Sense of Freedom in each Sun Sign

On this Independence day of India, Ganesha begins this article with a salute to the National Flag.

Today's Astrological theme is 'Sense of Freedom in each Sun Sign'.Fire Signs i. e. Aries, Sagittarius and Leo and Air Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius desire freedom the most. There is perfect logic behind this.

Four elements are Fire, Earth, Air and Water.
Prime Source of Fire is the Sun. Can we control its freedom to rotate on its axis? No,we cannot make the Sun revolve around other planets. Hence, it is self- dependant in a way and so we can't do anything but have to accept its freedom. Whether We allow it to do this or not it is bound to be free. The Earth has to follow the fireball i.e. the Sun. The Earth is a base but it doesn't have the freedom as it cannot grow as per its wish or desire. It just has to maintain the base. Hence, it doesn't have freedom.

Air is uncontrollable. we cannot catch or control freedom of wind because it is impossible to do so. Water can be contained in any vessel and it will adjust according to the shape of that vessel. Nowadays, each individual would desire to be self-dependant and once this is achieved, it generally instils sense of freedom. Ganesha will explain 'who, where, how and what' of this freedom.

Arians need freedom out of leadership. If they are given a job in which they have to follow others, they probably will not be able to utilize their potential optimally. However, if they are given an opportunity to lead, they will surely give extraordinary performances. This dedicated and enthusiastic sign has tendency to set and change targets hence they also need freedom to design their own modus operandi.

Taurus is the only Fixed and Earth Sign. They seek freedom but end up depending on others specifically because it is the earth sign. There are two areas in which they would require freedom and generally achieve them. One is 'freedom of expression through voice and another is 'Money Money Money...'

Oh Dear! The first Air sign. They require freedom of action. Most of the books and astrologers call them 'flirts' but reason behind this is they require freedom even in the relationship matters. No one can stop the flow of wind, set it free. Why even set it? It's free - as it is. They also by default take liberty of enjoying 'freedom of speech'. With or without thinking they can just set their tongue free to express anything that is around.

Cancerians need freedom of expression but this is more on emotional side. Ganesh observes that they always feel too constrained when their emotions are suppressed. Best way to keep them happy is to allow them freedom on the emotional front. If you practice this, they will be all yours and shower the love and care that you would not even have imagined.

Leo is a fire sign and source of energy. They feel free to perform, be it on stage or in life. In fact, they are at their best when provided with ground/stage to perform. This freedom of expression is different than any other sign because they do not believe in performing at backstage. No one can stop Leo from enjoying this freedom - be it grass court or clay.

Although this is a Dual sign, it has only one character in its symbol. This noticeable point inspires Ganesha to convey this to you that you can hardly bind a Virgo. They can perform well, generally when set free. However, they have systematic way of doing things. This means that they need freedom in their day to day activities and they also feel free when it comes to organizing things, daily routine and day-to-day activities. That's why Ganesha calls them 'best schedulers'.

This Air Sign has its own way of enjoying freedom which at first instance nobody would even notice or realise. They appear to be very dependant and 'bound by circumstances' types. However, Ganesha observes that in practice they actually enjoy freedom of balancing all the aspects of life. While they do this they make you feel that they depend a great deal on your company but next moment they would express the same emotion the same way in front of someone else. They require total freedom as far as relations are concerned, specifically with the outside world.

This is a fixed and watery sign. It is very easy to restrict a Scorpian's freedom but when you tie them you may never know when they will cut the thread to get rid of this binding and next step, they will bite you. Basically, they need emotional freedom and when they don't get it, obviously what else can a Scorpio do. However, Ganesha finds that as they are very passionate by nature they also need freedom on the personal front.

Ruled by Jupiter, Archers would require freedom almost in every aspect of life. They prefer to express their knowledge freely. They love to flirt. They choose to go on a drive freely. Okay, enough of 'free' expressions. Actually, You cannot restrict a Sagittarian by drawing lines like 'dos and don'ts' The main reason behind this is that there is so much fire with lots of wisdom inside them that it's difficult to control.

Capricornians can talk about ground realities and aim at the sky. Business tycoons do not build castles in the air. When they say something, they mean it, specifically if it's regarding work or progress. Ambitious Capricornians need utmost freedom in their personal life so that they can go on achieving their targets. As the Zodiac Sign Cancer falls in the seventh place from this sign, they go away from home in order to grow. This freedom allows them to achieve what they wish or target.

Ganesha has never seen any 'loner' Aquarian. They have large circle of friends. So networking is the area where they require freedom. Electronic gadgets or progressive and futuristic things also attract them the most and they take freedom of trying such 'new' things. Even if they are novice at something, they would take liberty of acting as if they are masters. This Air Sign rebels against restrictions in their life specifically against authoritarian people because the Sun is the ruler of the seventh house from an Aquarius. They use their freedom very intelligently.

Ganesha won't say that Pisceans are confused whether to have freedom or not. It is very clear that Fish would require freedom to swim freely with the smooth flow of water. As we know that Water and Emotion are synonyms. They should be able to express their confusions, dilemmas and problems freely. They also believe in setting the 'tears' free with UB40 song 'Tears from my eyes keep on falling'. Let them set their emotional-self free, you will see that they will really be free from all the pains and worries in a while, at least till the next morning!

Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless you with due freedom.

Happy Independence Day to all the Sun Signs

Ganesha's Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team


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