Timing Of Job Change In Vedic Astrology

Best Time To Change Job in Astrology

Due to COVID-19, the world economy and business industries have a high impact. Not only this, but it has also started affecting professional growth and progress. This situation may have forced you to think of a job change. But are you sure about it? Is it the right time to look for a new job? With thousands of options available, how will you choose a career that’s right for you? If you do not have any idea what you want to do, the task of selecting the right job may be difficult.

However, it is not necessary that a job change will bring you the fruitful and desired results. Remember, any wrong move can put you in trouble and can affect your professional life. Thus, you need to take an expert’s advice. Fortunately, it is easy now! Online horoscope consultation can help you to make the right career decision at the right time.

There are certain planetary positions in your horoscope that indicate the right time to change the job, your future career prospects and also helps you to choose the right career path. Horoscope consultation will save you from a lot of struggle and uncertainty in the long run. Thus, if you are worried about your job, take a deep breath, as Career Astrology has come to your rescue.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at a few suggestive signs in your Kundli that indicate a job change:

Astrological Indications For Job Change

Deciding to change your current job and finding a new job may be difficult. Luckily, career astrology is here to help you to figure out when is the appropriate time for a job change. So, here is how you can know if it is the time to change your job:

Houses in your birth chart that represent the job

In your horoscope, the houses that play a vital role in shaping your career include 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses. Among these, the 10th house is the most important as it indicates your career prospects. It symbolizes your will power for career growth. The 2nd house represents your family, accumulated wealth, money, and speech. Whereas, 6th house in your birth chart indicates competition, enemies, challenges, the capacity to work, etc. It is indeed necessary to analyze the conjunction of planets related to these houses to have insights into your career prospects. Hence, it is advisable to talk to astrologers online to get an accurate career prediction.

Planetary Transit

A few planetary transits indicate the lucky time for a promotion or a new job. When the current planetary transit becomes the strong supporting aspect to your 10th house and 6th house, there are high chances of a job change. Especially, Jupiter and Saturn transit may have a high impact on your career. If you have favorable transit in this area of life, then a big congratulations! You are likely to achieve new heights in your career. You may get the rewards of your hard work. But if it is not favorable for you, then you may face challenges in your career. Get detailed insights into how planetary transits may affect your career by consulting an expert astrologer.

Yoga Karaka and Vargottama Planet

If you are under the influence of Yoga Karaka planet and if it activates 2nd, 6th, 9th, 10th, or 11th house, then it is considered as an auspicious time to change the job. In the same way, if Vargottama planet is influencing your 10th house or lord in D1, D9, and D10 chart, it is the right time for a career change.

Analysis of Dasamsa Chart

Dasamsa chart plays an important role in the rise and fall of your career. Analyzing your D10 chart can help you to know the upcoming opportunities or challenges in your career. It is the most useful tool to find out about your career trends. It will minutely analyze your professional success and achievements and ultimately help you to know if you should go for a job change or not.


These are only a few points that indicate a job change, many other combinations should also be analyzed in your birth chart. You can talk to astrologers online to decode your future career opportunities. They will guide you and let you know if it is the right time for you to change your job or not, based on your birth chart. Moreover, they will suggest the most effective remedies to overcome the career challenges that you are facing. So why to wait? Talk to our expert astrologers to finalize your future career strategy and increase your chances of making the right career decision.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
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