A Planetary Stellium in Libra – How will it affect you?

The planetary Stellium in Libra indicates times of pursuing intense diplomacy. Activities in personal areas of life such as marriage or a live-in relationship exhibit an increase. However, if obstructive planets are a part of the Stellium, there can be negative effects on the lives of people, which is the case this time. Libra is an Air Sign, indicating ‘a challenge to strike balance’. This implies that in personal relationships, there will be some imbalance that needs to be taken care of. Another striking feature about the Libra is that it is the only Zodiac Sign that has no bird, animal, or human as its symbol. Due to this, Libra can influence people to become least bothered about others, and devoid of any emotions. Although, as a consolation, since Libra represents the Sign of the ‘mirror’- being the 7th Sign of the universal Zodiac, Libra natives do listen to others. But a major impact of the planetary Stellium in Libra implies that people are not going to think much about others and would tend to save their ship first if encountered with a crisis situation during the period when this Stellium operates.

Needless to say, the impact of this planetary Stellium will be different on the individuals of each Moon Sign. As per the principles of Vedic Astrology, there will be a Stellium of 5 planets in Libra, from 2nd November 2013, 12.55 pm to 4th November 2013, 3.55 pm (IST). Diwali is on 3rd November 2013. This planetary Stellium is going to leave a major impact on our lives because a solar eclipse falls on the day of Diwali, i.e. 3rd November 2013.

Let’s see how the Stellium in Libra will affect each Moon Sign.


You will have to be extra careful regarding matters related to personal and business partnerships. Both type of relationships may take a turn for the negative, under the adverse impact of this planetary Stellium. You may also need to be cautious about your social standing and prestige, as there are chances of your public image getting stained.

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You should take good care of your health, especially during the period when this planetary Stellium operates. You may also face problems related to servants. Your enemies, both known and unknown to you, may become quite active to undermine your efforts. Problems on the job front are also foreseen. It is advisable that you get a career Report

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Students will have to be careful in their studies. Parents of this Moon Sign will be very much concerned about the matters related to their children and their progress. Some unexpected events may take place in your love life, so it is better to remain on guard and brace yourself up to face them. If you want more personalized guidance, you may avail Super Stellium Report and be ready to take the challenges head-on.


Under the influence of this planetary Stellium, your house or vehicle may need to be refurbished or repaired. You may face concerns about the health of your parents. You may also be worried on account of your immovable assets. Those of you having heart problems or blood pressure issues will have to be extremely cautious. Avail Super Stellium Life Report

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Your relationship with siblings and neighbors may become sour during the time when this planetary Stellium operates. You may face problems in communicating your ideas to others and hence people may often misunderstand you. Short-distance trips are most likely to materialize. It is advisable that you avoid any kind of speculative activities. What else should you do to minimise the negative influence of the Stellium in Libra?


Under the influence of this planetary Stellium, you are likely to face issues concerning your family. Your harsh comments may hurt your near and dear ones’ feelings, so be careful about what you speak. If you fail to control your temperament, you may end up spoiling your relationships. A possibility of unexpected financial expense or loss is also foreseen.

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Take good care of your health. Also, you are advised to avoid taking any major decisions concerning your life during the period when this planetary Stellium operates. You may also tend to feel low and worn out during this phase. Take care of yourself and do not to over react while facing any adverse situation. Difficulties may spring up suddenly. Be patient! Get 100% authentic astrological guidance about how you can handle the tough times in a better manner.


Under the influence of this planetary Stellium, you may have to encounter an unexpected financial loss. You may also face anxious moments concerning your near and dear ones during this phase. You should take good care of your health, since some health issues may also spring up during this phase.

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Equations are likely to change in the realm of your friendships, under the influence of this planetary Stellium. You may become emotionally or physically distant from a friend of yours. Relationships with siblings may get strained. Gains that you expected to receive on the financial front may get delayed. How long will these effects last? Will your relations get spoiled forever? Know all these and more through our extremely popular service –Super Stellium Report.


You may have to face some anxiety regarding the health of your parents. You may also have to face a problematic time regarding your work. Differences of opinion with the head of the family or with your superiors at work may arise due to the influence of this planetary Stellium. Be tactful. For further guidance and personalized astrological advice, please avail of Super Stellium Report Now!


You may face obstructions in any venture you take up during this phase. In addition, travel plans that you had formulated (especially concerning long-distance travel) may change or circumstances may force you to cancel your travel plans altogether. Be cautious in your approach and avoid taking chances. Prepare a foolproof plan to deal with this planetary event by getting 100% personalized astrological guidance through Super Stellium Report.


You will have to be extremely careful regarding your health during the period when this planetary Stellium operates. Those already facing health issues should be especially careful. Relationships with the family of your in-laws may get strained and joint finances/investments may also become problematic. Take precautionary measures to minimize the damage, and get your health horoscope ASAP!

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