A better driver, an eloquent orator and an intelligent moderator - Mercury can make you all this and more...


Vedic Astrology associates each of the 9 planets with a day of the week. Wednesday, the third day of the week gets its name in Hindi – Budhwaar – from its ruling planet Mercury – Budh. Astrologically, Mercury signifies communications, networks, discussions and expression.

Here are a few other associations of Mercury and Wednesday.

Colours of the day: Green
Number represented : 5
Direction: North-West.
Gemstone: Emerald
Metal: Bronze/ Brass
Representative Deity: Lord Vishnu

Astronomically, Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system, and is located closest to the Sun. Mercury is a green-coloured, and is a cold and moist planet. In Astrology and Vedic texts, Mercury has also been referred to as Saumya- the gentle one, or the one possessing the qualities of Soma (moon). Mecury is also considered to be the child of Moon (Chandra) and Taara. Astrologically, Mercury is the ruler of the 3rd and 6th Zodiac Signs of Gemini and Virgo respectively. It gets exalted in the first 15 degrees of Virgo and the remaining 15 degrees are its Moolatrikona kshetra. Gemini is Mercury's own-house or Swakshetra, while it gets debilitated in the Zodiac Sign Pisces.

Qualities -

Mercury is known as the one with the following qualities:
Youthful, restless, fickle, intelligent, intellectual, clever, witty, entertaining, talkative, analytical, logical, scientific, calculative, light-hearted, flexible, adaptable. quick, cheerful, sociable, friendly, argumentative.

An individual with a strong, well placed Mercury in his/ her Birth Horoscope is bound to have some or more of the aforesaid traits or characteristics.


Mercury is the Cosmic mathematician, accountant, writer, astrologer, merchant and trader. It represents communication and instruments of communication, electronic gadgets, computers, Internet, technology, commerce, trade and industry, finance, banks, merchandise-merchants, businessman and traders. Fields of research, training, printing and publishing houses, writing, editing, news agencies, journalism, entrepreneurship, social media, banking, communications etc. are related to Mercury.

People like writers, editors, comedians, humourists, cartoonists, researchers, trainers, advertising professionals, telecommunication experts, mathematicians, statisticians, network engineers, coders, amongst others are found to be deeply affected by Mercury's influence.

Overall, Astrology believes that Mercury is responsible for our ability to think and derive conclusions, understand and grasp concepts, calculate things and numbers, communicate our ideas and thoughts, convince others about our opinions, entertain others, converting internal feelings and thoughts into written words apart from ruling our nervous system and reflexes.

If Moon indicates our reactions, then Mercury represents our responses, or the ways in which we respond or react to various stimuli.

Mercury also signifies intelligence, intellect, humour, wit, logic, speech, agility, multi-tasking, dexterity, maternal uncles, journeys, knowledge of the shastras and various other things.

The Benefic

In Astrology, Mercury is known to be a benefic. But, it is also established that Mercury also tends to behave like the planet it is associated with—in a Birth Chart or while transiting.

If associated with malefics, Mercury may also become a functional malefic. Thus, Mercury has also beeen called as a fickle and unstable planet.

An ill-placed Mercury in one's Chart may give negative results, such as a weak nervous system, brain disorders, problems in expression, speaking, writing ability, fine motor skills or education, slow responsive system, dull nature, tendency to harsh language, short life-partner, skin problems, poor memory, inability to save money, weak teeth, and such problems.

But, Ganesha says that there are ways to appease and strengthen the positive effects of Mercury. You may follow these simple tips to gain the blessings and grace of the planet of intelligence -

1) Worship Lord Vishnu. Recite the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra at least on Wednesdays.
2) Wear an iron ring on your small ring, specifically starting on Wednesdays.
3) Feed green-grass to a goat, especially on Wednesdays.
4) Donate green items to the poor.
5) Donate items made of bronze or brass to the needy.
6) Help small children, who are less fortunate and need money for education and food.

Ganesha wishes well for everyone...

With Ganesha's Grace,
Aaditya Sain
The GaneshaSpeaks.com Team