Three Cs of cooperation, competition and confrontation can be expected from the big C – China in the year 2015, portend the stars.
With world's largest population (over 1.35 billion people) and the second-largest area space, the People's Republic of China is one of the strongest, emerging threats to the US's superpower status. Founded in 1949, China was a Soviet-style union centrally controlled country under the dispensation of its autocratic leader Mao Zedong. But after his death in the year 1976, his successor Deng Xiaoping unleashed a series of liberalisation measures, which led to a mercurial development of the country's economy, so much so that today the chances are when you pick up a product and look at its manufacturing details, you are most likely to find “Made in China” stamped on it.

According to the International Monetary Fund, China's average GDP growth between 2001 and 2010 was a phenomenal 10.5%. Along with economic growth, China has also maintained a high military growth, and is one of the strongest nuclear powers in the world. However, it is also looked upon as one of the more aggressive countries in the world. Apart from its border skirmishes with India in the North-East, China is also getting increasingly embroiled in maritime disputes across Asia, particularly with Vietnam and the Philippines over the South China Sea and with Japan over the East China Sea.

Ganesha with the help of Vedic Astrology tries to analyse whether China will be able to sustain its high growth, keep the peace and manage to dethrone US as the world's superpower in 2015. Also, China is India's one of the most powerful neighbours, and one of the strongest nations in Asia. Ganesha also takes a look at this aspect, and predicts how will this turn out in the year 2015.

1st October, 1949
Peking, China

China is currently under the influence of Saturn Mahadasha and Rahu Bhukti. Saturn is placed in the 8th House and Rahu is in the 3rd House of China's Horoscope.

So, the hidden flaws in China's financial and social structure are likely to surface unexpectedly during year 2015. Bribery and corruption may impede fair competition. Labour abuse may also remain endemic to China's development process. To negate these issues, Chinese authorities may take steps to strengthen their labour laws and curb corruption. However, discontent within the Chinese workforce will become quite visible during the year 2015.

The transiting Rahu will be passing through the 9th House over China's Natal Sun. So, the Chinese government will be under fair pressure to sustain the growth they have achieved so far. They might focus on the structural reforms of its environment, socio-economic and governance policies. Economic growth will be slow and unbalanced in 2015 in China, feels Ganesha. Problems like rising environmental pollution may also plague the country. Overall, China will remain anxious in 2015, and it will have to be pretty careful too.

Rahu is placed in the 3rd House of the Foundation Chart of China. Also, in 2015 the transiting Jupiter will be passing through the 7th House over China's Natal Mars. So, the technological development of China's military will be impressive. The country will be rapidly developing a new generation of strategic weapons that could potentially enable them to become a superpower of Asia. The contest for supremacy between China and USA is inevitable. Both the countries will try to establish communication links in 2015 too, but relations will be heading for confrontation and competition rather than cooperation.

China will continue to take a tough stand on territorial issues in the South China Sea region, and its disputed claims may remain a cause of concern for the neighbouring countries.

China and India would be seeking greater engagement on issues of trade and regional security during 2015. Both countries will appear to cooperate with each other, but will also contest for their rightful position on the world stage. China will continually press its claims to pieces of the Indian territory, and continued border disputes may not allow a major break-through in bilateral relationship. There will be a bigger window for concrete improvement in Sino-Indian relations under the new government in India, but there is also a bigger window for territorial competition and confrontation, feels Ganesha.

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The Team