Is India on the right track - under Shri Narendra Modi's Leadership? Ganesha reveals....

Today, Narendra Modi's name doesn't require much of an introduction. Of the humble beginnings, amazing charisma, great eloquence and an unbelievable ability that helped him rise to the pinnacle, Narendra Damodardas Modi, the reigning Indian Prime Minister is a living legend, whose stories and anecdotes, the future generations will quote. But, his way surely has not been easy. Nonetheless, he always seemed to have an edge over the others. What is this starry quality he has? Did planetary alignments help this man's insatiable quest and extreme dedication for achieving the highest standards? And now, what lies ahead for him? Ganesha reveals...


17 September, 1950
Vadnagar, Gujarat
10:10 am

An Astrological Analysis of Narendra Modi's Horoscope

  • Narendra Modi is born with the Libra Ascendant. His Ascendant Lord Venus is placed favourably in the 11th House, along with the Yogakaraka Planet of his Chart – also the Lord of his 4th House and 5th House – Saturn. This combination symbolises that Mr. Modi is blessed with excellent capabilities. A strong 11th House gives a native the ability to have great ambitions, and also the ability to realise them.
  • Jupiter – the Lord of Modi's 3rd House and 6th House is placed in the 5th House, aspecting Natal Venus and Saturn.
  • For a politician to have a successful career and an edge over his opponents, the planets like Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu ideally should be in good placements, along with a strong Mars. In case of  Shri Modi, these planets are powerful in his Horoscope.
  • Further, in his Chart the 2nd and 7th Houses Lord Mars (Swagruhi) is in its own Sign Scorpio.
  • Modi's 10th House (Ambition and Power) Lord Moon is in Scorpio, in the 2nd House with Mars. The combination of these two planets forms a Chandra-Mangal Mahalakshmi Rajayoga. We can also attribute Mr. Modi's extraordinary communication and oratory skills to this.
  • Rahu is placed in the 6th House (Enemies) and this placement acts tremendously in favour of Mr. Modi.

The Real-Time Picture

Currently, Jupiter is transiting through the Zodiac Sign Leo, and this looks set to be a positive factor for India, specifically till January 2016. feels that this transit is likely to encourage growth, efficient practices and effective governance. It will also help in keeping the corruption down. Strong and concrete steps may also be taken by the reigning Indian government to boost the overall economical growth. There may be immense activity in the field of communication and transport, agricultural, trade and commerce, business, media, publishing industry and stock markets.

In the Oath Taking Chart (for Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India), since the Moon is conjunct with Ketu, while Mercury is conjunct with Jupiter in the 9th House, predicts that as the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi will give equal priority to social, cultural, religious security in the year ahead.

Narendra Modi – Now...

Jupiter was earlier transiting through PM Modi's 10th House. From July 14th 2015 onwards, Jupiter started its journey through Leo, in Modi's 11th House, over his Natal Saturn. This movement looks set to be relatively more favourable for the Prime Minister, and augurs that his actions and initiatives will slowly, but steadily, win the confidence of the people of India.

Jupiter's current transit also indicates that he will pay serious attention to fiscal matters. Some major economic reforms are likely to come to fore from April 2016 onwards. Overall, stars portend that Modi's core focus will be on the economic development side. Also, Jupiter will lend its auspicious grace to the 3rd House, 5th House, 7th House and the 11th House in Modi's Chart. So, the myriad areas represented by these Houses such as communication, information-technology, defense, transportation, infrastructure, education, employment, foreign-relations, import-export, business, trade, etc may receive emphasis, adds .

Saturn’s ongoing transit over Narendra Modi’s current Dasha Lord Moon may bring major reformations or transformations at the party (BJP) level. However, this planetary event may also bring new challenges. Saturn may prove to be a very tough taskmaster. But, since Saturn is also the Yogakarka planet for Narendra Modi, we may also see the positive aspects of Saturn taking shape in Modi's personality. He may gain in terms of maturity, discipline, stability and long term vision. Here, re-affirms that Saturn's current placement suggests that the Prime Minister will take some important and long-term financial and fiscal decisions.

The Testing Times - Till January 2017, there may be hurdles in Modi's path. But, Jupiter's journey through Leo till August 2016 will support Modi and his initiatives. However, he will have to be doubly careful after January 2016, when Rahu joins Jupiter in Leo.

The Year 2016 and beyond....

During the first quarter (January to March) of 2016, the transiting Rahu will be in close conjunction with the Natal Sun and Ketu in the 12th House. This stressful combination indicates serious changes in the country's foreign policies. This period also shows higher chances of major troubles with the opposition and allied parties. However, the redeeming thing is that as Modi is passing through Moon and Jupiter Dasha cycle, things shall largely be in control, and a gradual improvement can be expected from April 2016 onwards.

During the same period, though, the transiting Rahu will be approaching the degrees of Natal Saturn in the 11th House in Modi's Chart, which indicates that he will largely be working in a presidential style. Also, as the Natal Saturn is the prime signifier of law, and because, in PM's Chart, it will be influenced by the transiting Rahu, it is likely that Mr Modi will attempt to make the existing laws more flexible and less confusing.

Bihar Assembly Elections

As far as Modi's influence in the Bihar Assembly Elections are concerned, Ganesha feels that Modi will be able to make a positive impact on the voters. Although, the overall planetary picture at and around the time of the Bihar assembly elections shall also have a major impact on the final outcome, stars qualify that Modi shall be able to spread attractive vibes by his speech and eloquence. His methodical approach and ability to appease voters will be clearly seen in these elections.
However, also reads that despite Modi's serious efforts in campaigning, his party members are likely to face a stiff competition in few constituencies. And, even if they win, the margin of votes will not be too high in few constituencies in Bihar.

Modi's foreign tours and visits...

Rahu has been transiting through the 12th House of the Natal Chart of PM Modi since July last year. The 12th House represents foreign travels and foreign connections and Rahu itself represents foreign lands and foreigners.  Natally too, for Modi, Rahu is well placed. Thus, under the influence of Rahu's current transit, Modi has been meeting many national leaders, reads and this is a pre-destined thing, which is likely to bear good results in the near future.

All in all, foresees that the year ahead, despite challenges, will turn out to be excellent for Narendra Modi, as the PM of India. He will continue to win his admirers. He may also be able to establish relative social, religious and cultural harmony in India. 

With Ganesha's Grace,
Malav Bhatt and Aaditya Sain
The Team