Your Relationships are precious...Nurture them with ThoughtCounsel

I have always been intrigued by the fact as to how the planets and their respective positions in the Cosmos are responsible for the events happening in our lives. And, I also marvel at the age-old, yet highly reliable practice where the stars of a prospective couple are matched to decide upon the future of their alliance. 

Astrology is a subject trusted by many. Marriages, particularly in India, are generally arranged only after the Horoscopes of two individuals are checked and matched for compatibility at various levels. Matching of stars indicates a favourable union, which, in turns, boosts the confidence and mutual faith of the families involved. So, besides the obvious benefits of the practice named Kundli Matching, there are psychological benefits as well to this practice.  

However, despite all the background work, as much as these marriages work, there are many, which still go awry. Why does that happen? The primary reason tends to be the lack of necessary skills, characteristics and traits to deal with a union that's supposed to be much more than just 'physical' or 'friendly'. Even a favourable planetary condition can act negatively, due to one’s inability to deal with a relationship effectively and maturely. How much ever the 'stars' match, unless each person in a relationship takes the responsibility to nurture it with utmost devotion, the relation will not really work. 

Tons of relationships are forged during a human-being’s entire life span. Some are nurtured, some severed, some tend to be permanent, while some end up being temporary. One should not underestimate the significance of any of these relationships, since they all play a vital role in an individual’s overall growth and wellness – mental and physical. And while, the stars and planets can help you strike some of these relationships, maintaining them is an art, you have to learn and apply. 

You can do this with a little help too. Astrological advice and Remedies can help you assuage the starry mis-placements, but it’s your own attitude and intention towards life and a relationship that may still need some searching and fine tuning. ThoughtCounsel is one such entity that helps people master this art of nurturing relationships. A combination of right perception and insight along with acquisition of a balanced skill-set can work wonders for all concerned. 

Planetary positions change, and so do our stars. But, it is imperative to maintain a balanced approach in dealing with our relationships, even when the stars transit adversely and challenging situations arise. 

ThoughtCounsel is a multi-city, transnational counselling network across Ahmedabad, Mumbai (India), Geneva and London which takes people through different lenses of life and relationships…

Sagarika Shah