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vastu tips for sleeping direction

The Indian cosmic science of architecture that helps create a harmonious environment to accelerate one’s life for wealth, happiness and harmony is hidden in Vastu Shastra. It strikes a perfect balance to ensure a better life. A rejuvenated mind and body is a result of Sound Sleep.

A genuine Vastu tip helps you to experience better sleep in your private place.  The bed is the most important component in the bedroom. Correct positioning of bed in the room is very important to help you keep negativity at bay. We should know the right direction to sleep, as choosing the wrong direction may give rise to sickness and misfortune. Incorrect sleeping direction leads to brain damage, aeging and sleeping complications.

What are the best Vastu Tips for a Sound Sleep?

The following tips can help you enjoy a good sleep. These are based on the Vastu Shastra for bedroom sleeping direction:

• Avoid sleeping under beams as they can affect your mental condition.
• Don’t put your bed in alignment with any sharp corner to avoid harmful effects.
• Avoid putting stuff under your bed to make use of good vibration.
• Use blue, green, pink, or yellow as your bedroom colour.
• Don’t put your legs towards the bedroom door while sleeping. It can lead to bad dreams.
• Don’t use a metal bed and keep your electronic gadgets far from your body.
• Don’t make your bedroom right on the top of the kitchen. It can deter you from having a good sleep.

Want to know more about the right sleeping position as per Vastu from our expert?

a. Why is it not advisable to sleep with head resting at North direction?

• The Human body acts as a magnet which has a North pole toward the head. Earth also has its own magnetic field. So if you sleep in the north direction, both the North fields are repelled against each other and disturb the blood circulation. That ultimately results in stress, illness and instability in mind and soul.

b. In which direction should we keep our bed in order to have a healthy life?

• It is highly recommended to keep your bed in South and East direction for sleep. It brings prosperity, good health, good fortune, and quality sleep.

c. What is the recommended colour of bed sheet and pillow covers?

• Soothing and light colours are preferable for bed sheet and pillow, as per Vastu. One can use pink, purple, sky blue or peach colour in their bedroom. It will emit positive energy and makes you feel happy and relaxed.

d. Which mantras should be chanted for a sound sleep?

• You should chant the given Mantra for peaceful and fearless sleep. It is written in Durgasaptshati.

"Ya devi sarvabhuteshu, Nidra rupena samsthita I
Namastastyai II Namastastyai II Namastastyai namo namaha ".

e. Is it true that having a mirror opposite our bed is not right? If yes then what is the problem in having it?

• Yes, sleeping in front of a mirror may cause a disturbance in your sleep. It will bring negativity. The mirror reflects the energy, and it will return to the person, and the individual will feel tired and stressful. Mirrors are thought to bounce energy around the bedroom, which may result in restlessness and amplify worries. It's especially important not to hang a mirror on the wall opposite your bed.

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