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Worship Parad Shivlinga in the Shravan Month!

Shravan month or the 5th month in the Hindu Lunar calendar holds a great importance as per the Hindu/ Indian culture. It is considered as an extremely auspicious time, and is closely associated with the most revered and scared Hindu God – the Lord Shiva. In fact, many consider the Shravan Month as synonymous with the Lord Shiva.

The legends and Hindu mythology say that the famed Samudra Manthan took place in the month of Shravan. The halahal or the deadly poison that was a by-product of the Manthan was partaken by the Lord Shiva to save the world. And, the other Devas offered Gangajal to Shiva to lessen the ill-effects of this poison that gave the name of Neelkanth to Shiva. And, hence the connection! In the month of Shravan, it is said that the one who offers Gangajal to the Shiva Lingam (the symbol of Shiva himself) gets all his/ her wishesfulfilled.

The benefits, especially on your health, of worshipping Lord Shiva in the month of Shravan are said to be immense. The Lingam is a symbol of Shiva, which means auspiciousness itself – the power of the soul. In the legends, the Lingam and the feminine creative power yoni together symbolise the merging of Shiva with Shakti, which confers ultimate liberation for the sincere worshipper.

The third member of the holy trinity – the other two being Vishnu and Brahma – as per the Hindu scriptures, Shiva is the destroyer of all evil. The purpose of idol worship is to arouse Bhakti. But the worship of the Shiva Lingam, and that too in the month of Shravna, confers the additional benefit of good health by destroying diseases, stress, tensions and ego.

And, when this Lingam is made of Parad, or mercury, the liquid metal which the sages of yore believed could arouse the Kundalini Shakti and confer Moksha, the benefits of its worship get multiplied manifold. Now, you can get a Parad Shiv Lingam for FREE! When an attuned, well-instituted Parad Shivlinga is worshipped following the proper procedure, it is said to protect people from natural calamities, man-made disasters. Worshipping this divine idol can purify the inner-being, and help one rid of negativities. The scriptures also state that if the mercury (Parad) Shivling is placed and worshipped in a house, society, or a temple, it leads to prosperity, and that goddess Lakshmi resides there for generations and generations to come.

Worshipping Shivalinga with Gangajal

As the legends say and as aforementioned, the Shravan Puja implies worshipping the Shiva Lingam with Gangajal, or water from the holy river Ganga, which is said to purify our soul and provide relief from sins committed in the past lives. You can offer Gangajal to Lord Shiva to attain salvation (Moksha). Additionally, you may institute a Parad Shivlinga in your premises during the Shravan month to gain the maximum benefit of this spiritual time.

Chant Shiva Mantra as you offer your reverence to the Shiv Linga idol:

  • Chant "Om Namah Shivaya".
  • Chant one mala of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra everyday to keep troubles at bay.
  • Listen to or recite Shiva Stotras. Immerse yourself in Lord Shiva's bhajans and experience peace.

The Shravan month has a great significance to even the saints and thinkers, as this time is said to be very spiritually uplifting. Many auspicious festivals are also observed during this month. In fact, the Shravan month is also significant and is a wonderful example of Syncretism – and how it is so beautifully woven in our cultural fabric. Syncretism implies the harmonious co-existence of various religious beliefs and practices, and the implication that all of these practices have a common basis. The Muslim Ramadan or the month of Ramzaan is also practised around this time (NOT exactly same, though!), and is also based on a Lunar Calendar. And, the fasting that is carried on by Hindus in the Shravan month and the Muslims during Ramadan has a more or less pattern. Ever wondered, why!

Bring home a Parad Shiv Linga this Shravan, and please the Gods!
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