involve physical risks and make safety your first priority. Hold on to your position and reputation tightly and avoid debates and arguments with anybody.

Taurus :
There can be success in your undertakings. You may garner sympathy and good wishes from people. Others may respect you more during this transit, feels Ganesha. Gains through travels are indicated. Here, you may also receive helps and gains through others also.

Gemini :
This can be termed as a gainful period for your routine life. There will be harmony in your environment and there will be gains through your associates. You may feel more optimistic and secured than usual. You may also spend a good amount on material pursuits for a better and more comfortable life.

Cancer :
This particular planetary force brings along some negative results mostly related to your health. You may feel restless, and doubt the people around you unnecessarily. You need to be confident about your strengths and abilities particularly during this time. Financially this could be a trying time for you. So, be extra careful with your monetary transactions.

Leo :
This will also be highly volatile and eventful period for your career as well as personal life. You may remain too occupied with petty matters. Your hard work may also not bring expected results, causing disappointments and discontentment. You should utilise this period to review and re-analyse your plans and projects.

Virgo :
Mars through Leo may prove to be negative for some areas in your life. Emotionally and mentally, you may not be feeling well, and as a result, you may be unable to focus on your routine tasks on the work front. Some differences with near and dear ones may also occur. So, be practical, avoid clashes, and ensure to pass this period peacefully.

Libra :
You are more optimistic, confident, relaxed and interested in expansion and self-improvement around this time. You can look for new opportunities for your personal growth. Your energy levels and enthusiasm will remain on top. But, kindly avoid getting into discussions and arguments with friends.

Scorpio :
As per Ganesha's view, you are likely to develop lethargy in your tasks. You may even be jealous of others. Restlessness and stress may affect your efficiency. You should strictly avoid getting into unnecessary conflicts and debates with anybody, particularly till this transit is in progress. You also need to pay attention to your health. Despite working hard, you may not achieve expected results.

Sagittarius :
Your health would require extra attention and care so that you can successfully avoid any kind of diseases. Don't get into any kind of arguments with your family members or seniors as far as possible since there is strong possibility that the war of words will work against you. You may also need to all the steps to keep your spirits high, as this period may bring along mental agony and frustration as well.

Capricorn :
Your mind is capable of much expansion and growth right now. You may also find success in your endeavours. You will have a smooth sailing on the work front, predicts Ganesha. All your hard-work and patience will fetch you expected results. Ganesha also notes that your creativity will come to the fore and you will perform very well on all fronts.

Aquarius :
There may be delays and obstacles in routine life. Important meetings may also get hampered. Avoid aggression, anger or conflicts. Generally, you may remain stressed or anxious related to your professional matters. Try to balance your personal and professional life, advises Ganesha.

Pisces :
Ganesha advises you take good care of your health during this period. Mentally you may feel nervous and emotionally you may remain stressed. In other words, you may find it difficult to keep cool. This time, your enemies may also become more powerful than you. So, stay on your guard and take only calculative risks.

With Ganesha's Grace,
Malav Bhatt
The GaneshaSpeaks Team